More Interactive Items [Dawnguard]
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saunders.bryan 2014年7月26日上午6:54 
this sounds cool...I hope you add alot more cool stuff to the list...if so than I'll subscribe to it,but It's a great idea.....peace
saunders.bryan 2014年6月29日下午1:34 
please more pics on the items that are interactive....ty
Lucilite 2014年5月10日下午5:46 
Any news on a Dragonborn version? It's been over a year since the last comment...
MiraakTheSecond 2013年4月16日下午7:53 
JustinOther  [作者] 2013年4月16日上午5:21 
Don't yet have DB and have been really busy keeping afloat. Will get DB soon and make a supplement, however.
MiraakTheSecond 2013年4月12日下午5:35 
what about dragonborn *static*
pcgirl 2013年2月11日下午5:58 
Thanks Justin
JustinOther  [作者] 2013年2月11日下午4:20 
Dragonborn supplement pending...
pcgirl 2013年2月11日上午7:01 
Sorry, ignore my comment, I just found the one for Hearthfire. Answered my own dumb question (HAHA)
pcgirl 2013年2月11日上午7:00 
Justin, I wondered if you would be doing the other 2 DLC's as well?
pcgirl 2012年12月22日下午3:29 
Thanks Justin for the info
JustinOther  [作者] 2012年12月22日上午4:16 
pcgirl: It's just another NMM false alarm. It is a false flag ESP and intentionally so (there's nothing amiss) that it can have an ONAM list which helps when many cell children are overridden. Other mods of mine also invoke BS NMM warnings, so I'd ignore anything NMM throws a fit over at this point. Do yourself a favor and use Wrye Smash as it's a far better utility.
pcgirl 2012年12月20日上午9:49 
FYI - Getting a warning message that the file is an ESM but plugin extension is ESP. It is loading the mod as ESM in the NMM. Which is it suppose to be?
Intelliraptor 2012年11月24日上午9:40 
Hey, just found this and the vanilla version etc. Always wanted something like this, thanks. +thumbs and faves on all of them!
JustinOther  [作者] 2012年11月20日下午12:23 
I'd actually meant to do this shortly after uploading these to the Nexus, but passed out and forgot to do it. Enjoy :)
ronr42 2012年11月20日上午11:13 
lol, your quick! I just posted this morning on you nexus page, asking if you would be adding Hearthfire and Dawnguard support on Steam.