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Kentucky Route Zero
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fumigador299 22 nov. 2015 a las 20:40 
ShinyPokemonWiz 5 oct. 2014 a las 11:05 
I just watched the trailer and it looks so cool! I love that this game takes place in Kentucky because I'm from there so I want this game so much!
Lunar FC 9 ago. 2013 a las 9:09 
Finished act 1, pretty good so far. Menus are beyond awful though, hope to see them improved before this game is complete.
KillerBär 8 ago. 2013 a las 15:23 
Eskimo JOE 30 jul. 2013 a las 20:56 
This game looks like it could be something. I'm liking what I'm seeing.
Etalildan 14 jul. 2013 a las 9:01 
збс игра.Прям как твоя мамка нахуй
Smiley シ 10 jul. 2013 a las 23:58 
This game looks amazing, and the music and atmosphere gives a similar feel to limbo. I might need to buy this game.
Tronald Dump 20 mayo 2013 a las 14:29 
Act 1 lasted about an hour......WHERE IS ACT 2 !!!!!! come ON
RomjeG 17 mayo 2013 a las 2:38 
Lauridsen 3 abr. 2013 a las 16:10 
Hi would you do a wii u version in the future?
Jake  [autor] 30 mar. 2013 a las 18:00 
@silent_limbo - thanks! The soundtrack is included with your purchase. It's also available separately here: http://benbabbitt.bandcamp.com/album/kentucky-route-zero-act-one
silent_limbo 27 mar. 2013 a las 15:07 
Could you please release the soundtrack also? It's beautiful!
dokluch 25 mar. 2013 a las 0:53 
nikolokolus 22 mar. 2013 a las 17:37 
Looks amazing ... We need more imaginative titles like this in gaming.
mick0083 12 mar. 2013 a las 13:49 
Add in a game of French language please!!!
monoxrom 9 mar. 2013 a las 1:40 
please add more languages(
♪ Redix ♪ 25 feb. 2013 a las 16:02 
I love the graphic's style, hope the story is good.
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JRo 23 feb. 2013 a las 14:50 
going to buy it in the next 15 mins... good looking game.
{trace}ϟBRAINFREEEEEZEϟ 23 feb. 2013 a las 8:14 
Sexual Magic 15 feb. 2013 a las 12:37 
Same here just downloaded this from thier site, it looks much better on my screen than I anticipated. The style and the atmosphere is satisfying and very simple i really didnt want to leave the first scene, I can't wait for steam release and more episodes. This does not need voice actors, the game is fine without voice. In fact voice could possibly ruin the experience and its possible money saved for finishing up the rest of the game or making another game.
This game also needs no AA, its something that can be forced by most cards(thebillo below said he got aa to work) and little jaggies in a simple game like this aren't as bothersome as i first expected. Though I would welcome the addition. :) GJ guys on a great game!
Aspencrown 10 feb. 2013 a las 22:54 
This is a fantastic game. I downloaded it from the developer's website and it is so ethereal and dream-like.
Jake  [autor] 9 feb. 2013 a las 12:11 
@Si.Moon -- no date just yet, still working on it! We'll post here as soon as we have more info. thanks!
Si.Moon 9 feb. 2013 a las 8:39 
Any word on steam release date? Bought the game but am waiting for steam release.
thebillo™ 5 feb. 2013 a las 4:18 
For those of you who'd want good anti-aliasing in this game, I fine tuned some settings with NVIDIA Control Panel. 32x CSAA + 8x supersampling enabled does the job. Text isn't anti-aliased (kinda what I was looking for) but texture are.
Tim 2 feb. 2013 a las 22:59 
I'd like anti-aliasing in this game. Maybe you were going for that jagged look, but I think it just looks off.
Filip 1 feb. 2013 a las 15:57 
A note to the developers: please consider adding antialiasing and voice acting (in the following acts).
I really like the visual style of this game.
Space Cadet 30 ene. 2013 a las 9:09 
Congrats on getting 9.5/10 from Destructoid, guys! Can't wait to play it.
SAW (aka DORRIAN) 25 ene. 2013 a las 13:51 
To sell more copies of the game, make the achievements and the support of the Russian language*)
ND 23 ene. 2013 a las 5:22 
Washushe 19 ene. 2013 a las 23:36 
as you can tell this game looks really cool, but prepared to get stumped... not too hard but i kinda found myself confused as to where exactly i need to go, but that could just be because i wasnt paying close attention.
Jimbolimboboy 19 ene. 2013 a las 18:09 
I can't wait for this!
Steel 19 ene. 2013 a las 13:56 
The game was recently reviewed on our website: http://gamingportugal.com/review/kentucky-route-zero-ato-1-review/ good work guys.
Rookas 18 ene. 2013 a las 9:10 
I love the atmosphere of the game, very surreal. Looking forward to act II.
Garebear94 16 ene. 2013 a las 17:49 
Seeing as I live in Kentucky Im very interested with this title for the setting alone.
Nuclear Kangaroo 16 ene. 2013 a las 14:35 
good news bro PCGamer reviewed your game, you got an 84, congrats

Amadeo Bordiga 16 ene. 2013 a las 13:27 
Congratz on the green lit.
Senseo 16 ene. 2013 a las 5:37 
I am getting this one as sone as it is released on steam. BUT the "and the remaining four acts over the following year or so" doesn't sound so good tbh. :o)
Swifty Magee 15 ene. 2013 a las 20:16 
By the comments I'm thinking the Giant Bomb quicklook helped a lot in Greenlighting this game. So glad that it was chosen, and I can't wait to purchase the Steam version!
lukid 15 ene. 2013 a las 18:50 
Thank you for the Linux support!
Muskatnuss 15 ene. 2013 a las 7:12 
As soon as this is listed and available to buy here, I'm getting.
Rafa 14 ene. 2013 a las 18:55 
I play the 1st Act, and i love it!
goawayannaokaybye 13 ene. 2013 a las 10:55 
Found out about this game yesterday, so glad to see that it's got the greenlight. Think I'm going to have to buy it before it hits steam.
Squaf_ 13 ene. 2013 a las 6:30 
shimoro 13 ene. 2013 a las 5:41 
無餡包子 13 ene. 2013 a las 3:59 
I want play it!!!!!!!
Tim 13 ene. 2013 a las 2:09 
congrats guys. the reviews so far have been positive.
Audrey Hepburn 12 ene. 2013 a las 23:00 
SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME! I grew up playing adventure games, where my young mind relished in the exploration of a new world. Games have slowly centered more and more on twitch action, and I yearn for games of atmosphere. Games with a world bold and brave enough to say 'leave your guns and gimmicks behind, and come explore me.' These games are few and far between but this game looks like a shining star in a lonely ocean.
Heldericht 12 ene. 2013 a las 12:58 
Need this on steam NOW!

Simply stunning work. Kudos!
hatchetface 12 ene. 2013 a las 11:52 
Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful... SOLD!
Butt_Platypus 12 ene. 2013 a las 11:17 
I will buy as soon as it appears on Steam. Truly magnificent atmosphere.