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Blackout [Darkness Dragon] 9月11日 16時42分 
+level94836 no kidding...
TheAmazeman 9月6日 17時57分 
can you make the sarlacc insides bigger?
ansky 8月20日 8時26分 
love da map
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 8月14日 4時35分 
No, it would say so in the description if it did.
killerfish360 8月13日 20時15分 
does this require anything?
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 7月29日 5時35分 
The only props in this maps are litterally just rocks and some bottles. Everything else is all brush-based.
xXNihhilusXx 7月29日 1時07分 
Could you send me a copy of the Props, I would like to make them Drivable, that would be awesome!
level94836 7月14日 12時44分 
if only the ps2 version from lego star wars 2 could be ported :(
Frezzy Foozbear 6月8日 2時25分 
Its fun to feed people to the sarlacc pit!
Paul Creenis 4月30日 19時08分 
Slenderman's Son 4月29日 5時58分 
i have an idea with that ship and put in the map more stuff and in the ship i would like something that you could get in it and dont noclip inside it or something .-.
King Madgamer .OBE 3月15日 7時51分 
No, no and no. No Jar-Jar binks. He makes me want to puke my intestines out. Why that stupid comic relief character created, I will never know.
hobknocker 3月10日 13時49分 
lucfle97 3月10日 13時16分 
this guy's awesome
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 3月10日 11時36分 
There are Chewbacca, R2, C-3PO and Boba models around though.but I don't think the others exist in Gmod at the moment.
LarzGamerSunde 3月9日 16時17分 
Now all we need is Models from Star Wars: Luke, Han, Chewey,R2, C-3PO, Lando, Jabba, Boba Fett and maybe others...
hobknocker 2月27日 10時06分 
Steppie1231 2月24日 16時46分 
Lord Trilobite i love all of your maps. can you make a hoth map from the imperial walker battle scene. That is my favorite movie scene from The Emperor Strikes Back.
[OW] Mr Xanadu 2月22日 13時18分 
Nice map! What kind of Star Wars fan would I be not to download this!
Ender King 2月19日 4時20分 
when ever i clean up every thing the pit dosn't do damage any more D:
period blood pentagram microwave 1月31日 13時42分 
<3 Trilo
[FL] Commander Lunar Eclipse 1月26日 9時57分 
No CSS Requerd......What Witchcraft is this.
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 1月23日 3時47分 
No it doesn't need CS:s. And the teeth are just normal brush entities with HL2 textures. If they don't show up I don't see why other entities would show up. Because they're essentially the same.
XRuinX 1月22日 22時27分 
I just realised that another of your maps requires counter strike, does this one as well? I know it's not mentioned that it needs it, I'm just really hoping theres a simple fix for this and you hopefully forgot to mention it. I can't think of a more perfect map for Boba Fett!
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 1月8日 4時33分 
Ah, I haven't tried that. It's really odd that the teeth wouldn't show up. It works fine in Gmod.
XRuinX 1月7日 19時26分 
Source Filmmaker sorry.
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 1月7日 18時56分 
XRuinX 1月7日 17時24分 
I dont know if it happens with GMOD too but in SFM the pits teeth dont show up. Unfortunate because i was really excited on making something with this :(
Sonic™ (Akatsuki Co-leader) 2013年12月6日 16時12分 
yes venturian did use this map
gigolo 2013年11月16日 10時48分 
awsome but small
HAWK 2013年10月20日 15時06分 
this map closes garrysmod when I try to load it
Roman1993 2013年10月18日 19時57分 
You sir are amazing. Please continue building these amazing and wonderful maps:)
DancinMuffin 2013年10月6日 13時20分 
Getting it! even Venturian used this map I think?
[PLS] Mr.SlenderGamer 2013年9月22日 10時45分 
you can do a star wars role play of this map if you have the right player models
Bonnie 2013年9月14日 11時17分 
timberwolf39 2013年8月30日 19時19分 
it doesnt show up on my gmod maps
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 2013年8月9日 14時04分 
Booce McBurgington 2013年8月9日 7時21分 
Is jabba the hutt in this thing?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ™ 2013年4月21日 17時31分 
Comrade Reznov,My Dear,You Do Not Need Miniatures It Is Just Put The Starships In The Skybox.
Rotiart 2013年3月24日 13時26分 
Oh I thought I could move it by that control panel -.-
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 2013年3月24日 5時49分 
You can move it with the Physgun.
Rotiart 2013年3月23日 1時03分 
Hey does that flying boat thing beside the pit move?
[B.M.3] Billy Mays Here 2013年3月2日 7時18分 
I'd love to see some miniatures of some Clone Starships. I'd love to make my own Star Wars fleet battling in the sky
[96th] [Line] Vorexia 2013年2月13日 8時31分 
Star wars xD
~(WoE)~ General Flintlock FoxTwo 2013年1月13日 14時04分 
jabbas flying boat should be a prop :D
Thistle 2013年1月5日 14時21分 
Never mind, it was my Gmod, uninstalling it and reinstalling due to other problems seemed to fix this as well
Lord Trilobite  [作成者] 2013年1月5日 10時29分 
The map works fine. There must be something wrong with Gmod on your end. Or you have mods installed that break it.
HAWK 2013年1月3日 5時15分 
This stops my Gmod from working when I try to go on it, why?
Hutchy01 2012年12月28日 4時10分 
Get this map or i Will come round to your location and do it for you
Thistle 2012年12月25日 20時41分