Team Fortress 2
The Caddy's Sack
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λambda 9 Φεβ 2015 στις 6:01πμ 
you should reupload this, with some SFM screenshots maybe
Dr. Magikarp, M.D. 15 Δεκ 2013 στις 12:00πμ 
Better not eat that Dalkohv's Bar in the swimming pool.
CSC 14 The Crispy Raichu 4 Ιουν 2013 στις 5:49μμ 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ please ░░░░░█
shotgunnova 6 Δεκ 2012 στις 11:45πμ 
:TF: AC/DC Freak 5 Δεκ 2012 στις 3:41πμ 
gheTTTo maDDDo 4 Δεκ 2012 στις 8:31πμ 
i like it LOL
saney 1 Δεκ 2012 στις 9:15μμ 
Gamov, from what I remember, TF2 has always had a humorous nature to it.
junhittorri 1 Δεκ 2012 στις 8:01πμ 
it looks ok but why do all demo hats have to be funny or stupid why cant there be award winning hats that make demo look badass like the reggaelator, fro, and tavish.
SQUEEZIT  [Δημιουργός] 30 Νοε 2012 στις 10:40μμ 
New update:

The flag is now paintable, and the grass is a little less greeeeeeen. It looks better especially on Degrootkeep.The Gamebanana page has also been updated!
RadMaximilian 30 Νοε 2012 στις 11:31πμ 
I like it, looks perfect with the nessies nine iron
beb 29 Νοε 2012 στις 4:05μμ 
i like it, but make sure that when you paint it, it paints the whole lawn.
Rain | ABK 29 Νοε 2012 στις 11:29πμ 
This good
1337gamer15 29 Νοε 2012 στις 12:03πμ 
I think another good name would be: A Chip off the Ol' Fairway
Obvious Shizzel 28 Νοε 2012 στις 7:18μμ 
LazyShyness 28 Νοε 2012 στις 3:27μμ 
On the one hand, I really really like it. On the other it looks like the grass was painted too much. Either way I'd love this in the game.
Nova ● Enes{Kaos} 28 Νοε 2012 στις 11:58πμ 
Izi 28 Νοε 2012 στις 7:01πμ 
Obvious Shizzel 28 Νοε 2012 στις 5:19πμ 
Maybe tone down the color a wee bit, but otherwise, I like it.
MudaMudaMoe 28 Νοε 2012 στις 4:16πμ 
You should make a Item set for the demoman called "Grass man golfer"
Paper Plane Crash 27 Νοε 2012 στις 10:02μμ 
i like the way it looks, i guarantee it.