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Lizard King 8月13日下午1:01 
I have no textures oO
GiuseppeScrubLord 7月31日下午1:19 
The song is Requiem For a Tower FYI
leocervantes27 7月18日上午11:03 
the one video that showing the map of te-univermag
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 7月18日上午10:58 
which song
leocervantes27 7月18日上午10:53 
love the map and what is the name of the song boh-rekrut
Nickster183k 6月19日下午9:08 
ahh a once good map turned to pixel paradise
orionarielle 6月17日下午3:43 
76 6月14日下午4:45 
3 months :S well.... welcome back ;)
Camo 6月14日上午11:27 
maybe make some more , from the game too ;)
Camo 6月14日上午11:26 
cool i like the map very well, call of duty old map!
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 6月14日上午10:56 
after 3 mouths of no internet , i will update every map quickly
76 6月4日下午11:24 

When do you plan to update this map so it can be played?

Camo 5月2日上午12:54 
where the map at download?? need map ty
Sinedar 4月26日下午12:47 
Not bad
[ISIS] Green_Sword 4月23日上午1:16 
Map Steam fix :( ?
2speed 4月9日下午8:03 
scottmorton99 2月18日下午1:37 
also is the song playing in ~ game ?
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 2月18日下午1:24 
pls dont subscribe to the steamworkshop edition its corrupted try to download it from the server or look in the tripwire interactive forums http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=75260
Gray 2月18日下午1:22 
Getting a lot of missing textures.
scottmorton99 2月18日上午6:05 
that song is "war is coming"
NoAlternative 2月17日下午8:35 
Guys/Girls you need to get inside the game and run the maps from some other server to download the correctly... or atleast that was what worked for me.
thegoldencanary 2月17日下午3:00 
Downloaded this but it seems I'm missing textures? Everything is checkered. Doesn't happen on other maps
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 2月15日上午5:43 
maybe clear the cache packeage to solve this problem
tomtarlazzi 2月14日上午10:25 
I downloaded this map from Red Storm/Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer side that shows I have "subscribed". However, everytime I try to play the game it locks up on the menu page. In the upper right it says "TE-Univermag" download. Ever since I "subscribed" to this map I cannot play the game. Help?
Trollo009 2月13日下午1:53 
realy good map! I like to play it again and again...
NoAlternative 2月10日下午7:14 
Best map indeed... This map can be so intense to play! Good job on the map creators :) Just need more servers to run it.
Blackbandit1 1月27日下午8:46 
omg that build looked so good wow finaly room to room brick by brick fighting can take place ! HOOORRRAAAAA !!! my grandfather would yell in stalingrad.
Landser 1月26日上午3:23 
well take it of the friggen workshop then FARKKK!
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 1月26日上午2:46 
pls dont try or use the steam workshop to get custom maps ! download it from a server !
High Quality H2O 1月25日下午5:44 
why dont none of these custom maps work this is bullshit
dj.damo 1月1日上午10:32 
thanks for that, so does that mean you can't use the map for practice/bots?
BOH-rekrut  [作者] 1月1日上午8:39 
u need to download the curent version of this map from a server not from steam workshop -its brocken
dj.damo 1月1日上午7:40 
i have the texture problem with the blue and purple colours, how can i fix this? my pc is a gaming pc so no probs with the spec
dj.damo 1月1日上午6:58 
no texture loads up, help plz....
{G.F.A} Astro1_fr 2013年12月27日下午12:44 
One of the best RO2 maps ! Unfortunately, few played.
Дедуля Нургл 2013年12月27日上午4:43 
Музыку менее баянистую нельзя было подобрать?
Mr.Coffe 2013年12月24日上午5:32 
енот15151 2013年12月9日上午11:40 
классно! супер!
Deathguide 2013年11月27日上午11:08 
Best map
Okeke 2013年11月3日上午2:50 
BANZAi ..... ! 2013年9月29日上午4:49 
Rowettfly 2013年9月28日上午9:11 
Every time I play there are no textures apart from on the weapons and characters, what should I do?
katokevin da kiwi burd 2013年9月27日下午7:55 
Love the map. The urban fighting is great but the last 2 objectives can get very hard to capture
Get down 2013年9月27日上午12:19 
Алексей Архипов. 2013年9月22日上午3:19 
Interesting will this map go to map pack?
laruso78 2013年8月8日下午12:46 
gutes working ^^
[ISIS] Green_Sword 2013年7月24日下午2:50 
best map
NiRiDa ! 1roCR_Cor_Van.Horstmann 2013年7月20日上午2:35 
Nice job!
NiRiDa ! 1roCR_Cor_Van.Horstmann 2013年7月20日上午2:35 
Nice job!
NiRiDa ! 1roCR_Cor_Van.Horstmann 2013年7月20日上午2:35 
Nice job!