Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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shadow_jigg 16 時間前 
i was able to craft these but it went away what happend
DragonsBlood 11:11 8月18日 23時35分 
Sure beats writting down locations on a piece of paper!
a.mitrikas 8月17日 8時40分 
Thanks, that was a huge help. 10/10
skipskipowski 8月17日 2時11分 
Well worth getting. Made the quest a whole lot easier.
terrycanter75 8月16日 6時35分 
I love this mod, thank you for your time in doing this mod........
Wish now that there was a mod for all the trinkets that you give to Delvin that appears behind the desk in the Cistern.
Emperor pussy pounder 8月16日 3時46分 
I think games have these kind of collectibles, so people'll start buying more strategy guides.
Doomcrew 8月14日 20時51分 
I totally agree with your frustration on having to find all the stones in a world this huge. When i realized i had to actually look for 24 of them i thought oh crap. i need a guide. theres no way i'd find all these on my own. Great work.
nobleboivin 8月14日 19時45分 
Very helpful. I wish they included this mod in the game when it was first released
pez 8月14日 10時06分 
I have been trying to do this quest for almost 2 years, only finding 16 of the stones. You, my friend, are a champion of the people. If I could, I would put you on the Bethesda game team. But I can't, since I'm only 12. But you are still awesome. 11/10.
Nile 8月14日 8時04分 
So simple, yet so so helpful. 10/10.
Exploding Kitten 8月13日 23時52分 
This is actually so good omg
firefirefire 8月13日 19時12分 
Krajacek 8月12日 17時14分 
awesome yet simple mod 3 thumbs up! =)
mutenroshie 8月12日 14時29分 
☣ Elevate ☣ 8月12日 13時50分 
really nice :D thx
iPoopDemon 8月12日 4時48分 
Godzilla8MyBaby 8月11日 19時14分 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 8月10日 16時51分 
Then don't install the mod lol.
FireWolf623 8月10日 0時30分 
this is a really dumb mod because the point in that quest is to search not cheat
eark 8月7日 4時04分 
nacho 8月6日 19時29分 
Must have mod! 10/10
rhutchinson101 8月6日 18時23分 
!0/10 Fabulous.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 8月5日 23時57分 
That is a bug not so much with the markers as with the quest itself.
Have you tried talking to Vex?
If that doesn't work, try in the console:
"setstage TGCrown 20"
I think 20 is the one
joe555678 8月5日 20時08分 
QuestIm encountering some form of bug, I have completed The Thieves Guild Quest Line, and became the Leader of the Guild and all the good stuff, however, the Quest fs mod doesnt tell me where the Stones are, untill I "Become a official member of the Thieves Guild". Work around? I have already came across 3 or 4 of the stones by myself.
Epathos 8月5日 13時44分 
i am currently 19/24 on my Nord Mage. No Help. No Mod's---- Only took me about 3 weeks. Off and On though.
VSpoke 8月5日 0時31分 
this makes it so much mor fun to do this quest
Bonerfart 8月4日 22時50分 
So much better then having to grab them all through random encounters. This mod makes everything so much easier!
sickbullet 8月2日 10時14分 
Nice one now I can be bothered to do this :)
deft3 8月2日 0時46分 
ryanpercle 8月1日 14時24分 
Thank you so much, this is a very useful mod!
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 8月1日 7時25分

You have to complete some quests in Solitude - similar to the other buyable houses in the game.
furmonster11 8月1日 2時20分 
I have found 23 stones, the last 1 i need is in Proud Spirmanor. But i need a key to get in, how do i get a key?
Fdave9 7月31日 8時05分 
Thank you so much for this mod :)
Jeff 7月30日 16時40分 
Seriously, has anyone actually completed this quest without using a guide? Bad quest design.
Antara77 7月30日 8時33分 
This has been an incredibly useful mod and for the life of me I cannot figure out why they didn't put this is the game to start with. This is one of the first mods I had ever downloaded and I'm so glad that I did. Like you, I'm a completionist and have tried to complete this quest in the past without the markers but to no avail, this little mod has become a godsend! Everytime I start a new character I tell myself I will not start the Stones' Quest but everytime I fail at my convictions and am glad that I subscribed to this mod. Bethesda should PAY YOU for fixing what had been a HUGE oversight on their part. Thank-you!
kyrlibe 7月29日 12時43分 
Really usefull mod but the actual reward for that quest is not that good :P
rhutchinson101 7月29日 5時10分 
Fabulous mod. Thank you.
M.C. Hammer 7月28日 21時38分 
on the xbox i found them all after 3 real days of searching
Spy-Ro The Dragon 7月28日 13時41分 
Found 17 of 24 and I never played skyrim on one save-file for more than 10 hours, most time I only had one or max 2. Since I started playing it serious I am level 71 now but still only found 17. Gonna use this mod now because I realy want to know what I get for all of them.
Kirito 7月28日 5時25分 
oh ok, i havn't started the quest yet. sorry to bother u, but thanks.
Capitane 7月28日 3時39分 
@Kirito: have you started mission "No stone unturned"? only then they will be showing on the map.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 7月28日 1時26分 
@Kirito: Have you talked to Vex? Have you tried moving the mod to the bottom of your load order?
Kirito 7月27日 18時10分 
So far it doesn't show a marker on top of the stones.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 7月27日 17時19分 
@Capitane: Are you sure you *don't* still have it? There's not really anywhere for Russian text to come from.

@bogdan_2009: Have you tried moving the mod to the bottom of your load order?
bogdan_2009 7月27日 3時53分 
Doesnt work
Capitane 7月27日 1時48分 
i mean, i had russian version of this before but my game thinks i still have it. what should i do?
Capitane 7月27日 1時47分 
well, this is very useful cuz i think people don't like to look for all the stones of barenziah without help, and this is very helpful. but i have 1 broblem; when i start this quest, it is being translated in strange ways.
jack 7月26日 4時14分 
Tirakazu 7月25日 4時45分 
@Turn_on_a_Dime: I was about to, have to join it first though.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [作成者] 7月25日 4時11分 
@Tirakazu: Have you checked the Dark Brotherhood?