Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

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Emperor of Oceania 2 apr om 1:25vm 
alyamkin  [auteur] 2 apr om 12:38vm 
Emperor of Oceania
I'll check that.
Emperor of Oceania 1 apr om 10:08nm 

Could you make sure there is an invert mouse y axis option in the alpha?

It's the only way I play.
alyamkin  [auteur] 1 apr om 2:35vm 
Emperor of Oceania
Thank you! Alpha will start at the end of April, and ekranoplans are planned too! First we'll add the Lun-class.
Emperor of Oceania 1 apr om 1:46vm 
Also maybe we could have an Ekranoplan in the game?
Emperor of Oceania 1 apr om 1:45vm 
Ok I preordered it.

This is a have to have game and at $12 seems like very good value.

Anyone know when the alpha is likely to be out?
Dan The Man 31 mrt om 12:26nm 
I hope it is free
alyamkin  [auteur] 31 mrt om 5:44vm 
Nope, it's not classic survival, but craft will be avaible ;)
alyamkin  [auteur] 31 mrt om 5:43vm 
Thank you ;)
alyamkin  [auteur] 31 mrt om 5:43vm 
Dan The Man
We'll add aicraft next to basic warships. Hope we'll see them this summer.
Vanellope 21 mrt om 6:12vm 
interesting game :) craft in sea survival game or no ?
Raiden 10 mrt om 10:05vm 
I've always wanted a naval combat game with submarines and stuff! Looks Very Good! Please, keep up the good work!
Dan The Man 26 feb om 11:24vm 
when do you thing aircraft carriers will be somthing to develop
alyamkin  [auteur] 25 feb om 6:21vm 
Так точно! :)
KEEEREN 25 feb om 5:41vm 
допеределовайте её уже под STEAM
dlcsiszer 2 feb om 7:47nm 
man, i cant wait! looks so good.
jarthur4707 27 jan om 9:13vm 
Hope this comes out soon. Really looking forward to it.
I AM TALKING ABOUT ALIENS! 27 jan om 4:10vm 
loks like good game
Emperor of Oceania 17 jan om 6:05vm 
Looking forward to this hopefully coming out soon, I just hope the ping will be ok playing from Australia.
Dem moneyz 17 jan om 1:07vm 
So when is it coming out?
4ucTbIu 7 jan om 1:51nm 
Торопитесь котятки)
alyamkin  [auteur] 7 jan om 6:04vm 
4ucTbIu Готовимся :)
4ucTbIu 20 dec 2013 om 1:56nm 
Ребята, так что там?
SmearyToast 14 dec 2013 om 9:24vm 
Holy fuck yea! Submarines finally!! you got my vote :P
Lithuanian Partisan | 12 dec 2013 om 6:27nm 
Lithuanian Partisan | 12 dec 2013 om 6:26nm 
Yes. I understand that! I worked with the US Military while I was on duty in Iraq. You guys are really bad-ass. Dominate the world in all your groups (Army, Navy, Marines, Air etc.) But what I mean is the Norwegians buy old (1980-90) US ships that are out of date. Which is why they are the main underdog of scandinavia :P

Praise the US, Denmark, and all of NATO/UN.
Garmo 12 dec 2013 om 6:16nm 
The USa has the best navy in the world atm :)
Lithuanian Partisan | 12 dec 2013 om 4:16nm 
I posted more about it on your facebook page :)
Lithuanian Partisan | 12 dec 2013 om 4:05nm 
Wait? So do we play actual world countries? PLEASE. PLEASE. Add Denmark! I want to wage war on the Norwegians and crush them just for the lolz. And we have the strongest navy in Scandinavia (The only ones that doesn't buy old-US ships).

Please reply back regarding this!
††ArmedDarkly†† 8 dec 2013 om 8:58nm 
reminds me of the naval ops games
captgeo 8 dec 2013 om 4:49nm 
have to keep an eye on this game
manuel39 25 nov 2013 om 5:53nm 
oh yes, oh yes indeed
Radman 23 nov 2013 om 7:46nm 
Wish I could have this q.q
alyamkin  [auteur] 22 nov 2013 om 2:02nm 
We plan to be in Early Acces in the end of January, but 18th of December there will be big update outside.
alyamkin  [auteur] 22 nov 2013 om 2:00nm 
Yes, but not on first release. We plan to add it a bit later (or if it will be requested often)
CatinHat 19 nov 2013 om 10:34nm 
Its near the end of the month any news of an update? When will this game come to steam?
catdog 15 nov 2013 om 6:32nm 
Willy Wonka 11 nov 2013 om 3:50vm 
ahhh so the game will move into steam this month?
Dr.poper 10 nov 2013 om 10:55vm 
is there gonna be a offline mode so we can test the ships?
Dr.poper 10 nov 2013 om 10:55vm 
alyamkin  [auteur] 10 nov 2013 om 8:32vm 
You can build the ships, but you can't walk around of it - it's not required by gameplay at this time.
alyamkin  [auteur] 10 nov 2013 om 8:30vm 
Next update will be published this month, and we're deciding now when to move into Steam.
Dr.poper 9 nov 2013 om 11:09vm 
can we build ships and have a face view of a walk around of it?
Willy Wonka 6 nov 2013 om 9:03vm 
Whats the new release date?
700villa 1 nov 2013 om 6:50vm 
real cool game
will.goldsworthy10 30 okt 2013 om 6:14vm 
looks fantastic really hope theres an option for free play
Proud American 29 okt 2013 om 1:54nm 
Where can a guy get a submarine around here?!?!?!?!
Octavia Melody 28 okt 2013 om 4:33nm 
Goin to buy this when i get the money! I cant wait to see this on steam!
alyamkin  [auteur] 28 okt 2013 om 2:37nm 
Christopher Wallis
SeaCraft is not a free-to-play game, basic pre-order package costs $20 today. We're discussing price for Steam now, and thoughts about it will be helpfull ;)
alyamkin  [auteur] 28 okt 2013 om 2:29nm 
We want to add a lot of languages, but it'll depends on the game populatiry :)