Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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loki989 11 ώρες πριν 
so good
lalalelue 12 ώρες πριν 
I've found I think 12 or 15 on my own. I think... I THINK I can find all if I really wanted to. But I am so tired of looking. I let this one pass and just give in to the power of quest markers. Shame me all you want.
jef533 25 Φεβ @ 3:15πμ 
My god finally! Thanks man.
M4L1y 23 Φεβ @ 10:47πμ 
Спасибо, помогло!
-FLUX_FPS- 23 Φεβ @ 2:37πμ 
the marker shows correctly but i cant take the stone. add thru subs.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 22 Φεβ @ 12:50μμ 
@M4L1y: Проверь тёмное братство
TH4T1R4GER 22 Φεβ @ 12:17μμ 
M4L1y 22 Φεβ @ 8:59πμ 
23/24 - что делать, не показывает где последний камень?
Potence 21 Φεβ @ 10:17μμ 
Soooooooooo usefull
danceonthesun 20 Φεβ @ 5:26πμ 
After wasting time trying to complete this quest, I can finally do it in a matter of minutes!
Teddy A. Bear 19 Φεβ @ 9:15μμ 
Thanks for saving me millions of hours looking for these damn things :)
PortgasDAce 19 Φεβ @ 2:10μμ 
Thank you! I saved a lot of time!
Inq 19 Φεβ @ 6:07πμ 
VitaminLew 18 Φεβ @ 7:46μμ 
Great mod!
odos.j 15 Φεβ @ 5:32πμ 
Большое спасибо, очень помогает при их поиске
Major bee 14 Φεβ @ 3:51πμ 
о да все об этом мечтали
FaustDarkside 13 Φεβ @ 3:45μμ 
Fantastic mod :)
SteveTheCommander 12 Φεβ @ 2:43πμ 
Thank you so much! Praise Talos!
[333SdK] Spex 10 Φεβ @ 8:07πμ 
Verry helpfull!
Azog the Defiler 7 Φεβ @ 10:21πμ 
24th is in windhelm house (can buy for 25 000 septims)
Kenneth The Janitor 1 Φεβ @ 5:48μμ 
ill try
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 1 Φεβ @ 2:01μμ 
@Kenneth The Janitor: Did you check the Dark Brotherhood?
Kenneth The Janitor 1 Φεβ @ 1:35μμ 
so this is a nice mod but it only showed me 23 of them and i dont know the one i am missing.
varun_1213 1 Φεβ @ 7:29πμ 
Thank you so much for this. I am a completionist and I hate, literally HATE, the unusual gems quest.
Aages 1 Φεβ @ 5:33πμ 
Very useful mod.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 30 Ιαν @ 8:17μμ 
It should be in that tunnel that you use to exit the embassy, and accessible from outside
BBL.$їcкмоикёу 30 Ιαν @ 6:03μμ 
If you forget to get the gem at the thalmor embassy, is it possible to get it again or am i just shit out of luck?
Doctor_Nappa 29 Ιαν @ 6:32μμ 
Awesome mod, just finished my quest. thank you!
7 28 Ιαν @ 5:11πμ 
thx, it's helpful
the1monkyking 27 Ιαν @ 11:35πμ 
brycesmom4jc 26 Ιαν @ 2:01μμ 
Nice Thanks!
†Ray Frost† 26 Ιαν @ 5:21πμ 
Walter White - Heisenberg 26 Ιαν @ 4:20πμ 
Really helpful!
craniumg 25 Ιαν @ 6:23πμ 
excellent mod.. thank you.
i doubt i would have found the remaining (two) stones by myself.
Sand$Gambler 25 Ιαν @ 5:50πμ 
let me have a tryO(∩_∩)O~~~
dealemma 23 Ιαν @ 7:19πμ 
ollie_098 22 Ιαν @ 3:35μμ 
So helpful saved me a tun of time. thanks
Sample Name 21 Ιαν @ 12:30πμ 
........|.......... 10/10 ..........|||"|""\__
eric_holmes 20 Ιαν @ 12:37μμ 
Very useful indeed! Many thanks
Спинной Мозг 19 Ιαν @ 4:51πμ 
very nice mod
thank you bro
MattusTheGreat 18 Ιαν @ 3:16μμ 
I've only ever found two. And I only remember where I've found one of them. Thank you for this mod.
boshanky 17 Ιαν @ 5:01μμ 
This mod makes me love you.
½ 生命 15 Ιαν @ 8:22πμ 
Thank you very much. This Mod is very useful and works perfecttly.
My Epic System 13 Ιαν @ 12:32μμ 
now THIS is what i got the game for!
Little_Gangster 13 Ιαν @ 8:23πμ 
lei198729 12 Ιαν @ 2:59πμ 
[NG] Кличко 11 Ιαν @ 3:46πμ 
Nice mod!
sacredcat78 5 Ιαν @ 4:22πμ 
thank you so much
Varazak 4 Ιαν @ 4:13πμ 
Best mod ever... Ok, maybe not, but realy helpful. Thanks :D
nidhoggr 3 Ιαν @ 1:11μμ 
Good mod for a too long quest