Team Fortress 2
The Narrow Minded Thinker
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Samuel-Grey 3 лис 2015 о 17:26 
"Narrow Minded Mechanic"
Just a thought.
Jack 24 лип 2015 о 17:08 
its aigh
Dmejd 11 жов 2014 о 11:41 
Teley 4 бер 2014 о 9:36 
I can't right like that but yes it is @EvilStalker
Alrego 13 жов 2013 о 1:01 
Dezső 22 кві 2013 о 12:40 
I like.
ToxicWeasel  [автор] 19 кві 2013 о 8:39 
I'mgoing to do an update for this soon. I'll make it paintable and team colours
Captain Random 19 кві 2013 о 8:11 
An Easter Egg 17 кві 2013 о 18:28 
Expoded 17 кві 2013 о 18:27 
Graveyjones 17 кві 2013 о 2:53 
i love it, add it
MaliciousMaw 16 кві 2013 о 7:44 
ahahaha relly funyn and awsome idea thumbs up =D
Yak 6 кві 2013 о 12:58 
Could possibly even be team colors.
Pyre 6 кві 2013 о 12:27 
I like this hat (mostly because I love Engie) and I will pay MONIES VALVE, I will PAY YOU my MONIES FOR THIS HAT.
Rotten Cake 3 кві 2013 о 2:56 
Very nice hat! I need to buy it!!!!!!
Shiggy Diggy 29 бер 2013 о 5:34 
i swear after i saw the icon, i felt like someone is squishing my head. The hat is nice Btw.
][ONLY³][™ Dr. Jones 17 бер 2013 о 13:29 
Montague 15 січ 2013 о 5:58 
That's too good an idea! Wish I'd made it...
Nurse Nasty 6 гру 2012 о 13:28 
+1 for inspiring me to create another workshop submission, and for an original and relatable design! :D
CalorieMate 5 гру 2012 о 5:18 
Cream Spirit would go well with this. I like this.
mycat 4 гру 2012 о 8:15 
It s pretty amazing on how people can come up with idea's that nobody else would think of. Hats off to you ToxicWeasel
42a-209 4 гру 2012 о 0:32 
"Never lose ideas to pesky derailed trains of thought again!"
Suckit 3 гру 2012 о 5:58 
Got Brain crush :)
Myron Gains, Esq. 2 гру 2012 о 16:04 
This is clever, I like it.
Dellovan 2 гру 2012 о 15:26 
I personally wouldn't use it, (I love my Team Spirit Texas 10-Gallon too much) but I definitely see the appeal, it makes me laugh, and I would love to see this implemented.
TheEntireSovietUnion 2 гру 2012 о 9:39 
Lol this just cracks me up.
Sick Boy 30 лис 2012 о 11:20 
αυυ λμαο 29 лис 2012 о 14:45 
I agree, make it cream spirite!
αυυ λμαο 29 лис 2012 о 14:44 
I feel like ive been running around all day with a clamp on my head!
TheGhostThatWas 29 лис 2012 о 13:33 
I liek it.
A pack of badgers 29 лис 2012 о 9:32 
Nice idea. I think it'd be cool to have it as a mohawk (or have 2 styles). Also, I think the Mann Co label should be more visible, like make it a different color
MR F... 29 лис 2012 о 7:36 
Haha, nice! I want one.
xXcoolestnameXx 29 лис 2012 о 6:55 
Nice one...