Ce jeu a été Greenlighté par la communauté !

La communauté a montré son intérêt pour ce jeu. Valve a contacté ce développeur afin de préparer la sortie de ce jeu sur Steam.

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Redey1290 15 mai à 14h08 
Gummy 16 avr à 13h23 
Great game! my first impressions werent so good, but ive played it, its a very fun game!
Te reviento con esto! 7 mar à 0h22 
MrNexy 23 fév à 6h08 
This looks great :)
PaDaUy:::: 20 fév à 14h30 
Yes!!! Finally!
himmatsj 20 fév à 5h21 
Is this a hrdcore platformer or what?
Treynolds416 19 fév à 18h02 
congrats baddy
VanDarkHolme♂ 19 fév à 2h25 
Dr.Cactupus 18 fév à 16h28 
I hope the rest of the music sounds just as awesome
Lindion45 16 fév à 11h06 
The art style is amazing, I love the music too. Would happily pay £10 for this. This is awesome!
Dyed Crab 15 fév à 16h31 
Taz666 15 fév à 8h48 
Cool looking
N1k1 12 fév à 18h47 
Rustic Penguin 11 fév à 17h58 
We definitely need more side scrollers these days. Good sidescrollers are far and few inbetween
☣P_a_p_a_D_O_Z☣ 8 fév à 9h14 
Not bad!
Mickey Fucking Mouse™ 7 fév à 6h04 
Cool i like it
NightShinigamix 6 fév à 17h29 
mmm i like it
Catt 2 fév à 9h09 
Makes me miss the side-scrollers from years past.
Lelouch 24 jan à 13h11 
Skybbi 23 jan à 21h29 
ZenklLegends 21 jan à 1h54 
nice music and graphics
makehearsay 19 jan à 11h40 
The music is good and the gameplay looks fun, I like that you can actually kill enemies instead of just having to avoid them like some platformers.
twillightwolf 15 jan à 10h32 
looks intresting and has decent music
ShizZ 13 jan à 17h10 
no linux version no greenlight support
Score 12 jan à 14h15 
Orbister 11 jan à 19h16 
I love the graphics. and i dont see the connection to mario, i think this has a very distinctive personality and charm, the music is awesome too, a YES from me.
Lord of Chaos 4 jan à 19h11 
lokks kinda boring true intrest to people maybe how dont like mario
Dick1012 4 jan à 0h55 
it is very good
LoveGabe_GiveMeCase 2 jan à 9h09 
Love the game likeness Mario :D
wsx12 2 jan à 6h43 
Very good game
Riona 26 déc 2013 à 12h32 
Like the old times. It looks fun
archangel_w 24 déc 2013 à 23h57 
Reminds me of Classic games like Lode Runner, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog. Looks like fun.
Chuu 24 déc 2013 à 23h23 
remember me about games 2D on nintendo and mega drive ;D
Bitch Hunter( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 24 déc 2013 à 10h59 
very nice
Zerobud 23 déc 2013 à 20h10 
Looking like a pretty cool game.
Frank_NATO(Ger) 23 déc 2013 à 18h27 
CaptainMajesty 23 déc 2013 à 10h13 
Sort of seems like a cross between mario and sonic gameplay. Looks fun!
LancelotBarbosa 22 déc 2013 à 18h34 
Mystixx 22 déc 2013 à 9h27 
Seems like a fun game!
lothar =P 18 déc 2013 à 14h56 
Why does this make me thing of a certain hedgehog, but with less appealing imagery?
Sed Flanbird 14 déc 2013 à 18h20 
could be harder
Aegean Noire 12 déc 2013 à 8h34 
Looks fun!
BreaK 2 déc 2013 à 5h57 
cBA 1 déc 2013 à 16h16 
for real
Fuck The Police 30 nov 2013 à 3h20 
Pyro_Nova_ 29 nov 2013 à 17h14 
I'd buy it, seems cool
PRo100-DIma 20 nov 2013 à 0h46 
ТО что эта игра бродилка
Mikky Forte 19 nov 2013 à 7h56 
talkinrock 9 nov 2013 à 10h33 
The art style reminds me a bit of "Another World"...

In other words: You got my vote.
Kurkusifredo 7 nov 2013 à 4h08 
looks cool