Garry's Mod
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boba fett 22 ноември в 6:32 следобед 
why no mouth
Genaral_Tophat 21 ноември в 7:56 следобед 
the pit looks a bit small but great map
Der Andi 14 ноември в 11:13 сутринта 
I think you need spawns and weapon spawns.
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 14 ноември в 3:22 сутринта 
I've been wanting to make some of my maps available for TTT. But I don't really know what's needed for that gamemode. I suspect weapons and such. If you have a link that shows what to add. I might just make a TTT version of some of my maps (like this one maybe, no promisses though).
Der Andi 13 ноември в 6:13 следобед 
I can't make it playable for TTT without a .vmf :/
Chaosvolt 13 ноември в 5:24 следобед 
Ah, very odd. That was the only error shown when I hit cleanup, so if that's not it, no idea why that neuters the sarlacc.
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 13 ноември в 5:14 следобед 
Oh yeah the move_track is a remnant of an attempt to make one of the skiffs move around. I never go that working though. But that entity has nothing to do with the damage effect in the Sarlacc, that's just a trigger volume. Which shouldn't be influenced by cleanup I think.
Chaosvolt 13 ноември в 3:26 следобед 
And rather belatedly, I can confirm that cleanup removes the damage effect. Gives error:

Attempted to create unknown entity type move_track!
Can't init move_track
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 13 ноември в 1:44 следобед 
Yes, of course man, go right ahead.
Der Andi 13 ноември в 12:32 следобед 
Is it okay, if I use your map for playing TTT on it? Just in private matches witch friends?
Chaosvolt 19 октомври в 2:19 следобед 
Must...resist...urge to make vore joke...

Also, I...think I killed it. I'm not sure if hitting "cleanup everything" removes the damage effect or if dumping an M9k nuke inside it did that.
boba fett 16 октомври в 9:51 следобед 
how do play it
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 6 октомври в 11:41 сутринта 
There's actually quite a number of good player models that would fit with this. I'll put the links in the description.
bluesam03 5 октомври в 4:59 следобед 
thers one problem theres no playermodl/ragdos to go along with it
A Frickin Idiot 20 септември в 8:50 сутринта 
Can't open map, crashes on load
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 20 септември в 4:29 сутринта 
I feel that this map is done. Adding more details to Sarlacc would require custom models.
a random stormtrooper 19 септември в 6:03 следобед 
hay can you please make the sarlacc more detaild please? you know add some tenticals and a more detailed inside :| please
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 15 август в 2:43 следобед 
No idea man. Possibly some other mod you have installed is interfering with it. The map works fine.
logiman 15 август в 2:37 следобед 
Game crashes on launch...any help?
TE-am 0000 4 август в 5:31 следобед 
thanks fo makin dis
TE-am 0000 4 август в 5:31 следобед 
Shad the Hedgie™ 20 юли в 9:54 сутринта 
oh never mind it is
Shad the Hedgie™ 20 юли в 9:51 сутринта 
is the file name Gm_sarlacc_b2?
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 18 юли в 4:38 сутринта 
No. It wouldn't. Not properly anyway.
hbhagood 17 юли в 2:39 следобед 
Would it be possible to make the Sailbarge with it's functionality into a dupe or prop or something like that?
byrdman018 27 май в 4:59 следобед 
venturiantale played on it
edgarthemagnificent 25 април в 4:28 сутринта 
aparantly it is a invalid map something to do with no collisions?
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 28 март в 8:33 сутринта 
No, it's too small.
Jempa92 28 март в 7:44 сутринта 
Can you make a TTT version?
Random Furry 11 март в 4:01 сутринта 
yea that i knew :) did some research for nextbot NPCs
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 9 март в 1:10 следобед 
Hint/NPC nodes are there for the npcs so they know where they are allowed to walk. NPCs are generally pretty dumb, but the nodes make them a little less dumb and help them move around.
So if a map has nodes, it basicly means it supports more complex npcs movement.
Random Furry 9 март в 12:35 следобед 
cool, i've ben seeing "hint nodes" everywhere and wondering what they were
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 7 март в 3:19 следобед 
They are NPC nodes yes. Same thing.
Random Furry 7 март в 2:25 следобед 
what are hint nodes? are they the same as NPC nodes? or are they like, inbetween full NPC nodes and none? so like nextbots would just ahve trouble walking around?
ThatMandoWarrior 20 февруари в 4:48 сутринта 
One time I spawned a stormtrooper on the plank that luke was on, gave my self a DC-15 sidearm, and shot the guy off the plank, flew right into the pit
Roger the Shrubber 7 февруари в 3:36 следобед 
throw him in i mean
Roger the Shrubber 7 февруари в 3:36 следобед 
𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓼𝓸𝓷 19 декември 2014 в 6:31 следобед 
This reminds me a lot of an old map for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. A small and simple thing. It's really cute how you used the same textures for the most part, too! You're really bringing me back.
Blackout the Dark Dragon 11 септември 2014 в 4:42 следобед 
+level94836 no kidding...
venturiantale fan 6 септември 2014 в 5:57 следобед 
can you make the sarlacc insides bigger?
ansky 20 август 2014 в 8:26 сутринта 
love da map
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 14 август 2014 в 4:35 сутринта 
No, it would say so in the description if it did.
KillerFish360 13 август 2014 в 8:15 следобед 
does this require anything?
Lord Trilobite  [автор] 29 юли 2014 в 5:35 сутринта 
The only props in this maps are litterally just rocks and some bottles. Everything else is all brush-based.
xXNihhilusXx 29 юли 2014 в 1:07 сутринта 
Could you send me a copy of the Props, I would like to make them Drivable, that would be awesome!
level94836 14 юли 2014 в 12:44 следобед 
if only the ps2 version from lego star wars 2 could be ported :(
Joshua Cipher 8 юни 2014 в 2:25 сутринта 
Its fun to feed people to the sarlacc pit!
myrmidon 30 април 2014 в 7:08 следобед 
[PSG] Tranker 29 април 2014 в 5:58 сутринта 
i have an idea with that ship and put in the map more stuff and in the ship i would like something that you could get in it and dont noclip inside it or something .-.
The King 15 март 2014 в 7:51 сутринта 
No, no and no. No Jar-Jar binks. He makes me want to puke my intestines out. Why that stupid comic relief character created, I will never know.