Portal 2
Choose Your Destiny (Co-Op)
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Elenesski 27 mars 2016 à 20h11 
there were too many places where we did nothing wrong and cubes would die or we couldn't them them to move with some weird condition being set. It's possible because this is an old map that some change in Portal 2 made the level unuseable. :(
Crypt 10 août 2015 à 21h02 
also I liked it
Crypt 10 août 2015 à 21h02 
I want the music at the very end
DreamRJ  [créateur] 30 mai 2015 à 23h19 
@Spaceminnow - glad u liked it :) thanks for the comment :)
Spaceminnow 30 mai 2015 à 20h58 
We enjoyed this map. Thank you :)
ECUADOOOOOR! 2 avr. 2015 à 15h33 
Really good map. 9/10 :)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 20 févr. 2015 à 1h06 
@Megamesta - thanks for your comment :)
Megamesta 19 févr. 2015 à 13h50 
Honestly the most diverse community chamber I ever played. Enjoyed it all the way through, props to you man
p0rtalmaster 27 janv. 2015 à 1h55 
Another option: omit or fade out the music (it was kinda loud btw). Not every map needs it.
Overall though, nice job.
wildgoosespeeder 27 janv. 2015 à 1h52 
Played with p0rtalmaster. This one was much better than the other one I played of yours. The music though could use some variety like the other one. The laser fields at the very end didn't feel like they were all that necessary. Getting the portal guns were fun. Not the best coop, but good enough to get a "like" out of me at least.
Duck_In_Slippers 2 oct. 2014 à 6h21 
10 PONIES OF 10!!!
Ёбнутая Мегумин 2 oct. 2014 à 6h20 
emilywafflesyay 19 sept. 2014 à 21h57 
Hands down, one of the best maps I have EVER PLAYED. Thanks for making something to awesome!!!!
506172616469736572 8 août 2014 à 8h23 
what a map
maximmax42 (rus) 28 juil. 2014 à 11h01 
perfect. just perfect. 11/10
[ExR]-IAMV0LDY 25 janv. 2014 à 14h32 
Nice chamber but the 3 cubes cage was bugged as hell, cube keep gettin stuck there.
DreamRJ  [créateur] 9 juin 2013 à 9h11 
After talking to Pacman 47 on steam - i explained that it is his computer or connection problems for the bugs he was having, the map is working fine it is nothing to do with my map

was just posting this message as an update :)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 9 juin 2013 à 2h55 
your added to my friends list now, so will speak to you p-man when your online
put the gun in your mouth 8 juin 2013 à 17h35 
Still, like the "+remote_view" command sometimes it's buggy and the other player sinks into the ground and back up repeatly that's what the elevator's like. So what the hell is happening with that stuff? (Note: it only happens when lots of stuff is going on such as, sparks, panels, buttons, too many walls, gel etc.)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 8 juin 2013 à 16h09 
I can assure you the speed is not at 600 lol - do you even know what your talking about lol

if the speed of the elevator was at 600 it would be soo fast u would be at the bottom within a few seconds maybe 1 second.

i added you to the friends list so i can try and find out what you mean.
put the gun in your mouth 8 juin 2013 à 15h33 
Was that elevator easy? Cause that thing is buggy as HELL. I went into console and the elevator speed was at 600 Hammer units per SECOND. Maybe about 3-400 might be better?
.:JdabaD101:. 13 avr. 2013 à 3h28 
to download, just press the subscribe button
Water Malone 6 avr. 2013 à 7h38 
how do i download it
DreamRJ  [créateur] 2 févr. 2013 à 12h45 
1015 Ratings

Thanks all for the ratings

A new map will be coming soon, so keep pressing follow in my workshop so you dont miss it

Have fun all

DreamRJ  [créateur] 20 janv. 2013 à 5h31 
Thanks, i am glad it is in your top 5, would have been better if it was your number 1 though hehe..

Also just wanted to say i am working on another map i started a while ago. i have been too busy to release it, but i will probly be releasing it within the next week or soo..

have fun all

D3M!5 19 janv. 2013 à 19h07 
Very, very well done. You made it to my top five coop. Thanks and following :)
ItsPhezz 30 déc. 2012 à 18h34 
how do you launch these maps
DreamRJ  [créateur] 12 déc. 2012 à 0h18 
thanks a lot, glad you liked my map :)
MarkTheRoman 11 déc. 2012 à 20h28 
Hey everyone! I recorded my friend and I playing this map, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Check out Part 1 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcjUwKxXw9o&feature=g-high-u
(We are uploading one part each day, having 5 parts total)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 5 déc. 2012 à 6h09 
Just added the 4 videos of KennKong and his brother playing my map

Thanks again KennKong :)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 30 nov. 2012 à 16h05 
Lol Torados......

You press the subscribe button below the map preveiw images at the top, then just load portal 2 up and goto play community test chambers and coop chamers
then the maps u subscribed to appear there and u click it to play it then select to invite your friend :)

Onkel Tora 30 nov. 2012 à 10h59 
Where the hell i can download this map ? i don`t see any fu**ing download button !
DreamRJ  [créateur] 30 nov. 2012 à 6h20 
Thanks Kennkong, glad you enjoyed it :)
DreamRJ  [créateur] 29 nov. 2012 à 19h53 
just do a search in google, you find all the information on the internet
In·ev·i·ta·ble 29 nov. 2012 à 11h10 
okay i found it what do you do next?
KennKong 29 nov. 2012 à 10h59 
Awesome map. Here's my blind playthrough with Redunzl. It is broken into parts for each room we played, but it's over an hour in total.
DreamRJ  [créateur] 28 nov. 2012 à 22h00 
you mean maps using hammer editor, you use a program called p2map_publish.exe

it is inside the portal 2 bin folder..
In·ev·i·ta·ble 28 nov. 2012 à 19h13 
How do you upload your games you created for people to play?
DreamRJ  [créateur] 28 nov. 2012 à 17h43 
sorry to hear that greeny, but my map works fine, so it must be an issue with your computer

try validating your files and try again
nadrooJ 28 nov. 2012 à 17h04 
can't even play because when the chamber loads up, it fades entirely to black, leaving me unable to see butu my partner can.
DreamRJ  [créateur] 25 nov. 2012 à 9h23 
Personally i dont think there is nothing wrong with the siren, and i am not sorry that it annoyed u, it is part of my map, so there we go enough said hahaha

thanks for the comments everyone.........

and please please make a playthrough video and put it on youtube please so i can watch you play my map

thanks again

Hyper 25 nov. 2012 à 3h19 
Fuck that stupid siren in the beginning
DreamRJ  [créateur] 24 nov. 2012 à 7h30 
if anyone can do a playthough video i would greatly appreciate it

post the link here if you do

DreamRJ  [créateur] 24 nov. 2012 à 7h18 
wow, thanks everyone
Lazorcat 24 nov. 2012 à 0h51 
This map was amazing! It was very challenging and very fun! Me and my friend had alot of fun figuring out the puzzles! The only part I didn't like was the very last part where you had to get a lucky shot while falling. Overall it was a great map and I had a great time playing it! I give it a 8.5/10 and my co-op partner (who's name is also RJ) gave it a 9.5/10. If it weren't for the stupid part at the end which wasn't even a puzzle I would agree with him. Keep up the good work.
jasonkym 23 nov. 2012 à 19h40 
just well done ... good
DreamRJ  [créateur] 23 nov. 2012 à 19h15 
casey or some shit i dont know 23 nov. 2012 à 19h15 
Just finished it with my friend. Well done.