Portal 2
06:Red Crossing Over. (RCO)
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Petutski 17 de jul às 19:25 
Whew! Massively complex logic! Well done. My brain is fried!
dven1 9 de jul às 13:58 
I don't know why people were "piling up" cubes, but the map was a lo9t of fun!
Reiman 8/dez/2012 às 13:51 
Good map, straight and easy for the normal way. But for piling up the <3-C's it was a loooong work to do, as they really were hidden.
Got three Cubes piled up in the end, but dunno, how daloboy could pile four AND open the door. Did you fix something?
Looking forward for you having fun with one or more of my maps ^_^v
airplanehelix109 6/dez/2012 às 16:13 
Awesome design and makes this a challenge
Garg 6/dez/2012 às 11:08 
Robot Han 6/dez/2012 às 9:31 
Awesome map, great puzzle!

And it took me a loooong time to figure out what allowed me to get "behind" the scenes.
DS 5/dez/2012 às 4:37 
Lunatix 4/dez/2012 às 20:27 
Too big map and confusing.
KennKong 4/dez/2012 às 19:02 
The main puzzle was rather simple and straightforward. Finding the companion cube, now that was a puzzle!
robin.moussu 4/dez/2012 às 12:44 
Very interresting, a good chalenge, thanks.
TemzineManaStar  [autor(a)] 3/dez/2012 às 15:10 
Dear friends.
Forward to the advice of many, I am grateful.
Since there was some involved in the foundation of the work, once again, I have made changes to the chamber.
Chamber is the other fixes, there are a few.
Thank you for your attention.
el Fuego [SVK] 3/dez/2012 às 4:30 
Nice chamber, only the beginning is a little bit confusing, because there are many elements to look over :) By the way, It is possible to press the four ridget buttons, just by portal shoot on the ceiling, near one of the buttons. When falling to the ground (in mid-air), just try to press it. It works :)
[#!].mouse 2/dez/2012 às 11:33 
I like how this test makes you walk everywhere even though you're carrying a portalgun. It's also super cool that you hide stuff in your test. Otherwise what would be the challenge right?
Nyashkin 2/dez/2012 às 5:37 
Хорошо сделано :) понравилось.
Clown Prince of Crime 1/dez/2012 às 19:27 
Clown Prince of Crime 1/dez/2012 às 19:26 
Really gooo. I was stucked for a good time. Thanks for sharing! :)
SkyRoots 1/dez/2012 às 19:25 
Wow, very entertaining!
daloboy 29/nov/2012 às 9:43 
The main puzzle itself was easy, but the hidden cubes were not!!!! Piled up!
Please try one of mine and comment. Thanks.