Dit spel is nu beschikbaar op Steam!

Bedankt voor je hulp bij het selecteren van dit spel voor distributie via Steam. Meer informatie, waaronder een link naar de Steam-winkelpagina, kan hier onder gevonden worden.

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1,824 opmerkingen
Artazas 15 jun om 11:31vm 
Buenisimo :D
fede_tate157 3 mrt om 11:31nm 
[>--] sieN 11 feb om 2:38vm 
It looks good :)
Dmitry Odd 30 nov 2014 om 5:39nm 
Nice game!
God-Satan 6 nov 2014 om 6:25vm 
ждем 4 эпизод, go 4 chapter
foxyfifty 1 mrt 2014 om 9:35vm 
I also am looking forward to the next Chapter!!
[☥] Blacktimes 15 feb 2014 om 5:20vm 
Exit 5 feb 2014 om 11:25vm 
from argentina guys ;)
Black Panthera 29 jan 2014 om 3:35vm 
Когда будет продолжение?
NoiseCosck=jhdfgwwdq 5 jan 2014 om 5:06vm 
Давольно неалохой хоррор, жду продолжения
NekoTigi 1 jan 2014 om 10:49nm 
I can't WAIT for the next chapters! This was such a fun game to play!
Zebacus 9 nov 2013 om 10:44vm 
This game has very good atmosphere, really like it can't wait for chapter 3 & 4:)

Also did a video on it Here
Toddy Con Leche 18 okt 2013 om 7:14nm 
WOW un juego de terror argentino me lo compro
Recu ツ 12 okt 2013 om 5:20nm 
it's look interesting
TakeMyShit 8 okt 2013 om 1:45vm 
nice game
Pain 7 okt 2013 om 7:03vm 
good game
Ederer 26 sep 2013 om 5:22vm 
video is very scary, but as the game?
Фидерат Днария 25 sep 2013 om 3:45vm 
Scary stuff!
DuMaC51 24 sep 2013 om 2:51nm 
Clan Wolf 20 sep 2013 om 10:29vm 
The voice actor in this is actaully SAM A MOWRY, who did the voice acting for Alexander in Amensia: Dark Descent. Pretty cool. will buy this now.
AbandonEskimoSocialistDog 20 sep 2013 om 9:01vm 
today is the release \o/
TheRAMPAGE 19 sep 2013 om 5:06nm 
If i buy this game on desura will i get a steam key or be able to play it on steam also. Its the 20th of Sept in Aus and its still not up so lol
Saibot Studios  [auteur] 17 sep 2013 om 10:24nm 
Hi people! Thank you all for the comments!
@MALUTA SKYRATOV, right now there will be an english and a spanish version for both: texts and voices.
@The Houlihan, sure! Do it ;)
Take care!
¡Gracias por los comentarios, gente! :)
Martin Hart (True Detective) 15 sep 2013 om 5:26nm 
Con solamente ver que es un juego de Argentina. *.* LO AMO *.*
Mageoftheyear 15 sep 2013 om 6:03vm 
Congrats Sailbot! Markiplier sent me here :)
The Houlihan 14 sep 2013 om 9:23vm 
Would you guys mind it if I made a "lets play" of this game? I'm not really that big, but the few douzen people who watch would definitely love it :D
FoxMMulder 14 sep 2013 om 8:06vm 
Can't barely wait. Day 1 for sure! Congratulations, you guys!
(S.O.B.R) MALUTA SKYRATOV 14 sep 2013 om 2:17vm 
Russian subtitles be in this game?
Saibot Studios  [auteur] 14 sep 2013 om 2:13vm 
Thank you all for the comments!
We're now officially set for September 20 ;)
Take care!
¡Gracias a todos por los comentarios!
Ya estamos confirmados para el 20 de septiembre ;)
James 11 sep 2013 om 1:20nm 
I'm looking forward to being frightened beyond compare.
Dr. Ron Paul 6 sep 2013 om 4:17nm 
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It's just scary
CHIN CHIN 6 sep 2013 om 12:32vm 
i would buy this
Idilyon 4 sep 2013 om 8:19nm 
It's the same guy who voiced Alexander in Amnesia the Dark Descent.
King 2 sep 2013 om 7:46nm 
Genial ! Un juego argentino en Steam :)

Se ve que esta asombroso, no puedo esperar a que salga ya

Saludos al equipo de Saibot Studios
Invader39 1 sep 2013 om 10:36vm 
Can't wait till this comes out.
Sseiyaga 31 aug 2013 om 8:12vm 
This game is so great!! I've played on Desura, but I like Steam best.
Pikachu062 31 aug 2013 om 1:23vm 
Когда выдет в steam?
Desh 30 aug 2013 om 4:39nm 
I'm here thanks to pewdipie
Carnwulf 30 aug 2013 om 12:05vm 
Just from watching the trailer i am scared to Death. No Game for me...
Rattlehead15 29 aug 2013 om 5:31nm 
Felicidades saibot haber sido elegidos :D Unos genios estos argentinos, me lo voy a comprar apenas salga la version completa. los quiero
LittleCookie 29 aug 2013 om 7:00vm 
Looks good to me....I'll wait for the full game to come out.
Ather0x 28 aug 2013 om 5:50nm 
Felicidades, suerte con Doorways, así como en todos sus futuros proyectos.
No me hagas el Silencer 28 aug 2013 om 4:12nm 
No entiendo mucho de esto de greenlight, pero me gustaría saber que tal va la cosa con vuestro juego. Le tengo bastantes ganas. :DDDD
ariba 28 aug 2013 om 12:49nm 
This looks terrifying.

I've got to play this.
Ed_Marin 28 aug 2013 om 12:34nm 
Amazing news. Congratulations guys, this is just amazing, but not a surprise. Why? Because it's a great game, so i was sure it was going to be Greenlit. :)


Saludos, y muchas felicidades.

A mi me ha encantado el juego y lo he reseñado, los invito a leer la reseña:
monoculo_jim 28 aug 2013 om 11:56vm 
this honestly looks better than Amnesia 2 and Outlast.
Saibot Studios  [auteur] 28 aug 2013 om 11:31vm 
Thank you guys for all the support!
Take care!
¡Gracias por todo, gente!
alesotelo 28 aug 2013 om 11:08vm 
vamoos locoo, ya preordene el capitulo 1-2, ojala esten pronto en steam!!!
bl33ding_silence 28 aug 2013 om 11:00vm 
Congrats! Please don't forget about your promise to support Linux!