Portal 2
Chamber 5 : Trophies
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Petutski 2014年11月7日 13時39分 
Great map, but there is a scenario where it is broken. The first time I went around gathering the spheres I went up to the top each time and put each ball in the receptical. However, after going on the light bridge and getting the third ball, the blue/red tunnel was blocked off with no recourse. The second time I gathered all the spheres I just left them at the bottom of the blue tunnel. When I got the third sphere the chamber with the blue/red tunnel was still accessable and I rode to the top with all three spheres. So, maybe a glitch in the logic. Maybe I am just nuts. Anyway good work and great fun!
Mitch McWiggins 2012年12月10日 18時58分 
Good one, thanks.
Peltomyyrä 2012年11月23日 6時38分 
very good, I really enjoy it. =)
gaden002 2012年11月20日 12時38分 
Pretty good. Fairly easy, I made it through with out any stumps, but it kept my interest, good work!
Narsuaq 2012年11月20日 9時05分 
Good! Finally solved it! Nice map but bloody hard! xD
Yil  [作成者] 2012年11月19日 19時49分 
Walkthrough added! gabriel99 could you watch that and tell me if you still know of a spot that's broken? Thanks!
Narsuaq 2012年11月19日 12時12分 
Ooh new map. Lemmy try it out and see if gabriel is being honest.
Yil  [作成者] 2012年11月19日 8時44分 
gabriel99, how so?
[ATSY] Gabrielen 2012年11月19日 8時39分