Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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ShortFuse 24. marras 9.18 
So much easier than google :P
[C.A.R] - Bobcat (Israel) 23. marras 19.22 
Great mod, it was missing the one inside the dark brotherhood sanctuary, but the quest gave the hint :D
Jerezombie 23. marras 9.18 
glad i found this while downloading skyrim
Zerox 21. marras 4.37 
Yeah! Ty
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 19. marras 14.19 
You can use the console command
setstage TGCrown 20
to get to the stone-collecting stage of the quest
[DFS] Bigby Wolf 19. marras 7.31 
No, I think she is bugged and she doesn't give me the quest, in my main save. I tested this in another save. Btw great work
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 18. marras 13.56 
But are you already up to the stage where you are searching for the Stones of Barenziah and the quest markers are active? Then Vex isn't really meant to say anything further.
[DFS] Bigby Wolf 18. marras 7.29 
Very helpful, but i dunno what happened to Vex, she just ignores me and tells nothing...
Francesco 18. marras 5.49 
Must have if you want to complete The Stone Of Barenziah mission, and you don't have so much time to lose searching every place in Tamriel
Shoe 15. marras 23.04 
chaotic_mayhem 15. marras 13.24 
This mod is very helpful to not only first timers to Skyrim but for veterans of Skyrim who just freaking hate having to look all over skyrim for thousands of hours for a stone the size of the palm of your hand.

This mod should not be ignore by anyone and it's a must have.
Nikki♥ 15. marras 9.35 
Thank you so much! I just resumed playing on pc after 300 hrs on ps3, I must have missed so many of these because I've more or less completed it and only have like 18!
SmartieNinja 13. marras 12.29 
Thankyou Jesus.
Ocernus 13. marras 12.25 
Really helpful addon.
Ridgepark 11. marras 14.54 
No more scouring the bedrooms and storage-rooms of Skyrim!
CharlieBakerKilo 11. marras 8.35 
What was i doing before this? Wandering.
alextex14 11. marras 3.01 
Very nice idea,this mod is so useful!
Tmkkkj 10. marras 18.00 
I hope you can do this for treasure maps
LoomyNarty 8. marras 7.47 
You are probably the smartest person I know.
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Leonatos 4. marras 10.12 
ManOnFire 3. marras 5.50 
first mod i downloaded from steam workshop but i am still too lazy to find them
rasenhermann 3. marras 1.40 
without this mod the stones are nearly impossible to find, thanks
Shikaku Zetsumei 1. marras 17.32 
Good thing I finished the game first before completing this quest... I'm pretty much swimming in money now.
Snorik 1. marras 3.07 
I loved the mod. However the in-game price for finding the stones was kind of disappointing :/.
Blinddog 31. loka 9.38 
Thank you! This is the only quest I never bothered to finish. Thank you verrrrry much indeed!
Enderninja16 28. loka 21.20 
my god you sir/madam are amazing.
Fish and Ships 27. loka 21.53 
Previously, I needed to write down the location of each and every Stone I found, and it seemed to take forever to find them all!

Thank you- from another adventurer who feels compelled to dot every i and cross every t in the game!
Maag 27. loka 8.02 
I loved it :-D it was super for when you cant remember where you have already found them :-D
Zombie Doll 26. loka 20.06 
Its good to do it on your own the first time around, yeah. But the 4 or 5th game in you really get sick of trying to remember where they all are. i adore this mod, one of the most useful in my collection. Thank you so much
agambrell 25. loka 5.10 
It took me 46 hours to find all of the gems on my first character so this will save me lots of time in the futre THANK YOU
sallino2012 24. loka 10.16 
thanks :D
The Christopherous 24. loka 6.53 
i have two to go and i just cant find them so thanks for the mod :)
®____® 21. loka 19.03 
juice just crouch to sneak and you wont be detected
LungJuice 21. loka 17.32 
Unfortunately this mod does let you take the gems without fear of being charged of theft which is a bit of a disappointment (they no longer will be marked as stolen). But otherwise really useful mod.
willstroyer 19. loka 7.25 
really useful the only ones i knew where to find were th ones in all the jarls quarters thanks
stuntlv 18. loka 8.59 
use full
OJOSCURO 17. loka 14.36 
It seems a good mod, although Id rather look for all of them...
T3M0C 16. loka 13.59 
Very useful
It is a very good idea I just dont think I will use it I like the get out and find them ellement :P
[MG]Black_Knight 16. loka 3.47 
The stone in the Jarl of Riften's house was really annoying, cuz i had time limit and i always got a bounty but i used the nocturnal of shadow and it only worked after like 10000 times
CrazyPriest 14. loka 9.31 
doet wat ie moet doen
Ҳistence™ ✔ Ƥanda 12. loka 6.27 
Nice touch for making some of the needles easier to pick out of all the haystacks all over Skyrim. Especially the ones you need to find before certain locations become inaccessible.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [tekijä] 11. loka 15.44 
@jeangil10: You need to click the big green "Subscribe" button, and it should download either immediately or the next time you open the launcher. If nothing works, download the mod from the nexus (I don't think I have a portugese version there though, sorry). If you download from the nexus you will have to set it up manually - place the extracted files in your Skyrim\Data folder and turn the mod on in your launcher.
voladão 11. loka 13.13 
no meu skyrim não que baixar ALGUEM ME AJUDA POR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lumber Bot 11. loka 7.37 
it's the most helpful mod i've ever seen
Player1 10. loka 9.02 
thank you SO SO SO SO much...!
Navynuke99 8. loka 14.05 
Nice touch for making some of the needles easier to pick out of all the haystacks all over Skyrim. Especially the ones you need to find before certain locations become inaccessible.
Muratcan Ozturk 7. loka 2.35 
güzel mod
MythrilMagician 5. loka 0.19 
This was helpful. Thank you.