Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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redthunder611 3 ก.ค. @ 2:52pm 
ahhhhhh finally! I don't have to deal with those stupid rocks anymore.
Lordz of destruction 1 ก.ค. @ 4:09pm 
very good
Redjaal "Rojo" Stirling 30 มิ.ย. @ 6:59am 
I honestly think this mod breaks the nature of the quest; the point is too search for them all over the map without any kind of clue. However, i'ts a matter of choice and i'ts really helpful if you already wasted too much time.
CewtKitty :3 27 มิ.ย. @ 4:01pm 
Ah, didn't know :P. Thanks for the answer.
Murumir 27 มิ.ย. @ 2:47am 
This mod is a life saver!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [ผู้สร้าง] 26 มิ.ย. @ 7:24pm 
@CewtKitty: That already exists, though not made by me.
Caitlyn Jenner 26 มิ.ย. @ 2:59pm 
CewtKitty :3 26 มิ.ย. @ 1:30am 
Really helpful and I agree with the text 'bout search and collect quests. Would be really happy if you could make a mod to find those Crimson Nirnroot during the quest "A Return To Your Roots".
Thanks for reading.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [ผู้สร้าง] 25 มิ.ย. @ 2:47pm 
Check whether it's present in the Skyrim/Data install folder (in your steam library folder).
It should be an *.esp file.
Der Guibert 25 มิ.ย. @ 7:44am 
Well, i subscribed, downloaded on steam, but when i open launcher i can't find this mod in "Data Files". Actually i have this problem with all mods. Can you advise something to me?
JlaB 22 มิ.ย. @ 12:38pm 
как включить?
JlaB 22 มิ.ย. @ 10:30am 
Thssig95 21 มิ.ย. @ 9:50pm 
amandalin316 21 มิ.ย. @ 3:32pm 
good mod
Tanzo 21 มิ.ย. @ 12:45am 
Thanks for the help ! :D
Apollo137 20 มิ.ย. @ 6:29pm 
Thanks fro this great mod
Brony Guy 19 มิ.ย. @ 6:06pm 
CJ 18 มิ.ย. @ 9:58am 
thanks for the help
Fernandinho 18 มิ.ย. @ 5:27am 
This looks great thanks
Besters 17 มิ.ย. @ 10:59am 
great mod
Em 16 มิ.ย. @ 12:49am 
Ultra helpful! Great mod
Mista_Cl33n 15 มิ.ย. @ 9:18am 
casarex_1 15 มิ.ย. @ 3:06am 
Great mod
amandalin316 14 มิ.ย. @ 6:57am 
Great mod. Thanks
HÓRUS 13 มิ.ย. @ 5:13pm 
muito bom !!!
68gt 11 มิ.ย. @ 11:10pm 
Found out one unmarked stone (whether a glitch due to other installed mods or just this one) is in Pinewatch.
speedymg 11 มิ.ย. @ 4:26pm 
I love you
#REKT 6 มิ.ย. @ 6:28am 
super helpful,
Bjorin02 31 พ.ค. @ 3:51am 
ZBarbarian 30 พ.ค. @ 9:26pm 
very helpful, thank you.
mauro_rubens_2000 30 พ.ค. @ 3:21pm 
I've been playing this game since its release from PC to XBox 360 but I've never completed this quest... but maybe, maybe now I'll be able to complete it. Thanks.
FatihClubRocker 30 พ.ค. @ 2:38pm 
Thanks for mod bro!!
Piepaws 30 พ.ค. @ 2:07am 
Awesome mod! Finding the stones before this was impossible without googling. I really needed this. Thank you!
Mrp00chi 28 พ.ค. @ 2:05am 
Soooooooooo helpful!
WolfSpirit80 26 พ.ค. @ 7:06pm 
for some reason I cant get the quest markers to show on the map
Passive-Aggressive Land Whale 25 พ.ค. @ 9:12am 
Morsljvddeu 25 พ.ค. @ 1:45am 
Thank you
anyash 24 พ.ค. @ 9:56am 
Bless you for this mod. Quest markers can be a bit overwhelming with 23 of them on the map at once, but so much better than none at all! Don't know what the game dev were thinking with this one. Thank you!
jBaNG_ 23 พ.ค. @ 10:19am 
хороший мод
Дима Борщ 18 พ.ค. @ 1:07am 
самый полезный мод !
// Master Pet Dashie 17 พ.ค. @ 9:13pm 
I installed this and it changed all the text for the quest and markers to weird accented characters and I don't know why
lunarie 16 พ.ค. @ 9:30am 
merci :)
maral04 13 พ.ค. @ 6:05am 
No longer subscripted cause I've already completed, very simple and useful!
AJ_NL 12 พ.ค. @ 7:34am 
Thank you!
Juneau 11 พ.ค. @ 9:47am 
Hugely helpful. Thanks!
miterudake 11 พ.ค. @ 3:06am 
ありがとう nice
caberot 8 พ.ค. @ 7:09am 
This is awesome.
ENGINEER ALF 7 พ.ค. @ 8:42pm 
I hope this just gives you the locations, but it doesn't tell you how to get them if the dungeon is quest locked.
thelogicalghost 5 พ.ค. @ 3:13pm 
takeru360 5 พ.ค. @ 6:19am 
Very noice