Team Fortress 2
Crusader's Crossbow LOD's
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b3afy 1 октомври 2015 в 8:28 следобед 
that would be nice
[RHWK]Middle Twwix 11 юни 2014 в 3:43 следобед 
love it! ADD TO VALVE
Ascended Adam 8 февруари 2013 в 9:07 сутринта 
Setup a downloadlink.
World Class Trash 20 април 2012 в 1:31 следобед 
Thx for clearing that up. If that's how it works then this is a very good Idea
ILwolf 27 март 2012 в 12:57 сутринта 
i need your halp tuna melt
Rexic The King 25 март 2012 в 12:23 сутринта 
does it have a mod download for it until its put in game?
raptor_ 21 март 2012 в 11:05 сутринта 
I've got a decent laptop, can 30-50 FPS MW2, and I still lag on TF2.
You deserve cake.
Miknew 18 март 2012 в 7:20 сутринта 
@Error 404 Pony Not Found
No no it will get the lod16 model if it is far away and it will get the lod9 model if it is not so far away? But i don't know.
World Class Trash 9 март 2012 в 6:59 следобед 
:/ you're lowering the LODs? In my opinion good job modeling it but just upload it to a TF2 skins site so they don't ruin the model for the people with decent computers.
HOT GARBAGE JUICE 27 февруари 2012 в 4:14 следобед 
Great work, keep it up!
HOT GARBAGE JUICE 27 февруари 2012 в 4:14 следобед 
Great work, keep it up!
Da Magic 8 Ball 23 февруари 2012 в 7:56 следобед 
i like the tip of the 1980tris cc and think it would look cool on the 5204 tris
the FW server i play on a lot has super-high lan and almost nobody has a ping below 30. some people on there have connection issues (me included) that probably have something to do with the bad lag. stuff like THIS would help a lot
Da Magic 8 Ball 23 февруари 2012 в 7:48 следобед 
banarblez; thats what prophunt is for
Jan 22 февруари 2012 в 11:08 сутринта 
PUNISHER 22 февруари 2012 в 6:25 сутринта 
Needs to be done.
Timotron Prime 20 февруари 2012 в 8:43 следобед 
ITT: people who dunno what LOD is.
The_Azn_Persuasion 20 февруари 2012 в 7:48 следобед 
Yandere Hitler 20 февруари 2012 в 3:40 следобед 
-=|Kenlaboss|=- 20 февруари 2012 в 6:48 сутринта 
don't know what to say ? out of 10
... 20 февруари 2012 в 3:30 сутринта 
O N E T T B O Y Z ™ 19 февруари 2012 в 8:28 следобед 
LODs <3 you, and all the people who are working on optimizing this game for all those who crash deserves a medal (which is probably going to be rewarded in a Community weapon form :u)
Cappin' Banarblez 19 февруари 2012 в 4:28 сутринта 
they should make a desguise kit for spy that can turn you into objects :)
Don't Need No Cheese 18 февруари 2012 в 3:24 следобед 
Oh cool
sheit 18 февруари 2012 в 3:10 следобед 
coolwave 18 февруари 2012 в 1:39 следобед 
Carn 18 февруари 2012 в 5:12 сутринта 
Nice. I hate working with LOD reduction on my own stuff. Often takes too long or f*cks up at some point and you need to backtrack and URG. Horrid, Obviously the easyest thing to do is if your using something like a subsurf modifier in Blender, just turn it down a step or two lol, I doubt you have the original files though so well done.
Spaghetti Western 18 февруари 2012 в 5:07 сутринта 
In a building game, if you spam several parts, it lags. Same with this. More polygons, more lag.
FrEeZaRiO 18 февруари 2012 в 4:20 сутринта 
IamHitler. 18 февруари 2012 в 3:36 сутринта 
isnt it the same thing?
опасный Мэд 18 февруари 2012 в 12:50 сутринта 
пушка не говно норм
Draconic_Kid 17 февруари 2012 в 2:42 следобед 
good idea
scavenge 17 февруари 2012 в 6:09 сутринта 
I have a very fast computer but since TF2 is a completely overloaded little game with tons of effects happening all at once everywhere and then a ton on non-LOD weapons... yea I'll gladly play with medium models to reduce the change of a CTD.
Hark 17 февруари 2012 в 4:04 сутринта 
i agree cupcake, it's better to make the stuff they have work properly before they start whacking new things in
ksd 16 февруари 2012 в 5:10 следобед 
apparently none of you have fast computers......
Cupcake™ 16 февруари 2012 в 5:04 следобед 
I am upvoting all these LOD optimizations :)
Thanks Cool Stuff.
I want more optimizations than I do cute things to swing around on a stick.
Google Chrome 16 февруари 2012 в 2:15 следобед 
I like how some of the people commenting have no idea that this is not a new design they're working on, it's a design fix so that people with less powerful computers can actually run the game.
ned_ballad 16 февруари 2012 в 5:58 сутринта 
Just needs a custom projectile and it's perfect
"Bob" the Space Cadet 15 февруари 2012 в 8:50 следобед 
@Hippiklutor That is precisely the reason why you should uprate it.
PRISM 15 февруари 2012 в 3:44 следобед 
Hippiklutor fails.
Dark Link 15 февруари 2012 в 1:51 следобед 
BlockCop: Lots of people (even those with great computers) have problems with TF2. In its current state, it's terribly optimized. I can run Skyrim at maximum settings and the HD texture pack and I still get the occasional stutter in TF2.
☭Jesus_Man☭ 15 февруари 2012 в 1:09 следобед 
Keep up the good work; we need more LODs.
Claux (JacksonEP) 15 февруари 2012 в 11:01 сутринта 
It looks like it would make the game much faster for those people who have crap computers...
Atreides 14 февруари 2012 в 8:06 следобед 
I would much rather see more LODS than new reskins and hats. Put this in!
_al_chemy 14 февруари 2012 в 12:35 сутринта 
3 stars? Ugh. Yes please, more LOD's!
Олег 14 февруари 2012 в 12:34 сутринта 
Professional Spycrab Hunter 13 февруари 2012 в 1:30 следобед 
Ehrm Hippiklutor, you know these are LODs, right?
Hippiklutor 13 февруари 2012 в 12:37 следобед 
It looks too much like the last Crussaders Crossbow. I really don't like it!
Yasu | 13 февруари 2012 в 9:58 сутринта 
Me and my lousy PC apreciate every single improvement fix. +rate!
Sharc 13 февруари 2012 в 8:35 сутринта 
If you could also make a custom projectile for it, that would also be great.