Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 9 ώρες πριν 
I believe the achievements still work
Fat Caucasian 10 ώρες πριν 
Extremely useful, love it.
こんにちは!元気ですか. 10 ώρες πριν 
Does this mode affect obtaining the achievements or not?
Hutant (shmulikipod) 11 Ιουλ @ 2:19πμ 
how the hell its the most poplur mod on the workshop ?
bbiars 10 Ιουλ @ 6:54μμ 
Really good (:
adameic51 10 Ιουλ @ 6:13μμ 
as soon as i saw this i subscribed i started a new game so ill need it in the future
crarho3 9 Ιουλ @ 3:32πμ 
Very useful.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 8 Ιουλ @ 8:22μμ 
*#2 Feeder* 8 Ιουλ @ 6:55μμ 
could you do this for the crimson nirnroot quest in blackreach?
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 8 Ιουλ @ 6:11μμ 
No, no DLC needed
dlaekdnlt123 8 Ιουλ @ 10:25πμ 
Is there a DLC requirement?
Time Lord Hunter 8 Ιουλ @ 3:09πμ 
Turn_on_a_Dime, youve outdone yourself, this is one of the most useful mods on the workshop, thankyou very much.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [Δημιουργός] 7 Ιουλ @ 7:04μμ 
Open the Launcher and it should download automatically, if it does not download as soon as you subscribe.
jwiles1 7 Ιουλ @ 6:55μμ 
I am new to mods. I have subscibed to download and can not find a way to download it? Please help.
MikeRusso17 7 Ιουλ @ 2:45μμ 
Best useful mod, definitely
Asteo600 6 Ιουλ @ 8:27πμ 
Thanks! Very useful mod :)
Fey 6 Ιουλ @ 5:18πμ 
By the time you finish it you dont need the gem bonus for loots. Either way this mod is mega useful.
jsccsmkunz 6 Ιουλ @ 12:05πμ 
Thank god a hero has risen and saved the world Dragonborn go fuck yourself we have a true hero here thank you so much my god this quest in such a pain in the ass
SqueekTwitch 5 Ιουλ @ 10:59πμ 
Very VERY helpful! Thank you!
chris 5 Ιουλ @ 10:42πμ 
Is it possible to make a mod that puts the locks of Oblivion in Skyrim?
Sven 4 Ιουλ @ 8:22πμ 
Congrats for being the number 1 most famous mod!
Benhodo 4 Ιουλ @ 12:22πμ 
Well... maybe now it's possible to finish this quest...! *Thumps Up*
クラウン 2 Ιουλ @ 10:12μμ 
Makes life easy
laiod 2 Ιουλ @ 8:01μμ 
Finally I can try to find these putrid stones. God awful annoying they are.
Sicksadpanda 1 Ιουλ @ 10:43μμ 
This quest is hard. Even with the guide from the internet, it's still hard. Without this mod, I can guarantee that more than 90% people would not bother finishing this quest.
BosoxStrategem 1 Ιουλ @ 7:46μμ 
Looking forward to finally finishing this now, thanks!
Otasami 1 Ιουλ @ 7:56πμ 
This mod is really helpful. Thanks for creating this amazing mod. I think I couldn't complete this quest without the mod.
Wildstrike 30 Ιουν @ 7:35μμ 
You are god for making this wonderful, beautiful, MERCIFUL mod. Thank you. So many times, thank you.
boxface64 30 Ιουν @ 9:46πμ 
Thank you
CharmedSky 30 Ιουν @ 3:01πμ 
deividas.sauchatas 29 Ιουν @ 10:40πμ 
rly at the top?
dobeq83 29 Ιουν @ 7:51πμ 
Tak jak ktoś wcześniej napisał uważam, że takie coś powinno być w grze a nie jako mod. Tak czy inaczej must have mod.
Hk-47 29 Ιουν @ 5:31πμ 
statement:i love you
leachowen2007 28 Ιουν @ 11:51μμ 
great mod, so useful
General Wishy 28 Ιουν @ 2:26μμ 
Finally! I can't even count this as cheating
emilss1995 28 Ιουν @ 12:59μμ 
<T|F>Deadwood 28 Ιουν @ 12:36μμ 
ʚïɞ shyberry [dg] 28 Ιουν @ 12:03μμ 
thank you!
Legal Troubles 28 Ιουν @ 11:10πμ 
★<|Playboy²|>★ 28 Ιουν @ 7:33πμ 
Great :)
Syldinn 28 Ιουν @ 2:07πμ 
Geat mod, thanks :)
Kaivana 28 Ιουν @ 1:32πμ 
This mod should not need to exist as it should of come as part of the base game.
Ramen Sensei 28 Ιουν @ 12:59πμ 
Really handy! A must-have!
*Predator14.UK* 28 Ιουν @ 12:45πμ 
a much needed guide
slobs77 28 Ιουν @ 12:41πμ 
This quest is frustrating enough as it is, but this mod helps a ton
The Slender Man 27 Ιουν @ 8:25μμ 
I will try this and report back with a comment and a rate up if it works as i hope...
Lokomotron 27 Ιουν @ 2:32μμ 
Simplemente es obligatorio tenerlo instalado, superútil para no dejarte ninguna gema atrás. 100% recomendado
LPH21 27 Ιουν @ 2:25μμ 
Finally Done the quest, thanks.
ediththehutt 27 Ιουν @ 12:17μμ 
This solves a huge problem with the quest. Thank you for making this mod.
arziburst 27 Ιουν @ 11:52πμ 
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