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dusan.haluzik 20 mar, ore 1:58 
No function
Polkovnik Makarov 7 set 2014, ore 13:33 
no textures if subscribed here, cant download from links because "Invalid or Deleted File", so I cant play this map
^1Dafi 5 ago 2014, ore 15:03 
Great map
[Liga] Pre@dator 29 giu 2014, ore 2:43 
You do not plan to remake the Caucasus and Butovo card for the new version of the game?
Sooty 10 giu 2014, ore 4:32 
Doesn't load textures on startup. Let me know when you've fixed it.
iankgrogan 20 gen 2014, ore 14:00 
okay ive downloaded this map and two others...how do i instal them or get to play them? Yes im a noob to this just started PC gaming a month ago
*NsTu* RAGHAN 25 dic 2013, ore 16:43 
Map is awesome
Deathguide 22 dic 2013, ore 11:21 
awesome map
Mongonera 10 dic 2013, ore 5:53 
Very good open world, flanking the ennemie is great on this map, but the respawnd are not perfect
Kingkill_33 6 nov 2013, ore 14:51 
Really good map for snipers
ϟϟ Scionti 29 lug 2013, ore 23:41 
Love it
Anderson 10 lug 2013, ore 23:48 
That is right. It should be improved.
Crystal 28 giu 2013, ore 2:13 
Yes as for me it's not good balanced because Soviets can be easy spawncamped on that map.
Adenru 19 giu 2013, ore 10:27 
Why only 24 rifleman slots? It forces players to get oficer slots and causes a lot of problems on servers with more than 64 players.
Salcovem 28 apr 2013, ore 17:50 
[DPGX] tbirdbrent 18 apr 2013, ore 12:38 
pretty cool map
Anderson 13 apr 2013, ore 2:08 
Not the best map. It's ok, but the Germans seem to have an unfair advantage over the Allies, especially when it comes to having artillery while The Soviet Union doesn't.
MACKATTACK! 31 gen 2013, ore 14:55 
oh ok thx
BOH-rekrut  [autore] 31 gen 2013, ore 8:15 
@ b61mack your computer will download the map file from the server when u doesn't ve the map
MACKATTACK! 30 gen 2013, ore 13:44 
what is the server redirect? iam sort of a noob when it comes to this sort of stuff
BLACKSYMPHONY 30 gen 2013, ore 12:35 
Люблю большие открытые карты как эта,еще бы туда ввели бы технику .
BOH-rekrut  [autore] 29 gen 2013, ore 8:15 
its better to unsubscribe the current workshop file and using the download links in the description or the server redirect
MACKATTACK! 28 gen 2013, ore 17:46 
hello i downloaded this map the other day and went to play it yesterday and my game just keep loading and loading and loading it did this with another map to. someone please tell me what to do I would really appreciate it
[RGN] Hell Hund 28 gen 2013, ore 10:13 
fix the russian spawn plz as we spawn under the map after you die 1 time
1.BOH.PzD-renni 6 gen 2013, ore 3:36 
mal wieder ne sehr geile map rekrut..Ich spiele sie gerne
FireRanger 5 gen 2013, ore 14:48 
I hate this map =/
Deo Vindice™(SCV) 7 dic 2012, ore 19:19 
it just loads and loads never geting into the map
Mikeedude 26 nov 2012, ore 8:52 
The Ai still get stuck on the fence but this is a minor quibble as is mainly played with real players.
The only thing I don't like is the open russian spawn for the last objectives, this makes the last objectives a 'gimme' for the germans as they just mow you down as you spawn.
Dagfinnr 23 nov 2012, ore 14:23 
please see rest of the notes i left regarding ur other maps
Meirleach 23 nov 2012, ore 13:57 
Looping on load for me, no other map doing it, will try downloading from the tripwire forum later to see if it fixes it.
DELTAFORCE169 22 nov 2012, ore 11:03 
Love this map! nice urban combat.
Dagfinnr 21 nov 2012, ore 20:35 
subbed this but crashes game on map load sp or mp doesn't matter. went and downloaded from twi forum works fine. uncompressed roe file size here is 106XXXkb, from forum 92XXXkb. guessing therein lies my reason for crashing.
Pikachuuu 21 nov 2012, ore 15:27 
Nice map. It would be cool if more servers were runnning this map :)
Pte Maylam 21 nov 2012, ore 2:01 
DId the horrendous german ai Fence problems ever get fixed?
Moskeeto 20 nov 2012, ore 15:47 
Thanks for bringing it back!
Extension 20 nov 2012, ore 14:13 
Thanks for this!!!