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Lord Trilobite  [автор] 29 лип о 5:35 
The only props in this maps are litterally just rocks and some bottles. Everything else is all brush-based.
xXNihhilusXx 29 лип о 1:07 
Could you send me a copy of the Props, I would like to make them Drivable, that would be awesome!
level94836 14 лип о 12:44 
if only the ps2 version from lego star wars 2 could be ported :(
Joshua TheVideoGuy 8 чер о 2:25 
Its fun to feed people to the sarlacc pit!
Goofy Goober 30 кві о 19:08 
{[GRF]}Kozak 29 кві о 5:58 
i have an idea with that ship and put in the map more stuff and in the ship i would like something that you could get in it and dont noclip inside it or something .-.
Madgamer (R.I.P, dead forever) 15 бер о 7:51 
No, no and no. No Jar-Jar binks. He makes me want to puke my intestines out. Why that stupid comic relief character created, I will never know.
silversmith 10 бер о 13:49 
lucfle97 10 бер о 13:16 
this guy's awesome
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 10 бер о 11:36 
There are Chewbacca, R2, C-3PO and Boba models around though.but I don't think the others exist in Gmod at the moment.
LarzGamerSunde 9 бер о 16:17 
Now all we need is Models from Star Wars: Luke, Han, Chewey,R2, C-3PO, Lando, Jabba, Boba Fett and maybe others...
silversmith 27 лют о 10:06 
Steppie1231 24 лют о 16:46 
Lord Trilobite i love all of your maps. can you make a hoth map from the imperial walker battle scene. That is my favorite movie scene from The Emperor Strikes Back.
[OW] Mr Xanadu 22 лют о 13:18 
Nice map! What kind of Star Wars fan would I be not to download this!
Ender King 19 лют о 4:20 
when ever i clean up every thing the pit dosn't do damage any more D:
Doraapulsa 31 січ о 13:42 
<3 Trilo
[NMR] Commander Luna 26 січ о 9:57 
No CSS Requerd......What Witchcraft is this.
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 23 січ о 3:47 
No it doesn't need CS:s. And the teeth are just normal brush entities with HL2 textures. If they don't show up I don't see why other entities would show up. Because they're essentially the same.
XRuinX 22 січ о 22:27 
I just realised that another of your maps requires counter strike, does this one as well? I know it's not mentioned that it needs it, I'm just really hoping theres a simple fix for this and you hopefully forgot to mention it. I can't think of a more perfect map for Boba Fett!
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 8 січ о 4:33 
Ah, I haven't tried that. It's really odd that the teeth wouldn't show up. It works fine in Gmod.
XRuinX 7 січ о 19:26 
Source Filmmaker sorry.
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 7 січ о 18:56 
XRuinX 7 січ о 17:24 
I dont know if it happens with GMOD too but in SFM the pits teeth dont show up. Unfortunate because i was really excited on making something with this :(
Sonic The Hedgehog™ 6 гру 2013 о 16:12 
yes venturian did use this map
gigolo 16 лис 2013 о 10:48 
awsome but small
HAWK 20 жов 2013 о 15:06 
this map closes garrysmod when I try to load it
Roman1993 18 жов 2013 о 19:57 
You sir are amazing. Please continue building these amazing and wonderful maps:)
DancinMuffin 6 жов 2013 о 13:20 
Getting it! even Venturian used this map I think?
The Doctor 22 вер 2013 о 10:45 
you can do a star wars role play of this map if you have the right player models
Cpt. Blue force [MxD] 14 вер 2013 о 11:17 
timberwolf39 30 сер 2013 о 19:19 
it doesnt show up on my gmod maps
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 9 сер 2013 о 14:04 
Procrastonator Lemon 9 сер 2013 о 7:21 
Is jabba the hutt in this thing?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 21 кві 2013 о 17:31 
Comrade Reznov,My Dear,You Do Not Need Miniatures It Is Just Put The Starships In The Skybox.
.R☼tiart 24 бер 2013 о 13:26 
Oh I thought I could move it by that control panel -.-
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 24 бер 2013 о 5:49 
You can move it with the Physgun.
.R☼tiart 23 бер 2013 о 1:03 
Hey does that flying boat thing beside the pit move?
Billy Mays Here 2 бер 2013 о 7:18 
I'd love to see some miniatures of some Clone Starships. I'd love to make my own Star Wars fleet battling in the sky
Vorexia 13 лют 2013 о 8:31 
Star wars xD
~(WoE)~ General Flintlock FoxTwo 13 січ 2013 о 14:04 
jabbas flying boat should be a prop :D
The Chinlord 5 січ 2013 о 14:21 
Never mind, it was my Gmod, uninstalling it and reinstalling due to other problems seemed to fix this as well
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 5 січ 2013 о 10:29 
The map works fine. There must be something wrong with Gmod on your end. Or you have mods installed that break it.
HAWK 3 січ 2013 о 5:15 
This stops my Gmod from working when I try to go on it, why?
Hutchy01 28 гру 2012 о 4:10 
Get this map or i Will come round to your location and do it for you
The Chinlord 25 гру 2012 о 20:41 
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 19 гру 2012 о 17:07 
Well, maybe it has to do with other mods that people may have installed on their client of Gmod.
The Chinlord 19 гру 2012 о 15:52 
Hmmmh... I don't know? Maybe my gmod is just broken? :/
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 18 гру 2012 о 17:51 
Several people have been saying that it doesn't kill them. But it really shouldn't do that. I cannot think of a single reason why it shouldn't work. It's just a standard hurt trigger. I have no idea why it doesn't work for some people.
The Chinlord 18 гру 2012 о 16:17 
The acid stopped doing damage to players and npcs... Is there a problem with my game, or the map, because I was having fun watching Mossman digest XD
Undead Roadkill 16 гру 2012 о 12:09 
i have an idea why dont you lord trilobite make the skifs props!