Portal 2
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Andi  [作者] 2016年6月12日下午5:16 
If memory serves, there are at least 3 solutions. Thanks for testing.
jandlml 2016年6月12日下午3:20 
good one,not sure of your intended solution but i made it to the exit.
Andi  [作者] 2015年9月26日上午12:28 
Thanks, I'm happy to hear you liked it.
GBMusicMaster 2015年9月25日下午5:14 
This is one of your nastier submissions. I died many, many times attempting to get to the upper area. I also managed to be stranded with my faithful companion cube. (Screenshot) After reaching the exit area, I discovered I had not done something important and had to go all the way back to make it right. Frankly, this should be the chamber entitled, "Malicious Mayhem." Except for the ninja moves, I liked it, even if it did tick me off occasionally. Thumbs up!
Andi  [作者] 2014年9月2日下午12:58 
The cube is not for taking (hee hee).

This chamber does have muitple solutions.
p0rtalthumper 2014年9月1日上午3:18 
...I'm not sure about this one. First, I didn't need the faith plate, nor the 90° angled panel. Second, why would you allow us to get trapped with our dear cubie, you monster?
Andi  [作者] 2014年4月30日下午4:41 
Thank you.
stormsend 2014年4月30日下午3:06 
I enjoyed solving this one. After the race at the beginning it slowed to a very enjoyable pace. The signage helped a lot in putting together the exit strategy. Nice reuse of the elements. The place looks great too. Good job.
Andi  [作者] 2014年2月1日上午9:10 
This chamber was made right before Ocham's Razor so it has a idea or two in it.
Requiemsoul 2014年2月1日上午7:16 
Exactly! This chamber is "similar" to " Ockam´s Razor". Fantastic puzzle!
Andi  [作者] 2014年1月14日上午10:27 
GLaD you enjoyed it. Thanks.
dire.fcs 2014年1月14日上午1:54 
Excellent accuracy map!
Andi  [作者] 2012年11月20日下午3:54 
Thank you for your input. I think you'll like the next chamber that I'll release this Friday.
toncica 2012年11月20日上午11:29 
Hey, I was busy with my own project and didn't play other maps until now. The beginning was quite challenging and I enjoyed that. It would have been fine already if the cube button was activating the exit. You know my opinion about last minute revelations. I didn't see the point in the quest for the pedestal button. Everybody knows how to use a light bridge. It's not puzzling. . All in all a very nice puzzle and a enjoyable little map. Trimming out some fat wouldn't hurt though.
Andi  [作者] 2012年11月17日下午12:51 
Happy to hear you liked it.
Aardvark00 2012年11月17日上午7:18 
Wow that was hard work. The timing is certainly tight!! All good fun though, good varied uses of some features. Enjoyed it.
Andi  [作者] 2012年11月16日下午2:00 
Changed the location of the button so it's now in plain sight.
Andi  [作者] 2012年11月16日下午1:53 
GLaD you enjoyed it.
Innocentive 2012年11月16日下午1:48 
All in all that wasn't too difficult indeed except for the first puzzle step. That timer was a real pita ... in the end I'm not sure if you're supposed to position the light bridge while flinging or 'running'. I lack the skills to shoot the necessary portals while flying through the air so I ran back and forth a couple of times until I was fast enough. I think I'm not giving anything away with that. Good map, one button a little hidden but that's ok 'cause it kinda could only have been there. Liked it!