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Gare Sapphire Mechs
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HellishCub 7 tuntia sitten 
it looks Nice
Master Of Beards 1. heinä 16.31 
Tun - Giò 26. kesä 1.16 
[BroSG] Crabus 25. kesä 15.04 
Sounds great
.::P}{$::.[K]lobas[@] 25. kesä 9.56 
yhso 24. kesä 21.25 
Each robot has its own characteristics, and everything is connected. Upgrade your mech according to your play style. good
RedShot_ 24. kesä 12.41 
Arkhano177 24. kesä 0.31 
Nice, Voted!
SneakyPandaStar 21. kesä 12.03 
I used to play games like these when I was a little kid on my old computer. These were always fun.
Fantastic Mr.Fox(9) 20. kesä 12.34 
Davi_Miranda 19. kesä 18.34 
Parece Ser confusso eu não compraria
Ferex 19. kesä 6.39 
mumiah 15. kesä 17.11 
muito massa!
Yeyo :P 2. kesä 21.15 
nice :P
ionutudor2012 25. touko 3.59 
voted 13. touko 9.03 
barto 26. huhti 11.18 
Kyler 23. huhti 18.44 
Kind of reminds me of a different take on Geometry Wars
odballdreamer 4. huhti 22.42 
Looks decent enough. They are plenty of less quality things on Steam, so I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed on as well, seeing as it looks fairly polished.
Dahaka 29. maalis 11.41 
Like old times
Blutgrätsche777 28. helmi 22.47 
idk if "cool" is fitting. looks nice, ok, but then... my gameing PC would slap me if i forced it to run this...
there are other platforms than PC for this kind of game.... where i
t might be more successful.
Dingus McDanglepants 16. helmi 7.46 
It's a cool idea, and you should keep working on it, but it's just not enough for steam.
Jackson 8. helmi 17.03 
trop cool
BoldnessPie 3. helmi 12.15 
Rly, like a god game=*
Loxon 25. tammi 3.20 
Seems like it has the potential to be a good quick sit down and play a round, then get back to other things that need to be attended to when you just do not have the time to spend all day playing.
Andreyqaaaaa :3 23. tammi 19.10 
игра Хороша)5
karpuz 19. tammi 10.10 
look at good
҉S ҉p ҉i ҉o ҉n ҉ 12. tammi 10.08 
I think so good game and multiplayer...
SlurplyDerpy 11. tammi 17.02 
Stuff like start misson with half heath or enemies are stronger. Just to clear that up. Thanks!
prexen  [tekijä] 11. tammi 11.27 
Agreed with both of you, multiplayer and extra side stuff would be awesome! Thx for the support
Mr.Stormlite 9. tammi 18.07 
I agree with SlurpyDerpy, this game looks incredible, i would also really enjoy a multiplayer on this game.
SlurplyDerpy 6. tammi 21.26 
This game is amazing, and i can imagine it getting very intense later on, what might interest me more if there were optional tasks you could implment into each mission, i didn't see this, sorry if it was already in. Looks great. Good luck.
Born2Partay 5. tammi 8.52 
Looks fun
yoooomoe 5. tammi 1.47 
Rulo 3. tammi 21.12 
nice concept
Loft 2. tammi 2.37 
Sletzer 1. tammi 15.45 
Interesting concept
๖ۣۜBoom๖ۣۜBass 29. joulu, 2013 23.44 
Lev´s 29. joulu, 2013 7.57 
Creo que con algunas mejoras en cuanto a la jugabilidad que puede llegar a tornarse aburrida después de cierto tiempo de jugarse, puede llegar a ser un juego realmente sorprendente
EgN| Google 28. joulu, 2013 7.14 
This conpect of going around in a birdeye view has been used so many times. There is so many flash games just like this. no. I would not buy it.
HΨ=EΨ 27. joulu, 2013 0.39 
Radonastos 26. joulu, 2013 6.14 
BubbaNESS #gogermany 26. joulu, 2013 5.49 
This game looks as if it has MASSIVE potential on Steam, I know I would buy it, and I know alot of other people that would buy this, the only thing that I would wish that you could put in the game is sort of a gamma option, the colors seem just a little too bright. :) Hope this gets on Steam!
NoFear 23. joulu, 2013 21.20 
Warma.Style ツ 23. joulu, 2013 14.59 
DoctorN1 19. joulu, 2013 6.44 
nice game
hyperionl7 10. joulu, 2013 6.17 
I thoroughly enjoyed the flash version of this on Kongregate a year or so ago. I remember the Dev saying he(?) wanted to make a fullscale version on a real engine. Good luck! :)
anpLe 24. marras, 2013 1.42 
IB IR A D L E Y 6. marras, 2013 16.45 
This looks amazing, I hope it gets on
Мика Хатцуне 6. marras, 2013 11.44