Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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WolfSpirit80 6 小时以前 
for some reason I cant get the quest markers to show on the map
Passive-Aggressive Land Whale 5月25日上午9:12 
Morsljvddeu 5月25日上午1:45 
Thank you
anyash 5月24日上午9:56 
Bless you for this mod. Quest markers can be a bit overwhelming with 23 of them on the map at once, but so much better than none at all! Don't know what the game dev were thinking with this one. Thank you!
jBaNG_ 5月23日上午10:19 
хороший мод
Дима Борщ 5月18日上午1:07 
самый полезный мод !
// Master Pet Dashie 5月17日下午9:13 
I installed this and it changed all the text for the quest and markers to weird accented characters and I don't know why
lunarie 5月16日上午9:30 
merci :)
maral04 5月13日上午6:05 
No longer subscripted cause I've already completed, very simple and useful!
AJ_NL 5月12日上午7:34 
Thank you!
GotCooKies? Juneau 5月11日上午9:47 
Hugely helpful. Thanks!
miterudake 5月11日上午3:06 
ありがとう nice
caberot 5月8日上午7:09 
This is awesome.
ENGINEER ALF 5月7日下午8:42 
I hope this just gives you the locations, but it doesn't tell you how to get them if the dungeon is quest locked.
thelogicalghost 5月5日下午3:13 
takeru360 5月5日上午6:19 
Very noice
RazorX 5月2日下午4:41 
simple but very cool mod :)
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 5月2日下午3:11 
Click subscribe, and the mod should download immediately, or when you open the launcher.
ndybandstra 5月2日下午1:58 
how to use it?
Chiricahua 5月1日下午5:13 
I played over 600 hours on the PS3 and now I'm looking foward to playing Skyrim again on PC with mods. This will be really awesome to have quest markers for the stones and for the priest masks. I'm a completionist as others are and this just makes it easier. Thanks!!!!
Suebs 4月29日下午5:38 
Just perfect
Zenophilious 4月28日下午8:59 
Just wanted to thank you for the mod, man. I originally downloaded it throught the Workshop, but after that whole debacle I'm ditching Workshop for the Nexus, so I'm getting it through there. Thanks for making 100%ing the game a lot less annoying!
Your Buddy, Spuddy 4月27日下午6:34 
This od makes a complesionist's life in Skyrim better. Good job!
Ecsopus 4月27日上午8:41 
thank you very much for not forcing your beatiful subs to pay-to-get... Appreciate it
Hidden24 4月26日上午12:10 
it blocked my Thieves Guild quests
Axel 4月25日下午1:22 
thank you for the directions to the shinys

also do you know the truth behind that crown?
PRIMALUS 4月25日上午11:24 
Very useful.
Pootis Spencer 4月25日上午8:43 
Turn on a dime, your the BEST! please send me friend request. I am looking for other intelectual gamers.
Maharba 4月23日下午11:41 
Thank you for the always free mods! This mod is awesome btw
Alkpaz 4月23日下午3:50 
So when will Nexus start charging for mods? I already paid for premium on there, guess I should start downloading them all right now, all mods so I can sell them later. :D
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 4月23日下午3:20 
My mods will always remain free
Nomad_One 4月23日下午3:06 
I used this mod in the past. I uninstalled it. Now, with Steam's new policy on charging for mods. I'm going back to all the old mods I'd subscribed to and resubscribing; download as much free mods as I still can before a pay wall is put on each one.
Sigma747 4月19日上午9:51 
finally i can find them all!
Zeenus 4月16日下午12:49 
Super helpful
alexander 4月11日下午6:31 
Work fine, nice mod. Gratz!!!
Jean Stéphane 4月11日上午11:01 
Great mod. I like it very much. Thanks :-))
SweptThrone 4月6日下午12:43 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 4月5日下午9:46 
SweptThrone 4月5日上午10:36 
So will this work if I've already found like 5 of them and then I install it?
Kacula 4月5日上午12:43 
#HOP# Loetikk 4月3日上午6:28 
valtar 4月1日下午12:55 
Fantastic and helpful MOD.
I would never have found all the stones without this MOD.
I only missing 4 and had to go back to places already explored to find them.
Some stones are not waiting on a table or shelf for collection.
Thank you very much. Good job.
Nairamath 3月31日下午10:11 
Done. :) Thanks!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作者] 3月31日下午10:09 
Try moving it to the bottom of your load order?
Nairamath 3月31日下午10:03 
this mod does not work for me. I have 3 Skyrim DLCs (Dawnguard, Heartfire, Dragonborn). I hate seeing this mission incomplete (Along with the Dark Brotherhood Forever mission which is just the same mission over and over).
Aleks3204 3月31日下午2:00 
Orgasmic Snakz 3月30日下午3:23 
thank you for this wonderful thing i hold next to the gods
Khaz 3月29日下午7:19 
I hate that quest so much, finally found hte missing one thanks to it
Staadsy 3月26日下午10:35 
Helpful doesn't begin to describe
Gold 3月26日上午11:03