Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

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Komentarzy: 77
CarlosRegueraDJ 6 Lis, 2014 - 4:51 
Voted! It looks great!
44+4 2 Lis, 2014 - 14:02 
STAGE6 | xTrayzR 1 Paź, 2014 - 11:54 
Hüsnü Çoban 4 Wrz, 2014 - 3:28 
I luv it but i would play it in my mobile device
kaiser 16 Lip, 2014 - 11:33 
Vorak 3 Lip, 2014 - 23:47 
voted yes because i have yet to see a good game with this concept (which i think is a good one) best of luck! Obviously needs major engine adjsutments and software updates but if you get funding would be interested to see where it goes
Nione 21 Cze, 2014 - 1:34 
Should be ok in mobile device.
Gary2992 20 Cze, 2014 - 0:01 
\m/ Kumamon \m/ 26 Maj, 2014 - 7:34 
tutik67 9 Kwi, 2014 - 15:50 
Rubio 3 Kwi, 2014 - 14:53 
Sgt. Hartman 5 Mar, 2014 - 21:37 
Diddle 5 Mar, 2014 - 20:46 
you should stop making games
P[e]ace 22 Lut, 2014 - 2:55 
Mobile game, we need these kind of game instead of flappy bird.
HADES2001 30 Sty, 2014 - 13:27 
keep it on mobile please
martinez 31 Gru, 2013 - 21:54 
the system that looks like ancient x286 machines
Zap4ik 22 Gru, 2013 - 3:43 
Only for Android...
ijey 13 Gru, 2013 - 17:17 
knubsi hoshi 22 Lis, 2013 - 13:31 
looks interesting would at leat try it for some hours
Filk 5 Lis, 2013 - 0:01 
looking god for mobile devices, but not for PC
Sumersset 8 Paź, 2013 - 23:52 
Runes liked very much! funny =)
ЧЕЛОВЕКАНЕКДОТ 29 Sie, 2013 - 15:02 
Adérito_12 8 Sie, 2013 - 9:43 
This game is just good!
Laycorn 6 Lip, 2013 - 5:10 
Don't Bad game super!
AlmightyBob 29 Cze, 2013 - 17:00 
Curved Logo = phone port = vote no
Gottaa 6 Cze, 2013 - 4:35 
Looks like a good idea and, the principle idea is a good one
Rain 6 Cze, 2013 - 0:44 
This game is just good!
Kingo 31 Maj, 2013 - 19:52 
Gestures 24/7 eh? Even though it's good no. Best of luck though
lPaladinl 7 Kwi, 2013 - 23:33 
I think the concept is pretty interesting and I love the idea of little creature things to customize, but I can't see much for the game play unfortunately.
PadaZ 3 Mar, 2013 - 7:29 
This game is just good!
Na moral mesmo? 9 Lut, 2013 - 18:11 
Look's like magicka
Syrsly 21 Sty, 2013 - 16:17 
The Ouya "spin-off" seems interesting. I don't really have any intentions to buy an Ouya anytime soon, though.
Topperfalkon 20 Sty, 2013 - 1:23 
Hrm. Apologies, but gesture-heavy gameplay is a bit of a turn off for me. Best of luck though.
Stoony  [autor] 18 Sty, 2013 - 10:27 
@YOBA you are right this is not a unity 3D based game but it uses the Libgdx framework. Listening all feedbacks and in order to fit the new OUYA console controller, a spin off of this game is in the pipe (and will be submitted here in a few weeks). The game is called PANDUM and will give up the draw mechanic to have a more arcade game play. See more at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTeL2P8-eUI&feature=player_detailpage
El Cliffo 11 Sty, 2013 - 10:28 
Accually the drawing spell signs reminds me of casting Miracles in Black and White.
Salty Tears 9 Sty, 2013 - 10:06 
Looks like it really is missing a lot of content but it is nice to see Arx Fatalis spellcasting system being redone looks like it might be easier to use than in Arx Fatalis
Superuser 9 Sty, 2013 - 9:30 
Looks quite fun actually. The spell system reminds me of an obscure old game called Arx Fatalis, which unfortunately had Fatali-cal bugs so I never finished it, but I can see you took a great idea from it. I think you need to differentiate your game a bit more though, perhaps make the combat more arcade-y?

Also, no, can't be a Unity game Ishan. Unity being Unity3D, not Ubuntu's Unity desktop as that's what he's running it in, and Unity forces you to do development on Windows or Mac :P
_Buck 8 Sty, 2013 - 14:28 
its a good game for cellphone!
Ishan451 31 Gru, 2012 - 17:48 
Unity game, right? Well looks like it would be fun on a smartphone or tablet. On a PC? No thanks. I had those gestures with Black&White already and it doesn't work properly with a mouse. So no thanks. I suggest trying iOS devices or staying there.
Kelzak 27 Gru, 2012 - 19:37 
It'd be nice if you didn't have to click to move AND cast spells
Gilbunny 23 Gru, 2012 - 1:12 
Seems interesting...upvote.
Prawns 22 Gru, 2012 - 19:50 
So I'm seeing an Arx Fatalis type of magic system. That's nice and all, but please, please tell me that you've got good pattern recognition. You wouldn't believe the amount of frustration drawing runes gave me arx fatalis. So many deaths... so many...
Gory J 22 Gru, 2012 - 19:24 
Look's interesting but video's was too short for me to decide, got almost a general idea of the game but no sort of objective's or reward scheme. either way you can tell the Dev's put the time into this game so good luck guys hope you make it ;o)
RhodiumTheGreat 21 Gru, 2012 - 12:42 
More of a magic simulator if you ask me!
Phafin 12 Gru, 2012 - 1:46 
I like it, I agree about the drawing though. Maybe depending on danger you can just click or key spells and then have a few spells "primed" for combat with the option to draw to gain spells which are not primed? IDK looks fun though!
Stoony  [autor] 11 Gru, 2012 - 5:49 
Nowadays I'm trying a kind of spell history in dev stage with icon/key to navigate into it. This seems to be a good compromise between "redraw each time" and "classical one skill/one key"
alan.knotts 11 Gru, 2012 - 4:45 
I vote yes but take a hint from Aquaria developers. Keep the "drawing" aspect to cast spells but have an option to hot key them as well. After 10+ hrs of gaming drawing the same zig-zag can get old.
Jerry 10 Gru, 2012 - 11:24 
Seems that every MMORPG that gets announced today says it will minimize grind.

Anyway, not my genre. So many games to play....
Stoony  [autor] 9 Gru, 2012 - 7:39 
@Fenrir007 : key assigment is sheduled.
@Jose Carlos : spanish translation is ready and will be embedded in the next release.
Kharlos 9 Gru, 2012 - 5:41 
No spanish? then No