Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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Party Demo :3 6 ore în urmă 
on the xbox i found them all after 3 real days of searching
Spy-Ro The Dragon 14 ore în urmă 
Found 17 of 24 and I never played skyrim on one save-file for more than 10 hours, most time I only had one or max 2. Since I started playing it serious I am level 71 now but still only found 17. Gonna use this mod now because I realy want to know what I get for all of them.
Kirito 22 ore în urmă 
oh ok, i havn't started the quest yet. sorry to bother u, but thanks.
Capitane 28 iul. @ 3:39am 
@Kirito: have you started mission "No stone unturned"? only then they will be showing on the map.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 28 iul. @ 1:26am 
@Kirito: Have you talked to Vex? Have you tried moving the mod to the bottom of your load order?
Kirito 27 iul. @ 6:10pm 
So far it doesn't show a marker on top of the stones.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 27 iul. @ 5:19pm 
@Capitane: Are you sure you *don't* still have it? There's not really anywhere for Russian text to come from.

@bogdan_2009: Have you tried moving the mod to the bottom of your load order?
bogdan_2009 27 iul. @ 3:53am 
Doesnt work
Capitane 27 iul. @ 1:48am 
i mean, i had russian version of this before but my game thinks i still have it. what should i do?
Capitane 27 iul. @ 1:47am 
well, this is very useful cuz i think people don't like to look for all the stones of barenziah without help, and this is very helpful. but i have 1 broblem; when i start this quest, it is being translated in strange ways.
jack 26 iul. @ 4:14am 
Tirakazu 25 iul. @ 4:45am 
@Turn_on_a_Dime: I was about to, have to join it first though.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 25 iul. @ 4:11am 
@Tirakazu: Have you checked the Dark Brotherhood?
{pDs} Nared 24 iul. @ 8:39pm 
This is amazingly useful! Thank you so much!
The Doctor 24 iul. @ 8:01pm 
Tirakazu 24 iul. @ 12:05pm 
I am missing one, it won't show up, what's up with that?
diepie241 20 iul. @ 8:53am 
what ere we getting after delivering these to vex
哥哥来教你如何做人 19 iul. @ 8:28pm 
thank you!
[BS™] Krivi 17 iul. @ 8:16am 
xD thx dude
Apec 16 iul. @ 4:19am 
CactusBearPig 16 iul. @ 3:24am 
I think everyone understands why this is the highest rated mod XD SUPER USEFUL
muriness 16 iul. @ 1:46am 
Filipe_ 15 iul. @ 6:47pm 
I really need this, thank you!
Santara 14 iul. @ 2:46pm 
So, the only quest in Skyrim that would involve actually trying to find something without following a compass arrow, and you fucking remove it?
Holy shit.
oatmealbatman 13 iul. @ 9:12pm 
This is great, thank you!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 12 iul. @ 7:48pm 
I believe the achievements still work
Fat Caucasian 12 iul. @ 6:08pm 
Extremely useful, love it.
Does this mode affect obtaining the achievements or not?
Hutant (shmulikipod) 11 iul. @ 2:19am 
how the hell its the most poplur mod on the workshop ?
bbiars 10 iul. @ 6:54pm 
Really good (:
adameic51 10 iul. @ 6:13pm 
as soon as i saw this i subscribed i started a new game so ill need it in the future
crarho3 9 iul. @ 3:32am 
Very useful.
*#2 Feeder* 8 iul. @ 6:55pm 
could you do this for the crimson nirnroot quest in blackreach?
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 8 iul. @ 6:11pm 
No, no DLC needed
dlaekdnlt123 8 iul. @ 10:25am 
Is there a DLC requirement?
Time Lord Hunter 8 iul. @ 3:09am 
Turn_on_a_Dime, youve outdone yourself, this is one of the most useful mods on the workshop, thankyou very much.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 7 iul. @ 7:04pm 
Open the Launcher and it should download automatically, if it does not download as soon as you subscribe.
jwiles1 7 iul. @ 6:55pm 
I am new to mods. I have subscibed to download and can not find a way to download it? Please help.
MikeRusso17 7 iul. @ 2:45pm 
Best useful mod, definitely
Asteo600 6 iul. @ 8:27am 
Thanks! Very useful mod :)
Feytality 6 iul. @ 5:18am 
By the time you finish it you dont need the gem bonus for loots. Either way this mod is mega useful.
jsccsmkunz 6 iul. @ 12:05am 
Thank god a hero has risen and saved the world Dragonborn go fuck yourself we have a true hero here thank you so much my god this quest in such a pain in the ass
SqueekTwitch 5 iul. @ 10:59am 
Very VERY helpful! Thank you!
chris 5 iul. @ 10:42am 
Is it possible to make a mod that puts the locks of Oblivion in Skyrim?
Sven 4 iul. @ 8:22am 
Congrats for being the number 1 most famous mod!
Benhodo 4 iul. @ 12:22am 
Well... maybe now it's possible to finish this quest...! *Thumps Up*
クラウン 2 iul. @ 10:12pm 
Makes life easy
laiod 2 iul. @ 8:01pm 
Finally I can try to find these putrid stones. God awful annoying they are.