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A Mass of Dead
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340 kommenttia
Scheggia ITA 21. elo, 2015 15.45 
Wow this is a wonderful Game.
Dev Arc  [tekijä] 6. kesä, 2015 1.39 
sorry we final testing co-op play and Multi-platform, Cross-platform co-op
We will update detail news soon
Yon 30. touko, 2015 22.54 
Devs, is this project still alive? Release date was set for April - May 2015, we are in June 2015 and no sign of life for a release date. Can you update the status of this project?
- Nee ѽ 30. touko, 2015 20.20 
looks very cool.
i could pay for this. Really liked.
Yon 11. maalis, 2015 12.02 
Hello devs. How's the development going on? Are you going to provide new info anytime soon? Hope a release date comes up as well. Thanks.
akasha 11. heinä, 2014 20.55 
all the stages are dark? I think at lease you should see your chracter.
@NuoYan@ 4. heinä, 2014 16.53 
Requiem 19. kesä, 2014 9.44 
speedransix 26. touko, 2014 20.52 
Any updates?
Richard 8. helmi, 2014 9.11 
the girl in the pic made me click the link to this lol.
Yuukino 31. tammi, 2014 18.29 
the game looks nice but what catched my attention was the pic art, the chick in the pic and the games name. still nice though but is the character a girl? can you customize your character to look like how you want it to? if the game can then i want it.
Zerviscos 14. tammi, 2014 5.20 
I came here 'cause that chick on the pic looks hot.
Jjanggu 29. joulu, 2013 3.23 
게임을 보면 여성만 나오는데... 남성도 나오게 바뀌어야 하고 가급적이면 다양한 성별과 인종의 캐릭터가 나오게 만들어야 할 것으로 보입니다.
여자 한명만 나오는 것은 수정해야 할 사항으로 보입니다.'
게임 흐름상 당장 바꾸는 것이 어렵다면, 서브 캐릭터로 남성 캐릭터 1명을 추가하는 것도 고려할 사항인 거 같습니다.
sergioreynel 25. marras, 2013 8.25 
Hi if your looking for a site to download all pc related things go here: www.pcgameiso.com/ if you create an account if you could please put my username inside the referrer box: my user name is sergioreynel
Scary Duckies 13. marras, 2013 5.48 
So, this game is like Alien/Zombie Shooter but with better graphics. Cool. Love mindless shooter games like this. But do please add co-op, this game would be awesome to eradicate those pesky zombies with friends.
hezekiah-angel 8. marras, 2013 1.42 
Nice game,but sorry it's not for me.
Keep up the good work though.
saber wolf 1. marras, 2013 0.52 
game looks dope
ricardocasama 31. loka, 2013 1.24 
Please, add spanish language.
Quint the Lonely Cowboy 30. loka, 2013 14.22 
> trailer music
> F
> E
> F
> D
Hmm...this is starting to sound like Dies Irae.

> G
speedransix 29. loka, 2013 18.37 
congratulations for the greenlight!!!!!!!!!
iMod 19. loka, 2013 16.01 
wtf, i don't even recognize this game and somehow i voted for it. I'm not even interested in this type of shooter... o.o
Сalifornium252👌 19. loka, 2013 12.46 
it looks great. i love those kind of games and besides, i've heard of it before
CybertrazH Farmskins.com 17. loka, 2013 5.47 
it looks great. i love those kind of games and besides, i've heard of it before^^
AcnuD 16. loka, 2013 13.15 
SanYt 14. loka, 2013 13.06 
chicko 11. loka, 2013 8.23 
Joker_Link 10. loka, 2013 12.15 
电脑玩家 随风 7. loka, 2013 6.00 
Keggarmaker 5. loka, 2013 7.29 
not bad looking
㊣Ash 5. loka, 2013 1.34 
looks greet~
Generall_Error 4. loka, 2013 4.52 
TheScar 1. loka, 2013 11.29 
small RPG kind with fun....
Creatorness™© 27. syys, 2013 13.39 
Like Zombie hq and Diablo still cool to know that 1 person (you) proggrammed all that. And for your effort I said Yes I would buy it favourited it Followed and shared it :D
Scaramucio 14. syys, 2013 0.01 
Hmpf,..another modern Diabolo clone
☠=ŘสĞє=☠ 12. syys, 2013 15.38 
NYAN CAT 12. syys, 2013 2.32 
like diablo 2
JayJay 9. syys, 2013 23.55 
DOSE 9. syys, 2013 16.50 
Jinroh 5. syys, 2013 11.50 
shotgun + zomies = awesome funtime!
DigitalEagle 3. syys, 2013 20.26 
Looks fun.Voted.
Gilsen333 30. elo, 2013 23.21 
Yeah Spanish please course
praetor_canis 23. elo, 2013 21.54 
yeah, another mac supporting game is exactly what I need. it's good to know that there are more and more good games to be played on my macbook
AYRUXI 19. elo, 2013 21.54 
Looks awesome
kaps82 18. elo, 2013 13.59 
Diesen Spiele intressiert mich, weil es eine gute abwechslung zu den anderen spielen ist. Außerdem ist laut dem Video auch anspruchsvoll.
Jello 16. elo, 2013 21.17 
Co-op would be awesome. Like aliean swarm.
marza a.k.a zio pedro 13. elo, 2013 23.48 
release it for android and ios
{|TR|}DM UnitY 13. elo, 2013 3.22 
bom jogo
Larkin 13. elo, 2013 1.49 
Just need a co-op system keep on it! nice work
Something 12. elo, 2013 11.24 
Looks cool, just need a co-op system
Lotus TF 10. elo, 2013 22.18 
This game looks awesome!