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Jussi138  [автор] 23 лис 2013 о 2:53 
hmm... there are bugs... I will fix them soon... it may take couple of weeks, I have to get my new motherboard back from Gigabyte after it have been repaired... I'm sorry for this... but please be patient...
mojo731 20 лис 2013 о 21:53 
I dont know why my skyrim shuts down evrytime i pull out a 2handed wepon
Jussi138  [автор] 18 лис 2013 о 1:04 
Okay sounds great =)
Dragonscion 17 лис 2013 о 11:49 
I am not very good at the whole retexture thing... cant find any good tuts on it. But You weapons are good. so, would you message me yer list from the ck... at least the first couple of letters from each that you are willing to have put into the storyline. For ease of use on my part please. Of course I will give you fill credit for your designs, marked with screenshots and stuff for ya. Email me at
Jussi138  [автор] 17 лис 2013 о 3:16 
that woud be absolutely cool =)
Dragonscion 16 лис 2013 о 20:03 
Jussi138, I would like to use some of yer weapon models in my storyline would that be cool.
riscxz 23 чер 2013 о 15:11 
where do you see the code after entering: HELP TheChest 4?
Elmall 22 кві 2013 о 13:43 
I like the desing and look of the swords, but I'd prefer a less godsword version. And maybe smaller one-handed versions.
Jussi138  [автор] 21 гру 2012 о 14:46 
really bad news... I have tried and treid to reinstall Skyrim and configure my mods... constantly there appears new annonying errors... I just noticed that, the ScorpionStinger model has disappeared..! :/ and that means even more work...
TheLoneArcher 14 гру 2012 о 12:29 
just work at a pace your comfortable with
Jussi138  [автор] 14 гру 2012 о 6:31 
I had to uninstall whole game.... now Im installing it again... Ill try to configure all my mods better... Im having hands full with work :)
TheLoneArcher 13 гру 2012 о 14:23 
how's are the standalone going?
TheLoneArcher 8 гру 2012 о 14:24 
Jussi138  [автор] 8 гру 2012 о 12:26 
Im having some problems with Creation Kit... suddenly it stated to crash... I have to figure out what is causing this annonying problem...
Eichhoernchen 7 гру 2012 о 18:36 
TheLoneArcher 3 гру 2012 о 20:17 
yay thank you soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jussi138  [автор] 3 гру 2012 о 20:11 
okay... Ill make standalone versions... :)
lutra_taggerung 3 гру 2012 о 20:05 
Gem Sword and Scorpion Stinger don't show up for me either, and equipping Platinum Razor CTD'd me
TheLoneArcher 3 гру 2012 о 19:46 
could you make it a standalone sword mod pls i would be super grateful ;)
TheLoneArcher 3 гру 2012 о 19:38 
i hate to be the guy who only posts negative comments but i really love the scorpion stinger sword and i just want to be able to use it
TheLoneArcher 3 гру 2012 о 19:27 
i tried both and they didn't work
Jussi138  [автор] 3 гру 2012 о 18:09 
unistall and then installl the mod again.... or

try this:
1. uninstall this mod or uncheck it...
2. launch game without the mod and save...
3. quit game
4. install mod again and launch game
5. load saved game which you made without this mod...

this should work...

I don't have any problems with this mod, it works just fine...
TheLoneArcher 3 гру 2012 о 17:40 
neither the scorpion stinger or the gemblade can be seen
TheLoneArcher 2 гру 2012 о 10:16 
instead of being refilled by a soul gem you could refillit with poison bottles
Jussi138  [автор] 2 гру 2012 о 1:16 
of course...
TheLoneArcher 1 гру 2012 о 21:41 
could you make the scorpion stinger do more poison damage
Jussi138  [автор] 30 лис 2012 о 22:00 
Ozoneflare 30 лис 2012 о 12:20 
i think the location is perfect, i would go into more detail but i have to go now.
Jussi138  [автор] 29 лис 2012 о 5:46 
This mod is under construction... like it stands in description. I randomly picked that location, that's it. ;)
yodabarny 29 лис 2012 о 3:13 
why did you put it in a place where you can only get to if you have nearly completed the main quest? I have maxed out my level but have not gotten that far in the main quest.
Jussi138  [автор] 28 лис 2012 о 23:47 
oops! I forgot to remove that line in descreption... The Windhelm's Entrance didn't work correctly... I'm sorrry to causing you so much trouble...

TheChest is now in different place.

Go to Throat oof the World look at new screenshot....and there it is.
jesse_carpenter762 28 лис 2012 о 20:32 
your screenshot dosent help at all...
yodabarny 28 лис 2012 о 18:30 
I have spent a lot of time looking all around Windhelm, but can not locate the chest. I have tried the console entry but it does not do anything. Can you give me more info on where to find the chest?
Jussi138  [автор] 28 лис 2012 о 13:09 
hmm... what do you mean when..?

Akkio-kun 28 лис 2012 о 9:29 
Akkio-kun 28 лис 2012 о 9:29 
well when i typ in help thechet 4 it dosnt work... ;C
Jussi138  [автор] 26 лис 2012 о 15:14 
ozoneflare this mod isn't finished yet... more weapon are coming and Im planning to make a quest... and enemies etc... anyway Thank you =)
Ozoneflare 26 лис 2012 о 15:12 
actually scratch that the stinger is also invisible for me.....
Jussi138  [автор] 26 лис 2012 о 15:11 
FlexxMOB[gldn1]Ag4ever thats odd,mine works fine...
Ozoneflare 26 лис 2012 о 14:53 
1. jussi i think these new updates are making it come on nicely such as the chests location, it is kind of like a reward for finally getting to the throat of the world which you only get to near the end of the game 2. you finally added the scorpion stingers graphics :) 3. you added some helpful pictures. so well done jussi :)
FlexxMOB[gldn1]Ag4ever 26 лис 2012 о 14:26 
the scorpion sting does not show in my hand
Jussi138  [автор] 26 лис 2012 о 13:00 
I just added location screenshot
Jussi138  [автор] 25 лис 2012 о 2:05 
okay, now TheChest is located also at the Throat of the World
Hentai Akuma 24 лис 2012 о 23:52 
Jussi138  [автор] 24 лис 2012 о 23:50 
I can't find that either... Ill put it in easier location soon :)
Hentai Akuma 24 лис 2012 о 23:18 
I cant find shit
* Vulpar * 24 лис 2012 о 17:21 
philobrain64 24 лис 2012 о 16:11 
i looked at the screen shot, cant find it at all, and commands dont work
Maskyrius #upfor7hours 24 лис 2012 о 14:41 
Rich now C:
kjh880206 24 лис 2012 о 10:08 
씨발 다 영어라서 뭐라는지모르겠다.