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vitaliy621987 19 лип о 10:02 
все очень классные работы создателям большой respekt и уважуха так держать.
Emil3m 10 лип о 7:36 
None of the textures render at all, and the spawns are reversed.
Random Idiot 69 20 тра о 16:58 
I am missing the textures. Does this map require Ost Front?
Kfyatec 27 кві о 9:14 
Amazing map dude. I miss all old maps. First Red Orchestra was about all Eastern Front this is like demo without 80% maps, 99% vehicles and 70% weapons and many other things. They dont even put tanks in Rising Storm what is sad in my opinion.
-=CDO=-Amnesia 13 лют о 16:40 
I have an error for download serverfiles with mediafire : The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.
Stronkest Warrior 13 лют о 2:46 
This map was amazing, I also miss Odessa, Warsaw, Sevastopol, Konigsberg, Kaukasus, Krasnyi Oktyabr, Berlin... So many memories, those were the times.
Blackbandit1 11 лют о 22:22 
i want these multiplayer maps in our games ~
Nyan Doge™ 28 січ о 20:22 
RO1 ;-;
KurwaKarvaKorva 27 лис 2013 о 12:32 
Cant see textures for this map. Everything's blank. Any ideas what i have to download?
[TNT] Alvaro [ESP] 16 сер 2013 о 4:09 
this is only for singleplayer? :/
ϟϟ Scionti 29 лип 2013 о 23:48 
Needs the extra guns! fuck
Diezel 25 чер 2013 о 22:33 
This was my all time favorite map from Ro1 on UT2k4. Nice to see a remake
Yoerokiller 17 чер 2013 о 7:45 
brings back some good memories !
Here comes the boom! 2 бер 2013 о 14:05 
I miss the MG 42 and the Russian PPD 40, PPS 43, or the German MP 41, all good guns, but especially the Luger pistol.
Thiba =D 24 лют 2013 о 19:09 
thi´s map is realy good
xlolxkim 9 лют 2013 о 3:59 
thx great map;-)))))))
Wirta 17 січ 2013 о 14:11 
ah! finally a remake of this map! defiantely my favorite from older RO:s
FireRanger 5 січ 2013 о 14:49 
Really cool map!
Méga ToTor 4 січ 2013 о 10:24 
This map is very good!!It s my favourite map
XXX[BVA Темыч]XXX 1 січ 2013 о 22:06 
карта класс да жаль 1 раунд
=GG= Mr Moe 22 гру 2012 о 16:28 
Map hangs on the loading screen... several different servers.
Artaxeus 22 гру 2012 о 4:38 
Looks nice I'll rate can you put some more details on the map like junks and little bit of dead trees?
19 гру 2012 о 18:23 
only a detail but is it not suppose to be koitos 1944 instead of 1943?
Snake.hu 16 гру 2012 о 13:44 
Nekem se megy ez a map
Tassari 15 гру 2012 о 12:32 
same problem....
S.o.p.e.L. [SK] 4 гру 2012 о 5:33 
yeah i have problem too but only BOH maps. i downloaded maps on RO page and working great.
BlitzKrieg 2 гру 2012 о 14:54 
Yes, map does not load.
Praxius 30 лис 2012 о 3:23 
"nooo! map ut2004 Ro 3.3 very good map!"

Beat me to it... One of my fav maps, but it has been around longer than Ostfront ;)
[RGN] Dagfinnr 23 лис 2012 о 16:45 
all other custom maps from other authors that are in workshop and have been recooked since the last update work fine for me.
BOH-rekrut  [автор] 23 лис 2012 о 14:32 
and whats with all the other custom maps ?
[RGN] Dagfinnr 23 лис 2012 о 14:24 
please see notes i have left regarding ur other maps.
[RGN] Dagfinnr 23 лис 2012 о 14:20 
subbed and it crashes the game, sp or mp and i have no other koitos version installed. went and downloaded from forum, deleted roe file i subbed to and installed uncompressed roe from forum. works fine after all that. file size from forum = 56 mb the one here is 76mb. whats up with that? same problem with butovo. Although i greatly appreciate all the effort you developers make to produce these maps and look forward to many more, you need to start testing by subbing to them yourselves to see if they work or not in workshop. Any of us that use workshop/custom maps end up fiddle farting around at least an hour a day to play on our favorite game/custom map servers. i have unsubbed this until it is fixed.
. . 22 лис 2012 о 10:18 
Interesting, interesting ...
hippocampalKitten (j) 21 лис 2012 о 16:04 
Doesn't seem to work...I've tried redownloading and clearing my cache multiple times, but every time I try to join a server with this map running, I get stuck on the loading screen.
[PB] Lexa_Rostovsky 21 лис 2012 о 0:21 
nooo! map ut2004 Ro 3.3 very good map!
Extension7 20 лис 2012 о 14:13 
I missed this one, cheers!