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Go to Hell Dave
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Bungeeman  [készítő] 2016. márc. 27., 10:06 
I'm afraid this is officially dead now and has been for quite some time. Thanks a lot for supporting us and you can check out our Facebook page for an explanation of why we quit as well as a link to a playable demo of the game.

Goalkeeper Blitzcrank 2016. márc. 25., 11:20 
so is this dead or something?
Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. okt. 11., 4:08 
Oh yeah, almost forgot. For more regular updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. okt. 11., 3:39 
Just to clarify, we are still working on this game and we have recently had a round of alpha testing. Apologies for the lack of updates, but between working ont he game and working our crappy day jobs we've struggled to find time for much else.
מטסﬣ 2014. okt. 11., 1:31 
So, is this defunct or what?

Last official Steam announcement, ahem, 1st Aug 2013.
Creators "Rah, rah rahing" Feb 2014.

Whata saga, 21 Nov 1012
Dollarwise Gamers 2014. okt. 9., 6:27 
Looks good. Huge fan of point and click adventure games! Can't wait for a demo!
comminsar 2014. jún. 9., 5:19 
This was finally greenlight this awesome game? About time!
Rufus T. Firefly 2014. febr. 11., 12:49 
OMG this is early 90's stuff -- Leisure Suit Larry lives!
Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. febr. 9., 16:25 
Huge thanks for all of the support ont he road to being greenlit everybody. Watch this space for a demo coming soon.
s.g.talex 2014. febr. 9., 15:33 
Thanks for sticking with us guys and gals, we are hard at work to make this the best game it can be, we hope to release a demo soon so people can try before they buy
ProФидер 2014. febr. 6., 16:02 
Nice one on being Greenlit :)
eMPlay's Modetro 2014. febr. 5., 13:30 
Congratulations on being Greenlit guys. :)
MrOgilvie 2014. febr. 5., 3:57 
Go go gadget point and click
BigGun 2014. febr. 3., 10:50 
Крутая игра
Gladiato® 2014. febr. 1., 11:12 
alieninvador 2014. jan. 29., 21:29 
looks great and seems to be funn game
kirky149 2014. jan. 24., 10:09 
Hope this game gets more support, i'd love to play through some weird puzzles!
Rennjan 2014. jan. 22., 3:49 
looking forward to this, made by a bunch of real nice guys, and the funniest sense of humor i've known :)
Mad Goblin 2014. jan. 21., 16:28 
Always like the cartoonish adventure games. Reminds me of Toonstruck a bit.
tentacles79 2014. jan. 20., 11:23 
Looks very promising +1 from me! And for the guy with linux go to hell shizZ
Leo 2014. jan. 19., 10:04 
Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. jan. 16., 4:40 
Shizz. Our thinking was that the game is currently only playable on PC. The soon-to-be-released demo will, at first, only be playable on PC. So specifying that the game is also available on Linux would be somewhat misleading. This is why the page only mentions a PC version. These things take time. It isn't a simple case of just checking a box or copying in a line of code. We have to essentially re-write the engine.
ShizZ 2014. jan. 15., 20:18 
"the gay ShizZ" says it is not in "EVERYGAME", and only he liked games.)

Bungeeman, if you want to port the game to Linux in the future - it makes sense to specify Linux in the description.
Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. jan. 15., 12:08 
Well. To be fair, it's a legitimate point that needed adressing anyway, regardless of the intentions of the guy known as 'Shizz.' Unfoirtunately, poeople tend to drop their votes in for 'no' without bothering to ask these questions. But on the other hand, we ought to have made the information clear to all Steam users.
Orbister 2014. jan. 15., 10:51 
the guy ShizZ is not interested in the game (in any actually) he just comments the same in EVERYGAME without linux support, its like a troll bot...
Bungeeman  [készítő] 2014. jan. 14., 5:03 
We do fully intend to program in linux support Shizz. But the engine we're using doesn't naturally lend itself to linux so it will take us some time.
ShizZ 2014. jan. 14., 4:22 
no linux version? no greenlight support.
★HellJumPeR★CS.MONEY 2014. jan. 12., 21:59 
Captain@Jack_Sparrow 2014. jan. 5., 5:01 
LV426_FARY_CZ 2014. jan. 4., 4:48 
nice game
Pessheee 2014. jan. 2., 19:24 
nice job :D
Jouchebag 2014. jan. 2., 9:44 
Love a bit of humor in my games.
SmLike 2014. jan. 2., 4:07 
nice game
naider 2013. dec. 29., 3:37 
Its good game :D
Wolf W. Wolf 2013. dec. 27., 23:13 
Ill get it its a good concept
Standing-Worry 2013. dec. 27., 19:42 
braindead-RTOH 2013. dec. 26., 17:42 
i want this
yz 2013. dec. 26., 3:17 
very interesting and cool
shinxcreate 2013. dec. 24., 9:14 
DingDangDoom 2013. dec. 20., 15:30 
This game is awesome. i love playing it. it is fun.
9/10 2013. dec. 20., 3:47 
real good pld skool game
The Man Who Sold the World 2013. dec. 12., 12:41 
Nice Old School Quest!
Cie 2013. dec. 9., 16:19 
I love point and click adventures!
Allison_Stormborn 2013. dec. 8., 8:54 
I'm a fan of point and click. I'd totally buy this :)
Frozen Solid 2013. dec. 8., 8:20 
Looks fun :)
CzechLP 2013. dec. 7., 8:13 
As I told the dev on Facebook, this brings me back to my childhood.
Will play. Will review. Will probably enjoy!
dj-ron 2013. dec. 3., 13:22 
Adventures like in good old times... :)
Torkofsky 2013. dec. 2., 7:14 
Looks cool will def look for it on steam ,always liked good old point and click games
Dale 2013. dec. 2., 4:19 
looks good to me, a nice art style to boot
I would buy this game and gift it to my friends.

I for one welcome a good P&C.