Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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chaoslord1 2 ore fa 
Thanks god this will help immensly.
ma573r_sw0rd 10 ore fa 
Oh thank god. I never thought I'd see the day i'd find all the Stones of Barenziah. Great work!
Crackpotelf 11 ore fa 
I always used to go on youtube for a map of these, great mod :D
Escantell 18 ore fa 
I'm certain that 99% of people who play this game hate the original form of this quest with a passion. I know that I certainly do... Now I'll actually finish it, instead of giving it one big massive nope.
x Silent Walrus 18 apr, ore 10:28 
Very easy to install and very useful!
IHIaINIgovIEIIRI 18 apr, ore 6:28 
Leodragon15 17 apr, ore 15:37 
Thank you! This really helped.
APerfectCircle 17 apr, ore 15:17 
Worked flawlessly, many thanks :)
StevenMarcus 16 apr, ore 7:49 
Epicly convinient.
specialagentnick 15 apr, ore 19:10 
Mod helped alot, luckily I had a bug that let me pick up 1 stone and then would act as 4 stones. Cut my "sentence" in half. But I never would have found any of them if I didnt have this. Thanks
Lord of war 14 apr, ore 10:57 
It's too dificult to find all these stones, thank you
Zangetsu/Marthyu 13 apr, ore 19:50 
Thanks im too lazy to find all of them lagit.
Jonxthxn 13 apr, ore 12:40 
thank you!
[FLAN]Called by Cthulhu 10 apr, ore 10:35 
I love that this super simple mod is the highest rated mod on the entire Steam workshop <3
dwbob7 9 apr, ore 6:40 
I-Man.CZ 9 apr, ore 2:49 
Reclinedwarrior 7 apr, ore 11:48 
works great
saved my life thanks. bloody xbox
AlMoSt_EaSy659 6 apr, ore 2:52 
A lot of help thanks
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autore] 5 apr, ore 23:16 
I've had a few people complain about pinewatch. The game's quest marker system can get a bit confused there. The stone is in the hidden treasure room in pinewatch, if I remember correctly.
SaharaBeat 5 apr, ore 14:21 
The quest marker is pointed at Pinewatch but every time I walk inside, it says to go inside, and everytime I walk outside, it says to go outside
Poke You To Death 4 apr, ore 11:42 
A mod made for the lazy kiddies
Stryker2317 3 apr, ore 20:26 
thanks Turn_on_a_Dime
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autore] 2 apr, ore 21:34 
Stryker2317 2 apr, ore 19:40 
what does she give u when when u get all 24
Raznaak 2 apr, ore 16:45 
THANK YOU! I've found 23 of them, but I couldn't find the last one, even after doing close to all of the dungeons... Turned out it was in one of the dungeon I've already done, but I missed the Stone because I have a tendency to be always crouched, and the stone was above the eye level... Thank you again.
Great, just great
David 31 mar, ore 10:55 
Praise the Lord, someone did this. You're a damn hero.
Parrouriño 30 mar, ore 22:00 
very good
jay.yates 30 mar, ore 17:09 
i find it funny how it's top rated (the op reward is caled a reward for the hard work) but I can see why it is,
MaDzilla95 30 mar, ore 13:20 
Great, 10/10!
Planetwarden 29 mar, ore 17:14 
Classic mod for Skyrim.
Dragonteuthis 29 mar, ore 14:17 
Brilliant. Incredibly helpful.Thanks so much for this mod!
~•J○§h•~™ 29 mar, ore 9:37 
verry good
Super Dude [DK] 29 mar, ore 7:41 
Finally!! Thanks!!
2553386567 29 mar, ore 2:19 
Really a very useful mod, it lets the game more convinience to play.
dePilot 27 mar, ore 3:47 
Very useful. Thx a lot.
Arkun 24 mar, ore 13:21 
Sehr Hilfreich
Noch mehr Geld im späten spiel^^
Spastic Ferret 23 mar, ore 7:24 
Very usefull! I felt bad using it, but when I saw the crown was not that good, I was glad I didn't waste my time! Thanks a lot!
Nova 21 mar, ore 21:03 
@Turn_on_a_Dime; Oh... thanks I had it at the top of the load order.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autore] 21 mar, ore 20:43 
@Nova: Try moving it to the bottom of your load order
solaraph9 20 mar, ore 12:35 
Very useful mod who have a great utility
iconoclast8543 17 mar, ore 4:16 
Does this work well?
Chopper 16 mar, ore 8:33 
Epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awkward disco sloth 15 mar, ore 22:43 
Hattaratikku 15 mar, ore 11:49 
so simple, but so awesome mod! Can't think about playing without it!
slew1971 15 mar, ore 7:40 
Woulnd't play the game again without this mod, a must have!
katarx 14 mar, ore 12:38 
thx a lot , this quest waste too much time
Deus Cavalo 10 mar, ore 18:05 
Very good... this quest its very boring to complete without this mod... tks!
verherr 10 mar, ore 16:15 
very good job and very convenient. Without this mod I wouldn´t have made it to an horonable member of the thieves guild ;)