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KillRoY 28 de set às 2:06 
►Cloudy 24 de jan às 1:20 
rar1t3t 26/dez/2015 às 12:18 
прикольно. можно попробовать.
「€nd me」 18/dez/2015 às 23:49 
god, the grafics r so trippy
punze 17/dez/2015 às 1:24 
Kachumastick 17/nov/2015 às 19:58 
#твоюмамкухилял 1/nov/2015 às 5:50 
pupi 5/out/2015 às 9:50 
Beef Supreme 12/ago/2015 às 7:04 
Looks cool
Adam Jensen 12/ago/2015 às 0:12 
0101jack 6/ago/2015 às 1:46 
good job ^__^)/
[QAQ]NightCore <咸鱼> 20/mai/2015 às 11:03 
excellent! :3
Anuar 11/mai/2015 às 21:11 
GTN ✖ Angel 8/abr/2015 às 10:05 
Zi  [autor(a)] 24/mar/2015 às 14:19 
Holy SHit 24/mar/2015 às 14:17 
Meno TypeK 23/mar/2015 às 11:29 
This game is .... ehm ... good ? :P
Zi  [autor(a)] 22/mar/2015 às 20:16 
Meno TypeK 22/mar/2015 às 13:24 
Ehm ..
Piemo 9/mar/2015 às 14:07 
hey guys! I reviewed the game, check it out if you'd like!
Think Tank 6/mar/2015 às 17:35 
No fucking way, it came out, at last! Thanks, guys, looking forward to playing it!
Noctis 20/dez/2014 às 22:09 
Not Bad
Hero Wolverine 30/nov/2014 às 17:13 
im looking forward to the realease im excited and very happy for you guys, Good Luck!
~|S.Y.R|~>ahmad___963 1/nov/2014 às 7:16 
Хм класненько
QDP 28/out/2014 às 13:20 
I'd just like to say I love the look of your game, closest I've seen to Antichamber for a long time (my current favourite game)! Really looking forward to seeing this ones release, best of luck to you guys
Kuma Chameleon 24/out/2014 às 19:50 
I look forward to your release. This game seems to be very interesting.
Verticallity 14/ago/2014 às 7:53 
I understand you said you were still working on some stuff but how long until this comes out?
Rufus 31/jul/2014 às 12:27 
علي عطوة 16/jul/2014 às 18:39 
omy181 6/jul/2014 às 15:43 
good game
Paragrimm™ 2/jul/2014 às 19:35 
Parallax appreciates this! Looking forward to this awesome stuff.
victoryone45 20/jun/2014 às 15:40 
looks cool
Peacock 17/jun/2014 às 13:04 
good job
Flippers 4/jun/2014 às 3:19 
Trippy but awsome, reminds me of Antichamber - i hope this comes through
ScemEnzo 26/abr/2014 às 23:47 
Quote Deli73 :(
Deli 26/abr/2014 às 8:38 
Been so long since the last update... I really hope this hasn't been abandoned, it's so amazing =(
XeraX:3 19/abr/2014 às 23:08 
RomchEk 18/jan/2014 às 19:17 
This game will be unplayable at atleast 21' screen.
Nerdy 15/jan/2014 às 14:40 
add this plz :3
A Gallon of Milk 12/jan/2014 às 13:08 
OMG! I would love this game!
Kirito 11/jan/2014 às 22:42 
good ..
Carry Potter 3/dez/2013 às 11:44 
This looks so much fun Please add this
paaton 27/nov/2013 às 14:18 
I am so looking forward to this, looks intriguing and great fun!
Adeon 25/nov/2013 às 21:35 
Congrats on the greenlight! Gotta say I'm looking forward to this more than anything else listed on Greenlight! Can't wait! No pressure! :)
Paper Guy 16/nov/2013 às 21:54 
Will there be a soundtrack? Because the music in the trailer is incredibly well done!
ploq 13/nov/2013 às 13:39 
looks really cool! hope this gets added to steam!
ZAXTER_RUBX 9/nov/2013 às 14:44 
wait so when is this coming to steam?
any ways cant wait
WilliamCT 7/nov/2013 às 5:42 
Paper Guy 4/nov/2013 às 14:50 
Hahaa, yes! Finally! Congrats!
AD_79 31/out/2013 às 17:45 
Finally, Greenlit!