Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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In the Name of the Fuck 11 小时以前 
I've subscribed 14 hours ago that there is a bug one of the stones is not marked. I found what the hell is gone wrong (I guess). I've not join to the darkbrotherhood yet and one of the stones is in their sanct. and if you haven't join them you cant enter their sanct. so you can't take the gem. thank you so much for this mod it's really worthly
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 13 小时以前 
@In the Name of the Fuck: Have you checked the Dark Brotherhood?
Daedalus 13 小时以前 
@In the Name of the Fuck

Just so you know one of the stones you must pick up prior to leaving an area during a quest or it is lost forever keeping you from completing the quest. That might have happened or you haven't unlocked the area via the quest yet.
Danny Boy 15 小时以前 
Works as advertised! No need to alt-tab to a website to find them anymore.
H_Worth 18 小时以前 
very good mod... worked great
In the Name of the Fuck 9月15日上午3:20 
I had a bug that only marks on 23 stones and the last one is still missing even I've collected 23 pieces.I'll reinstall this mod and hope to work
Famix the Wizard 9月13日下午10:55 
I hope this works. I am thinking of doing the guild on my new playthrough, and being that on my xbox guild playthrough, I still haven't found them, this will be useful
Diego_Scalioni 9月13日下午10:10 
Very nice. Thank you!
GuinEknight 9月13日下午8:37 
thank u so much. I have never found all of them because there is like one or 2 i miss and looking them up does not help because the freaken location is not on the map cause i have not been there! so now it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier.
Makeshift ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°) 9月13日下午1:07 
Very nice i remember busting my balls on consol trying to find all of them o3o
Another Neko 9月13日上午11:15 
I love you. Really... I love you and thank you for this mod.
Coldstar001 9月12日下午4:46 
peter weeter this is a good mod
flavioczuk 9月11日上午8:25 
Nice side quest =)
not rsvl_trooper 9月10日下午8:40 
I love you
Wario666oiraW 9月10日上午12:44 
pretty useful! thx
Teox 9月9日下午12:30 
Lefty 9月8日上午7:12 
I like it. Wouldn't recommend it for you first game, better to wander around IMO.
Feigr Laufsblad 9月7日下午4:25 
I like it.
Novalskie 9月6日下午6:45 
keksst 9月5日上午12:08 
joestacey 9月4日下午7:32 
Thank you so much for the mod. Very helpful.
Miau-Rawr! 9月4日上午10:52 
Thanks for this! Much more neat than having to go through websites full of walkthroughs. :D
Yahrel 9月3日上午9:56 
Very helpful mod. Thanks
Chubs 9月3日上午2:54 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 9月2日下午3:50 
@lakme: It should download when you open the launcher.
Kaelan, The Titan God of Doom 9月2日上午8:01 
LikeFaveSub i Trully Needed this man, Thanks.
lakme 9月2日上午4:02 
hi! ehm... how do i download it after subscription? i don't remember. Thank you for the mod, by the way.
rambrose 9月2日上午2:42 
good mod
SirRoland24 9月1日下午12:28 
nice mod
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 8月31日下午3:18 
The mod can be installed at any time.
Try moving it to the bottom of your load order.
DarkAngel12893 8月30日下午7:07 
is there a way for me to get the quest markers to work when you already have the quest?
Gerrie van boven 8月30日上午9:10 
The Mighty Jagrafess 8月29日下午3:22 
I personally love the fact that there aren't quest markers. I love the excitment of finding one unexpectedly. I've never gone looking for the stones, I just find them around Skyrim and it's fun to see one sitting on a nightstand when I'm clearing a camp or something.
Not HipsterPie 8月26日上午11:40 
Absolutely loved it. I found all of them now and I am really happy with the result. Quite a disappointing reward for so much effort but well, this mawd made it all easier.
MaRc ' o PoLo 8月26日上午10:29 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 8月26日上午1:03 
Huh. That's really strange. Literally nobody has ever reported anything like that before. Perhaps the file got corrupted somehow?
Doctor "DJ" Jones 8月25日下午4:59 
@Turn_on_a_Dime: this is the only mod i have downloaded on skyrim, i went into the datafiles list and turned it off and my game worked perfectly fine afterwards.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 8月25日下午3:16 
@Doctor "DJ" Jones: It's unlikely that this particular mod would stop your game from loading, I would look elsewhere for the problem.
Doctor "DJ" Jones 8月24日下午5:04 
week after i downloaded this my game wont load :(
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 8月24日下午3:33 
Just wait till the Prowler's Profit power takes effect.'s_Profit
Nee-Dan-tella 8月24日上午12:14 
I handed them in...and I got a piece of paper.
I handed them in...NEAR DEATH...AND GOT A PIECE OF PAPER...
Rubytic 8月23日上午11:43 
It was very helpful thanks
shadow_jigg 8月21日下午9:42 
oh thanks i checked it out and yeah it was another mod but i rather find them because i want to see where they all hide thanks
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 8月20日下午4:33 
Craft them? That sounds like you had another mod installed, which quite naturally conflicts with this one.
shadow_jigg 8月19日下午11:55 
i was able to craft these but it went away what happend
DragonsBlood 11:11 8月18日下午11:35 
Sure beats writting down locations on a piece of paper!
a.mitrikas 8月17日上午8:40 
Thanks, that was a huge help. 10/10
skipskipowski 8月17日上午2:11 
Well worth getting. Made the quest a whole lot easier.
terrycanter75 8月16日上午6:35 
I love this mod, thank you for your time in doing this mod........
Wish now that there was a mod for all the trinkets that you give to Delvin that appears behind the desk in the Cistern.
Emperor pussy pounder 8月16日上午3:46 
I think games have these kind of collectibles, so people'll start buying more strategy guides.