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Terrorhedron 3D Co-op Tower Defense
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Deltars  [autor(a)] 22/ago/2014 às 8:09 
hi schoAsch, I sent you a key. Let me know if there is a problem. Thanks for the support dude.
schoAsch 19/ago/2014 às 14:13 
glad u made it deltars! i never gave up the hope! now i'm wondering how to get my game onto steam! bought it years ago and i dont now where to find my key
Martoon 17/jul/2014 às 9:31 
Alrighty. Thanks! Game looks beautiful. Looking forward to playing it.
Deltars  [autor(a)] 17/jul/2014 às 4:07 
@Martoon a patch has been submitted to Desura, as soon as they approve the patch the game will work. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Martoon 16/jul/2014 às 15:05 
Just got this on Indie Royale. Downloaded the installer, installed, and it's asking for a CD key.
Deltars  [autor(a)] 16/jul/2014 às 14:07 
for the sound track, it is free, google: Random, 8 bit peoples

(we of course, paid a royalty to use in game)
NCPEREIRA ❤ P 16/jul/2014 às 13:22 
Just got this game from IndieRoyale and one thing I'm loving is the music on the videos. Where can I get the soundtrack from, Deltars?
Szakállas Légzésfigyelő 16/jul/2014 às 11:48 
Its on the current Royale.
Akai inferuno - Got crypto? 16/mai/2014 às 17:58 
Gratz on getting greenlit.
Gammaxana 30/abr/2014 às 16:27 
This looks amazing! keep up the Dev guys! :D
[HS]THI 26/abr/2014 às 10:35 
Benjamin "Motherfucking" Sisko 23/abr/2014 às 19:00 
Voted. Original idea and looks like great fun. I would def buy it. :mug:
Deltars  [autor(a)] 20/abr/2014 às 0:54 
Thanks to everyone for your support. I didn't think it was possible but we are now in the Top 100 list! Getting close now :-)
ionutudor2012 19/abr/2014 às 10:33 
ВАДИК ТУРБО 6/abr/2014 às 1:25 
Nice game
i'm batman 29/mar/2014 às 9:22 
oh shit
Captain Jack Storm 27/mar/2014 às 14:32 
Oh Yeah!! Looks Interesting :D
Sgt.-Cortez 17/mar/2014 às 6:09 
Here is my voice! Yes!
great dirhombicosidodecahedron 5/mar/2014 às 20:48 
Kazuma Masaki 3/mar/2014 às 4:34 
Looks interesting! :3
Nadaillat 16/fev/2014 às 8:40 
Keep doing tower-defences...
vinnie 15/fev/2014 às 18:30 
Saw your post on Reddit, and good luck with your game! I've always liked the idea of putting multiplayer and genres that are generally singleplayer together, like in The Secret of Mana.
southpawper 15/fev/2014 às 15:23 
Voted yes.
Strom 15/fev/2014 às 14:25 
Have my yes vote, fellow Indie Dev! :D
nogel 15/fev/2014 às 8:47 
Programmable turrets + co-op sounds pretty interesting.
Spoderman 7/fev/2014 às 7:53 
very good
schoAsch 25/jan/2014 às 7:11 
so we got to hope, that terrohedron will get greenlighted someday! did you try to put it on game bundles like groupees (make your greenlight bundle), humble bundle or any other bundle? it seems that this step helps games to get on steam. best wishes for you ;)
Deltars  [autor(a)] 25/jan/2014 às 2:19 
Regarding Terrorhedron, it came out in Q4 2011 and I continued to improve and patch to Q4 2012. At this point, we are still not on Steam which is one of many reasons making it hard to reach consumers. In short, I have to eat, and there is no money to pay for more development at the moment. I love Terrorhedron, so this is really hard for me to say but 1.5c is the newest release and I have to focus on my newer game (Morphopolis) which is much more successful.

If we get on Steam, it will be worth while to open this back up and get started on the features list and work on growing the game again. Thanks for your continued support dude, I really appreciate it.
Deltars  [autor(a)] 25/jan/2014 às 2:19 
Hi schoAsch, Thanks for posting, I haven't heard from you for a while and it is good to know you are still interested in Terrorhedron after all these years!

The website is currently being redone, the new forums will come back up, but I should appologise as I lost the old forums database **again**. I am an idiot, sorry. I still have the forum emails with all the forum content in though, so the posts are not completely lost.
schoAsch 24/jan/2014 às 5:43 
hey admin...why are the forums on your internet page are still down? and what about all the stuff we asked about the game in the forums (like more features, thinks to work on etc.)? are there plans to work on on this game?
Scrow 20/jan/2014 às 11:42 
My sister and I love TD games. its hard to find good ones that are multiplayer co-op. this looks like a good one
Andreas_Becks 13/jan/2014 às 4:07 
Nice 9/jan/2014 às 9:09 
Cooll tower defence
Joshua 9/jan/2014 às 0:40 
Nice Tower defence!
Ex0d1a 5/jan/2014 às 19:17 
wow nice :tradingcard:
janirobe 29/dez/2013 às 18:33 
pillars of community brought me here!
Usebius 29/dez/2013 às 4:25 
Tower Defense are great games and i love that kind of games, i also like the 8-bits music.
Greed 26/dez/2013 às 7:11 
Выглядит достаточно ново для игры в стиле Tower Defence)))
Jorge McFly 8/dez/2013 às 8:44 
Выглядит интересно и необычно, я определенно за! :D
Biotickle 1/dez/2013 às 20:37 
Adding a new dimension to the tried-and-true towe defense genre seems to be very promising. If this comes out on Steam I'd definitely try it out. Look forward to you guys getting a greenlight!
GnomeSlice 12/nov/2013 às 15:22 
This game is great. Would be a good fit for Steam, I think.
TeamPastry 9/nov/2013 às 9:20 
It seems very interesting! I would buy if if I had the money.
LX 8/nov/2013 às 0:31 
Is a great game to communicate well among friends!
Vangen 31/out/2013 às 17:53 
Towerdefense is awsome :)
_PaRaMoN_ 31/out/2013 às 8:14 
Давно знаю эту игру. Очень увлекательна.
Darkedion 16/out/2013 às 7:30 
3D TD is great
Wolfmore 15/out/2013 às 20:41 
cool, coop is a good idea
M@dDY™ 5/out/2013 às 16:57 
Kit the Ferret 3/set/2013 às 18:03 
Great game, but it's insanely hard. I wish everyone luck on "mathematically impossible" mode.
建御雷 30/ago/2013 às 0:48 
TD Always was cool ^^