The Doctor's Visit (Version 2)
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[Alt3]EVIL DR.VON TACOS 2014年8月7日下午3:53 
Plz add valve or I'll burn my Valve Left 4 Dead poster and game for xbox
paulytools 2013年9月15日上午6:10 
Why does a hat that replaces the medics head with a floating brain and eyes get 5 stars, when something that actually makes sense like this only gets 4, along with very little attention?

I think this item is great
It might need a little touching up here and there, but all in all, this is a great idea!
°CLØcky Bѳxy° 2013年8月29日上午10:32 
is delicious :P
kill me 2012年5月26日下午2:52 
@Garen Laulbrei {☩} That's because only the Medic would give you a giant lollipop. Think about it.
[ GENT ] Kingofscene 2012年2月24日上午2:09 
Good potential, but could use a more simplistic model, looks to modern, could be more 1950s or 60s styled.
4ECH0K 2012年2月23日上午5:02 
good idea
Acuis 2012年2月22日上午5:03 
Not-Festive Sasha Braus 2012年2月21日上午10:11 
Dr. Garen Laulbrei 2012年2月20日下午10:34 
I think it would be better smaller and team colored...still like the logos but if I recall lollypops don't come that big from the doctors office.
CSHD.Commander Bad 2012年2月20日下午5:10 
This needs to be in the game.
Seductive Stalin 2012年2月19日下午6:13 
Felipe//The Postman 2012年2月19日上午6:05 
The colors feel weird in some way. Maybe you could try an alterante version like yellow+red or blue+purple. Sorry if I'm not being very specific. Still looks funny, though. Thumbs up!
NEONPRIME.AXL 2012年2月19日上午2:19 
Medic is candy man! He is from the candy land! Medic is candy man! He is from the candy land!
Dr. Homunculus Manslave 2012年2月18日上午8:50 
it would be cool if the the lolipop was a combination of all the different team colored paints, as well as having a style for the rainbow and tf2 logo
Haplea 2012年2月18日上午2:29 
Great idea! I hope this makes it to the game...
=UPG= ๖ۣۜDalek 2012年2月16日下午6:51 
Give me dis NAOW!!!
Dr.Crackmaster 2012年2月16日下午5:52 
Jamie 2012年2月16日下午5:46 
in my oppinion, i'd buy this straight away if it had the color scheme of your previous version, the size is perfect
•TPR• The Pool Runners 2012年2月16日上午6:26 
I remember when i got these as young, a great concept i would say ;)
"Bob" the Space Cadet 2012年2月15日下午9:27 
Looks good, seems a little big though.
viad 2012年2月14日下午9:28 
True, some doctors give out candy. Totally fits the Medic and since he's a bit mad, it might have something not so good in it.
Iridon 2012年2月14日下午1:48 
There we go, corprate advertizing on the treats, nothing says " We love our employees" like that. Hope it gets added soon, Medic gets no love when it comes to new items
irredeemable shithead 2012年2月13日下午5:31 
]TPG[ emrfish 2012年2月13日下午5:16 
why reupload?
BLADE  [作者] 2012年2月13日下午2:58 
Thanks for the feedback guys! Iridon: I will try that later tonight and upload it. Great idea!
Iridon 2012年2月13日下午2:50 
Still would wear it. Packaging looks MUCH better, also you should make the one that looks like the TF2 logo a Style, maybe even make another team-style that's a blu wrench or red bomb on the pop.
Professional Spycrab Hunter 2012年2月13日下午2:06 
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Good work!