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Tiny Barbarian DX
275 commentaires
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st3ph3nlac3y 22 mar à 13h25 
looks interesting
-SnXXX /A/ 4 fév à 11h52 
<3 Wow
Slayer Mark 14 jan à 18h43 
This game is frustrating. Has potential but not worth the $10
dboywheeler 2 déc 2013 à 8h04 

I look forward to this too--especially the rescuing the lovely ladies part! ;)
Dare Master 27 oct 2013 à 11h49 
So glad this got greenlit. It looks super fun! :)
Gwar2005 25 oct 2013 à 10h24 
Woot about time cant wait !
๖ۣۜƦob✖tƘinℊƎʀɪᴄ 18 oct 2013 à 17h44 
jaybrand 17 oct 2013 à 20h44 
looks like the game got greenlit and now steam keys will probably get rolled out soon.
Pinhead 16 oct 2013 à 9h24 
looks fun. voted
XeNoMoRPH 14 oct 2013 à 22h48 
very nice game :)
Green7 13 oct 2013 à 2h16 
Bring it on!
DrunkkMaster 11 oct 2013 à 19h23 
old school games! Nice!
wwbjd 10 oct 2013 à 7h48 
Great look, great music, great trailer! $ALL MY MONEY
sgolope 9 oct 2013 à 4h35 
It looks a very fun old school game :-)
miro42 8 oct 2013 à 22h51 
Played Tiny Barbarian and couldn't wait to see more of it!
EnigmA 8 oct 2013 à 8h33 
i cant wait for it !!!
taggart6 3 oct 2013 à 11h47 
Got my vote!
metalders 2 oct 2013 à 21h34 
Got my vote for the NES feeling.
felixwunderlichgames 2 oct 2013 à 9h22 
Great job!
Junkman 2 oct 2013 à 9h14 
This looks like soooo much fun!
Scientifically Proven 2 oct 2013 à 8h20 
Looks great!
Frogdice 2 oct 2013 à 8h10 
Indie devs gotta stick together! Go Greenlight! :)

brought here by the Not on Steam sale!
Starmine 1 oct 2013 à 21h06 
great trailer, great soundtrack, upvote!
DougBR 30 sept 2013 à 17h28 
muito bom
Sean 29 sept 2013 à 23h55 
Awesome Game! Big YES!
angra [PT] 28 sept 2013 à 17h24 
Good trailer
gsilverfish  [créateur] 28 sept 2013 à 9h12 
T0mT3ch 26 sept 2013 à 13h12 
O.o Oh my god that soundtrack just made me vomit up supper. A buyable extended soundtrack (MP3/FLAC) would be awesome!
vonBork 23 sept 2013 à 15h23 
looks fun!
kanthall 15 sept 2013 à 12h58 
I've made a video about this game:
ND 9 sept 2013 à 7h34 
livarion 8 sept 2013 à 17h13 
Cool music! :D
Player One 7 sept 2013 à 3h11 
So epic!
Alarun.Kan 6 sept 2013 à 23h00 
Super Game :)
KURO 6 sept 2013 à 8h49 
Dekay ist der Beste XD
SoundHunter 6 sept 2013 à 8h46 
Awesome Soundtrack, another great indie game :D
Fabbi 6 sept 2013 à 8h35 
Looks great and has an amazing soundtrack
OhFaceMe 6 sept 2013 à 1h01 
The music is so fucking amazing!
SkillCoil 5 sept 2013 à 14h19 
Looks awesome, anyone knows how many episodes this will be?
THEDUDE0101 5 sept 2013 à 14h17 
Saw this on ManVSGame and it looks AWESOME
Dooleh 5 sept 2013 à 13h45 
@Fairgrim almost made me vote as well, the only thing that stopped me is... I voted for this already. :D
Fairgrim 5 sept 2013 à 13h38 
MANvsGame made me vote!
TrekIndy 5 sept 2013 à 12h46 
Looks like a fun game!
Zeroaegis 5 sept 2013 à 12h44 
Watched this on Manvsgame. Looks great!
ImJezze 29 août 2013 à 13h38 
Yeah, really bad... that the game is still not greenlighted.
Shyuuhei 19 août 2013 à 15h30 
[ECDN] Yoni Mevicio 17 août 2013 à 6h26 
Nice game but I would play this game with a control pad
greenbeans 15 août 2013 à 4h35 
Fantastic game. Way hyped for future chapters :)
Headshot 13 août 2013 à 20h54 
Badass music and cool retro gameplay. I'm really digging this.
Dieithrio 13 août 2013 à 11h48 
You need some press exposure.