Ta gra została wybrana do dystrybucji dzięki Greenlight!

Społeczność wyraziła swoje zainteresowanie tą grą. Valve skontaktowało się z jej twórcami, aby sprawdzić możliwości publikacji ich dzieła na platformie Steam.

Telepath Tactics
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Sinister Design  [autor] 4 Lip - 12:15 
Aw, thanks curly_nuts!
curly_nuts 3 Lip - 5:55 
@Sinister Design, I want you to know I appreciate your efforts and wish you the best of success. I really respect you for your hard work. I can't wait to play the finished product. We need more developers like you!
Sinister Design  [autor] 12 Cze - 15:44 
kk6clope: Good and well, respectively!
kk6clope 11 Cze - 3:05 
Hey ! How are you ? and how the game progress ?!
[PRX] sklurb 10 Maj - 22:30 
Sinister Design  [autor] 2 Maj - 21:25 
Your answer is right there in the second sentence of the game's description. ;)
Team Hamster 2 Maj - 0:57 
is this game kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics or no? If not Im looking for a game like it .....if anyone knows a game like FFT let me know. Thanks
Sinister Design  [autor] 23 Kwi - 19:06 
I'm not sure if I'll be doing early access on Steam; it'll definitely be up here upon final release, though. :)
Kryll 18 Kwi - 18:11 
any idea as to when it will be released on Steam? This it will be available as Early Access?
Fenrir007 31 Mar - 18:25 
At this point it doesn't matter anymore - you got greenlit already, so traffic here will be low. Just be sure to put up an updated one when you make the actual steam store page (though I doubt you wouldn't).

In retrospect, I kinda wish I had backed your game.
Sinister Design  [autor] 31 Mar - 17:58 
That video is still using a lot of old footage (some of the attacks aren't even animated!) I'll probably overhaul it sometime in the next month or two.
Fenrir007 28 Mar - 15:26 
Glad to see you addressed the issue. I had this title on my watchlist and I am still keen on trying it. Are the changes are not reflected in the videos? I think they are the old ones, but its been a while so I'm not sure.
Sinister Design  [autor] 28 Mar - 5:50 
Thanks so much, Mr. Blonde!

Fenrir: we added in new destructible objects and smoother, more organic-looking transition tiles to make things look nicer; but just as importantly, I've improved my map design to make better use of lighting, object and tile placement. (There are also lots of new attack and effect animations, plus nicer GUI graphics.) You'll see when the official campaign becomes available. ;)
Fenrir007 23 Mar - 11:36 
I remember telling you a long time ago that things looked too dull due to flat colors, repetitive tilesets and a lack of more objects. You said you would work on it at the time.

So, what did you do to address those problems?
Ariktivus 22 Mar - 9:04 
I only have the alpha version, and already I love this game! Great storyline, cool characters and a diversity of classes to make the possibilities of tactics endless! I'll do anything to support the developing of Telepath Tactics, whether advertising on Facebook or other massive social media pages, donating (which i already have, $25 if your wondering), or simply just following the development, keep up the good work!
Sinister Design  [autor] 12 Mar - 16:03 
Thanks! I can't wait to get it done so you can try it out. :D
Grexion 9 Mar - 9:05 
I adore Fire Emblem. I adore Shining Force. And something tells me I'll absolutely love playing Telepath Tactics.
GPK1987 21 Lut - 20:59 
oh I see, thats kool thx! =D
razzar8 21 Lut - 17:24 
great work so far...
id like to know a bit more about how the game works with players taking turns and all...
but im genuinly interested in this game and it looks like alot of fun! XD
Sinister Design  [autor] 21 Lut - 11:08 
Without giving away too much: it's a revenge tale. You play sisters that were rescued from slavery at a young age and raised by a tribe of lizardmen. They leave the tribe behind, searching for the mines where they believe their father is still enslaved. Along the way, they meet others looking to rescue family members of their own, and...well, things happen that I won't talk about because spoilers. :)
GPK1987 21 Lut - 1:11 
not bad at all, im interested. whats the storyline?
Sinister Design  [autor] 20 Lut - 21:25 
Thanks, guys! It's coming along, bit by bit. :)
kk6clope 20 Lut - 1:55 
Hi, how the game progress ? Like Warthurton, i'm waiting for it haha
warthurton 19 Lut - 12:33 
I really can't wait to play. I've been looking forward to it for the last year!
Sinister Design  [autor] 15 Lut - 13:14 
Thanks for the support, guys!

Umakurokoto: this is a different game, though it does take place in the same universe.
Yoiteh 14 Lut - 16:33 
Hoping to see Telepath RPG make it over to greenlight as well!
Umakurokoto 14 Lut - 16:10 
Is this the same or different from the game currently in the Groupees Steampunk 2 bundle?
Obsidus 11 Lut - 19:53 
Wow, this game better get greenlit as I nearly crapped my pants watching the video. As someone that has put probably over a thousand hours into Final Fantasy Tactics, I really need another tactical RPG (I hate the Disgaea series, and don't have any Gameboy models to play Fire Emblem).
Sinister Design  [autor] 10 Lut - 20:33 
Yay! Thanks for the upvotes!
tinzoya 8 Lut - 12:02 
Just voted YES to your game. This game need to be on Stream. Hope you will be green-lighted next time.
Ninja Pipes X 3 Lut - 23:22 
Can't wait!!!
Sinister Design  [autor] 3 Lut - 17:43 
Ha ha, thanks guys! :D
Plaaaz 2 Lut - 3:33 
Best fucking game that i´ve seen in Greenlight. I fucking love FireEmblem-style games
TheVoid 29 Sty - 19:42 
Honestly the well-made and to-the-point "What is TT" intro video is what sold me. It didn't waste my time, it already seems to have a professional polish to it and it made it very clear what it was all about. Plus it doesn't hurt that I love turn-based strategy games.
呵呵 28 Sty - 6:34 
Thanks! Me too. :D
sargerres 26 Sty - 21:24 
Nice look, simple style, still tactical and massive combats. Definitely like it.
Valkyriel 22 Sty - 17:30 
It has that simple and clean look to it. I like that.
Sinister Design  [autor] 21 Sty - 11:25 
Thanks! Me too. :D
Guyjin 20 Sty - 13:17 
looks great, looking forward to your release
kk6clope 20 Sty - 12:50 
Ho great ! Thank you !
Sinister Design  [autor] 20 Sty - 11:25 
Hey kk6clope, I'll be updating the demo sometime in the next few weeks. :)
verger101 20 Sty - 7:18 
kk6clope 18 Sty - 7:56 
Damn, i saw you worked on character portrait and animation, sounds really good !
Have you plan to put online a second demo with this improvements ?
Sinister Design  [autor] 18 Sty - 6:55 
You mean, what am I making after Telepath Tactics? I have a bunch of ideas, but I'm not sure which I'm going to go with yet. :)
jmart253 17 Sty - 14:36 
i cant wait to see what you guys do with this game! i love fire emblem/shining force/FF tactics so im excited. What are your guyses plans for future development?
Sinister Design  [autor] 11 Sty - 1:49 
Thanks! I appreciate it. :)
ridgedemon 11 Sty - 1:36 
This game looks amazing. So much to do, mod, fight, 6 armies, gg great looking game.
Rampantant 4 Sty - 15:42 
Looking forward to it :)
FxUxSx 3 Sty - 19:21 
Fire Emblem 'nuff said.