Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 19 小时以前 
It should be in that tunnel that you use to exit the embassy, and accessible from outside
sickmonkey3 21 小时以前 
If you forget to get the gem at the thalmor embassy, is it possible to get it again or am i just shit out of luck?
Doctor_Nappa 1月29日下午6:32 
Awesome mod, just finished my quest. thank you!
火渡凱 1月28日上午5:11 
thx, it's helpful
the1monkyking 1月27日上午11:35 
brycesmom4jc 1月26日下午2:01 
Nice Thanks!
†Ray Frost† 1月26日上午5:21 
Walter White - Heisenberg 1月26日上午4:20 
Really helpful!
craniumg 1月25日上午6:23 
excellent mod.. thank you.
i doubt i would have found the remaining (two) stones by myself.
jipin ZJ 1月25日上午5:50 
let me have a tryO(∩_∩)O~~~
dealemma 1月23日上午7:19 
ollie_098 1月22日下午3:35 
So helpful saved me a tun of time. thanks
(Serios) Lemur 1月21日上午12:30 
........|.......... 10/10 ..........|||"|""\__
eric_holmes 1月20日下午12:37 
Very useful indeed! Many thanks
Спинной Мозг 1月19日上午4:51 
very nice mod
thank you bro
MattusTheGreat 1月18日下午3:16 
I've only ever found two. And I only remember where I've found one of them. Thank you for this mod.
boshanky 1月17日下午5:01 
This mod makes me love you.
½ 生命 1月15日上午8:22 
Thank you very much. This Mod is very useful and works perfecttly.
My Epic System 1月13日下午12:32 
now THIS is what i got the game for!
Little_Gangster 1月13日上午8:23 
lei198729 1月12日上午2:59 
[NG] Кличко 1月11日上午3:46 
Nice mod!
sacredcat78 1月5日上午4:22 
thank you so much
Varazak 1月4日上午4:13 
Best mod ever... Ok, maybe not, but realy helpful. Thanks :D
nidhoggr 1月3日下午1:11 
Good mod for a too long quest
Sinay 1月2日上午5:35 
I feel your pain. And thanks)
Uxel 1月2日上午3:43 
Nice mod, which maked it very easy to find the stones. Worked without any problems. thx
aquir88 1月1日下午11:13 
ty :-)
ziseleit 1月1日上午11:02 
absolutly helpful , necessery
M. Bero [PL] 2014年12月31日上午8:33 
Very helpful mod
Kal Ian 2014年12月31日上午4:10 
Very helpful.
yummykits 2014年12月31日上午4:03 
Very useful!
Your Subconscience 2014年12月30日下午7:04 

This makes my life sooooo much easier.
robertolinck 2014年12月30日下午2:20 
Muito útil
SoFiEdOo 2014年12月30日上午10:29 
Very very very helpful FINALLY got rid of all those heavy stones from my inventory. THANK YOU
Nucleon 2014年12月30日上午9:03 
love it
Call me Joca 2014年12月30日上午6:47 
thanks i really had no clue where to look and i played oblivion and i spent alot of time looking for the nirnroot and i did find them all but it took alot
Maverick [CZ] 2014年12月30日上午3:27 
thanks its perfect
«Toxicator» 2014年12月29日下午3:15 
THX works great!
Hexidian 2014年12月29日下午1:05 
before the quest would take forever, and I never got to complete it.
Hexidian 2014年12月29日下午1:04 
yElite 2014年12月29日上午8:04 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 2014年12月28日下午3:48 
Sounds like you had a much more serious problem than just this mod
SazeFurryBankai 2014年12月28日下午2:14 
it started working but as I kept getting more and more it crashed, and it forced restart, and repeated the crashing and restart steps over and over, not on skyrim but the computer, stopped until I uninstalled and reinstalled.
Skyrim Guard 2014年12月28日上午7:43 
The one at thalmor embassy is acctually in a cave outside the embassy. You can get there both in a quest and outside of a quest as far as I know.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 2014年12月27日下午8:16 
Не. идите вот сюда и ищите RUS версию:
Goust™ 2014年12月27日下午7:16 
Так я не понял в этом моде есть русский язык ?
gabjonghan 2014年12月27日下午6:39 
It really helps to complete quest
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 2014年12月27日下午5:59 
@Caboose: Need to do more of the Main Quest
Caboose 2014年12月27日下午4:38 
hey uh, there is one at the thalmor emmbassy and it says i need a key, and i can't get in, help?