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| \_/ () 20. joulu, 2013 14.03 
AWESOME!!!!! took me 25 minutes to solve, but it was worth it. adding to favorites!
Hyperfocal Astigmatism 18. marras, 2013 14.25 
Very nice! Although there's a little trial and error involved, unless you have a perfect aim...
josepezdj 26. syys, 2013 22.29 
Really clever and twisted puzzle! I'm not sure if I solved this one at any time in the past... but someone asked me to play it and record my solution... Here it is . As usual, and awesome work, Gig, Thanks for creating!
kimist108 22. touko, 2013 10.38 
Yea me!
Geneosis 23. huhti, 2013 14.43 
I worked hard to get this damn cube where it was needed :p Really cool mind puzzle, loved it ^^
Gig  [tekijä] 6. helmi, 2013 11.31 
Thanks, should be easy to fix :)
Sloi 23. tammi, 2013 20.20 
kavalarika 18. joulu, 2012 10.04 
Very good chamber, thank you!
cyhborg 14. joulu, 2012 21.00 
A very well-made puzzle
NiclO (- - ) 12. joulu, 2012 0.46 
Great map! A damn fine puzzle indeed.
keithjgrant 10. joulu, 2012 17.05 
Yavie 9. joulu, 2012 10.21 
Ugh... Been working on this one since last night and I absolutely can't figure it out :(
Gig  [tekijä] 8. joulu, 2012 17.06 
Wtf what? D: Demo plz
Bbeoggjay, the returned 8. joulu, 2012 16.15 
well..i think i solved this in an unintended way. I didin't put the cube on the button cross the goo. I managed to jump and pass it over to the portalable surface above which another one is set that pulls, when the orange funnel is applied to it, the character to the exit stairs.
fumblus 4. joulu, 2012 21.45 
The MAD Fool 4. joulu, 2012 19.46 
I sovled it... but now I think my brain broke.
Gunnar0007 3. joulu, 2012 18.20 
I think I broke it... I got the cube stuck in the upper grate platform area above in the room it drops.
Azorae 3. joulu, 2012 15.57 
a puzzle
Gig  [tekijä] 3. joulu, 2012 15.53 
A damn fine puzzle
Azorae 3. joulu, 2012 13.56 
This was a puzzle
Calmly Frenetic 3. joulu, 2012 4.04 
Damn fine puzzle.
pa1ntmaster 2. joulu, 2012 18.46 
"In just a moment, the description will have the word 'blah' repeated over and over again. If at any point you see something descriptive rather than the word 'blah,' ignore it. It is not important."