Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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brycesmom4jc před 20 hodinami 
Nice Thanks!
†Ray Frost† 26. led. v 5.21 dop. 
Minimal Wear GabeN 26. led. v 4.20 dop. 
Really helpful!
craniumg 25. led. v 6.23 dop. 
excellent mod.. thank you.
i doubt i would have found the remaining (two) stones by myself.
jipin ZJ 25. led. v 5.50 dop. 
let me have a tryO(∩_∩)O~~~
dealemma 23. led. v 7.19 dop. 
ollie_098 22. led. v 3.35 odp. 
So helpful saved me a tun of time. thanks
Illuminati Confirmed 21. led. v 12.30 dop. 
........|.......... 10/10 ..........|||"|""\__
eric_holmes 20. led. v 12.37 odp. 
Very useful indeed! Many thanks
Спинной Мозг 19. led. v 4.51 dop. 
very nice mod
thank you bro
MattusTheGreat 18. led. v 3.16 odp. 
I've only ever found two. And I only remember where I've found one of them. Thank you for this mod.
boshanky 17. led. v 5.01 odp. 
This mod makes me love you.
½ 生命 15. led. v 8.22 dop. 
Thank you very much. This Mod is very useful and works perfecttly.
My Epic System 13. led. v 12.32 odp. 
now THIS is what i got the game for!
Little_Gangster 13. led. v 8.23 dop. 
lei198729 12. led. v 2.59 dop. 
[NG] Кличко четко 11. led. v 3.46 dop. 
Nice mod!
sacredcat78 5. led. v 4.22 dop. 
thank you so much
Varazak 4. led. v 4.13 dop. 
Best mod ever... Ok, maybe not, but realy helpful. Thanks :D
nidhoggr 3. led. v 1.11 odp. 
Good mod for a too long quest
Sinay 2. led. v 5.35 dop. 
I feel your pain. And thanks)
Uxel 2. led. v 3.43 dop. 
Nice mod, which maked it very easy to find the stones. Worked without any problems. thx
aquir88 1. led. v 11.13 odp. 
ty :-)
ziseleit 1. led. v 11.02 dop. 
absolutly helpful , necessery
M. Bero [PL] 31. pro. 2014 v 8.33 dop. 
Very helpful mod
Kal Ian 31. pro. 2014 v 4.10 dop. 
Very helpful.
yummykits 31. pro. 2014 v 4.03 dop. 
Very useful!
Your Subconscience 30. pro. 2014 v 7.04 odp. 

This makes my life sooooo much easier.
robertolinck 30. pro. 2014 v 2.20 odp. 
Muito útil
SoFiEdOo 30. pro. 2014 v 10.29 dop. 
Very very very helpful FINALLY got rid of all those heavy stones from my inventory. THANK YOU
Nucleon 30. pro. 2014 v 9.03 dop. 
love it
Call me Joca 30. pro. 2014 v 6.47 dop. 
thanks i really had no clue where to look and i played oblivion and i spent alot of time looking for the nirnroot and i did find them all but it took alot
Maverick [CZ] 30. pro. 2014 v 3.27 dop. 
thanks its perfect
«Toxicator» 29. pro. 2014 v 3.15 odp. 
THX works great!
Whovianminecrafter 29. pro. 2014 v 1.05 odp. 
before the quest would take forever, and I never got to complete it.
Whovianminecrafter 29. pro. 2014 v 1.04 odp. 
yElite 29. pro. 2014 v 8.04 dop. 
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 28. pro. 2014 v 3.48 odp. 
Sounds like you had a much more serious problem than just this mod
SazeFurryBankai 28. pro. 2014 v 2.14 odp. 
it started working but as I kept getting more and more it crashed, and it forced restart, and repeated the crashing and restart steps over and over, not on skyrim but the computer, stopped until I uninstalled and reinstalled.
Skyrim Guard 28. pro. 2014 v 7.43 dop. 
The one at thalmor embassy is acctually in a cave outside the embassy. You can get there both in a quest and outside of a quest as far as I know.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 27. pro. 2014 v 8.16 odp. 
Не. идите вот сюда и ищите RUS версию:
Goust™ 27. pro. 2014 v 7.16 odp. 
Так я не понял в этом моде есть русский язык ?
gabjonghan 27. pro. 2014 v 6.39 odp. 
It really helps to complete quest
Turn_on_a_Dime  [autor] 27. pro. 2014 v 5.59 odp. 
@Caboose: Need to do more of the Main Quest
Caboose 27. pro. 2014 v 4.38 odp. 
hey uh, there is one at the thalmor emmbassy and it says i need a key, and i can't get in, help?
alphabot0 26. pro. 2014 v 5.01 dop. 
Einfach klasse, wüsste nicht, wie ichdie Quest jemals ohne geschafft hätte :)
arno-p 25. pro. 2014 v 3.24 dop. 
Merci!! Excellent!!
BoOoB 23. pro. 2014 v 1.21 odp. 
WORK ....::::THX::::....
Jecka 22. pro. 2014 v 10.22 dop. 
Весьма полезная штука!
viddrawings 19. pro. 2014 v 7.20 dop. 
Thanks! Now I can finish the Quest easily!