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Gare Sapphire Mechs
149 commenti
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HellishCub 18 ore fa 
it looks Nice
Master Of Beards 1 lug, ore 16:31 
Tun - Giò 26 giu, ore 1:16 
[BroSG] Crabus 25 giu, ore 15:04 
Sounds great
.::P}{$::.[K]lobas[@] 25 giu, ore 9:56 
yhso 24 giu, ore 21:25 
Each robot has its own characteristics, and everything is connected. Upgrade your mech according to your play style. good
RedShot_ 24 giu, ore 12:41 
Arkhano177 24 giu, ore 0:31 
Nice, Voted!
SneakyPandaStar 21 giu, ore 12:03 
I used to play games like these when I was a little kid on my old computer. These were always fun.
Fantastic Mr.Fox(9) 20 giu, ore 12:34 
Davi_Miranda 19 giu, ore 18:34 
Parece Ser confusso eu não compraria
Ferex 19 giu, ore 6:39 
mumiah 15 giu, ore 17:11 
muito massa!
Yeyo :P 2 giu, ore 21:15 
nice :P
ionutudor2012 25 mag, ore 3:59 
voted 13 mag, ore 9:03 
barto 26 apr, ore 11:18 
Kyler 23 apr, ore 18:44 
Kind of reminds me of a different take on Geometry Wars
odballdreamer 4 apr, ore 22:42 
Looks decent enough. They are plenty of less quality things on Steam, so I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed on as well, seeing as it looks fairly polished.
Dahaka 29 mar, ore 11:41 
Like old times
Blutgrätsche777 28 feb, ore 22:47 
idk if "cool" is fitting. looks nice, ok, but then... my gameing PC would slap me if i forced it to run this...
there are other platforms than PC for this kind of game.... where i
t might be more successful.
Dingus McDanglepants 16 feb, ore 7:46 
It's a cool idea, and you should keep working on it, but it's just not enough for steam.
Jackson 8 feb, ore 17:03 
trop cool
BoldnessPie 3 feb, ore 12:15 
Rly, like a god game=*
Loxon 25 gen, ore 3:20 
Seems like it has the potential to be a good quick sit down and play a round, then get back to other things that need to be attended to when you just do not have the time to spend all day playing.
Andreyqaaaaa :3 23 gen, ore 19:10 
игра Хороша)5
karpuz 19 gen, ore 10:10 
look at good
҉S ҉p ҉i ҉o ҉n ҉ 12 gen, ore 10:08 
I think so good game and multiplayer...
SlurplyDerpy 11 gen, ore 17:02 
Stuff like start misson with half heath or enemies are stronger. Just to clear that up. Thanks!
prexen  [autore] 11 gen, ore 11:27 
Agreed with both of you, multiplayer and extra side stuff would be awesome! Thx for the support
Mr.Stormlite 9 gen, ore 18:07 
I agree with SlurpyDerpy, this game looks incredible, i would also really enjoy a multiplayer on this game.
SlurplyDerpy 6 gen, ore 21:26 
This game is amazing, and i can imagine it getting very intense later on, what might interest me more if there were optional tasks you could implment into each mission, i didn't see this, sorry if it was already in. Looks great. Good luck.
Born2Partay 5 gen, ore 8:52 
Looks fun
yoooomoe 5 gen, ore 1:47 
Rulo 3 gen, ore 21:12 
nice concept
Loft 2 gen, ore 2:37 
Sletzer 1 gen, ore 15:45 
Interesting concept
๖ۣۜBoom๖ۣۜBass 29 dic 2013, ore 23:44 
Lev´s 29 dic 2013, ore 7:57 
Creo que con algunas mejoras en cuanto a la jugabilidad que puede llegar a tornarse aburrida después de cierto tiempo de jugarse, puede llegar a ser un juego realmente sorprendente
EgN| Google 28 dic 2013, ore 7:14 
This conpect of going around in a birdeye view has been used so many times. There is so many flash games just like this. no. I would not buy it.
HΨ=EΨ 27 dic 2013, ore 0:39 
Radonastos 26 dic 2013, ore 6:14 
BubbaNESS #gogermany 26 dic 2013, ore 5:49 
This game looks as if it has MASSIVE potential on Steam, I know I would buy it, and I know alot of other people that would buy this, the only thing that I would wish that you could put in the game is sort of a gamma option, the colors seem just a little too bright. :) Hope this gets on Steam!
NoFear 23 dic 2013, ore 21:20 
Warma.Style ツ 23 dic 2013, ore 14:59 
DoctorN1 19 dic 2013, ore 6:44 
nice game
hyperionl7 10 dic 2013, ore 6:17 
I thoroughly enjoyed the flash version of this on Kongregate a year or so ago. I remember the Dev saying he(?) wanted to make a fullscale version on a real engine. Good luck! :)
anpLe 24 nov 2013, ore 1:42 
IB IR A D L E Y 6 nov 2013, ore 16:45 
This looks amazing, I hope it gets on
Мика Хатцуне 6 nov 2013, ore 11:44