Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers
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Hutant (shmulikipod) преди 7 часа 
how the hell its the most poplur mod on the workshop ?
bbiars преди 15 часа 
Really good (:
adameic51 преди 15 часа 
as soon as i saw this i subscribed i started a new game so ill need it in the future
crarho3 9 юли в 3:32сут. 
Very useful.
*#2 Feeder* 8 юли в 6:55след. 
could you do this for the crimson nirnroot quest in blackreach?
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 8 юли в 6:11след. 
No, no DLC needed
dlaekdnlt123 8 юли в 10:25сут. 
Is there a DLC requirement?
Time Lord Hunter 8 юли в 3:09сут. 
Turn_on_a_Dime, youve outdone yourself, this is one of the most useful mods on the workshop, thankyou very much.
Turn_on_a_Dime  [автор] 7 юли в 7:04след. 
Open the Launcher and it should download automatically, if it does not download as soon as you subscribe.
jwiles1 7 юли в 6:55след. 
I am new to mods. I have subscibed to download and can not find a way to download it? Please help.
MikeRusso17 7 юли в 2:45след. 
Best useful mod, definitely
Asteo600 6 юли в 8:27сут. 
Thanks! Very useful mod :)
Fey 6 юли в 5:18сут. 
By the time you finish it you dont need the gem bonus for loots. Either way this mod is mega useful.
jsccsmkunz 6 юли в 12:05сут. 
Thank god a hero has risen and saved the world Dragonborn go fuck yourself we have a true hero here thank you so much my god this quest in such a pain in the ass
SqueekTwitch 5 юли в 10:59сут. 
Very VERY helpful! Thank you!
chris 5 юли в 10:42сут. 
Is it possible to make a mod that puts the locks of Oblivion in Skyrim?
Sven 4 юли в 8:22сут. 
Congrats for being the number 1 most famous mod!
Benhodo 4 юли в 12:22сут. 
Well... maybe now it's possible to finish this quest...! *Thumps Up*
クラウン 2 юли в 10:12след. 
Makes life easy
laiod 2 юли в 8:01след. 
Finally I can try to find these putrid stones. God awful annoying they are.
Sicksadpanda 1 юли в 10:43след. 
This quest is hard. Even with the guide from the internet, it's still hard. Without this mod, I can guarantee that more than 90% people would not bother finishing this quest.
BosoxStrategem 1 юли в 7:46след. 
Looking forward to finally finishing this now, thanks!
Otasami 1 юли в 7:56сут. 
This mod is really helpful. Thanks for creating this amazing mod. I think I couldn't complete this quest without the mod.
Wildstrike 30 юни в 7:35след. 
You are god for making this wonderful, beautiful, MERCIFUL mod. Thank you. So many times, thank you.
boxface64 30 юни в 9:46сут. 
Thank you
CharmedSky 30 юни в 3:01сут. 
deividas.sauchatas 29 юни в 10:40сут. 
rly at the top?
dobeq83 29 юни в 7:51сут. 
Tak jak ktoś wcześniej napisał uważam, że takie coś powinno być w grze a nie jako mod. Tak czy inaczej must have mod.
Hk-47 29 юни в 5:31сут. 
statement:i love you
leachowen2007 28 юни в 11:51след. 
great mod, so useful
General Wishy 28 юни в 2:26след. 
Finally! I can't even count this as cheating
emilss1995 28 юни в 12:59след. 
<T|F>Deadwood 28 юни в 12:36след. 
ʚïɞ shyberry ʚïɞ 28 юни в 12:03след. 
thank you!
Legal Troubles 28 юни в 11:10сут. 
★<|Playboy²|>★ 28 юни в 7:33сут. 
Great :)
Syldinn 28 юни в 2:07сут. 
Geat mod, thanks :)
Kaivana 28 юни в 1:32сут. 
This mod should not need to exist as it should of come as part of the base game.
Ramen Sensei 28 юни в 12:59сут. 
Really handy! A must-have!
*Predator14.UK* 28 юни в 12:45сут. 
a much needed guide
slobs77 28 юни в 12:41сут. 
This quest is frustrating enough as it is, but this mod helps a ton
The Slender Man 27 юни в 8:25след. 
I will try this and report back with a comment and a rate up if it works as i hope...
Lokomotron 27 юни в 2:32след. 
Simplemente es obligatorio tenerlo instalado, superútil para no dejarte ninguna gema atrás. 100% recomendado
LPH21 27 юни в 2:25след. 
Finally Done the quest, thanks.
ediththehutt 27 юни в 12:17след. 
This solves a huge problem with the quest. Thank you for making this mod.
arziburst 27 юни в 11:52сут. 
Для халявщиков
Найдите сами штук 10 а дальше, можно качать
jwhitt80 27 юни в 11:03сут. 
so much easier
vonMiekka 27 юни в 9:56сут. 
Ampelgelb 27 юни в 6:08сут. 
Great! Helped me a lot :)