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Gare Sapphire Mechs
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166 comentário(s)
To ( ALL ) 5/dez/2014 às 3:28 
Reo7 9/nov/2014 às 6:42 
we need more games with different and beautiful arts
mcm 9/nov/2014 às 3:39 
Milko 14/out/2014 às 8:02 
Интересно и просто!)
Forza_UK 9/out/2014 às 11:56 
ThePandaKing 30/set/2014 às 1:30 
The graphics are great! It's like those old tank games but with the difficulty juiced up.
Karkaroff 2/set/2014 às 23:36 
InSaNe MaN 31/ago/2014 às 0:38 
- Genesis - 19/ago/2014 às 21:10 
Cool Game
Raccoon 17/ago/2014 às 5:23 
good man!
zeeinn 16/ago/2014 às 16:18 
Skaydoom 10/ago/2014 às 23:22 
Fallen 10/ago/2014 às 21:40 
BDSM^_^ 28/jul/2014 às 4:08 
Nice and funny game, i think this game created for deadtime
Quasar 22/jul/2014 às 4:13 
game play
Tekop 19/jul/2014 às 3:15 
anna 13/jul/2014 às 13:54 
it looks awesome, I would vote for it if I could.
HellishCub 11/jul/2014 às 14:48 
it looks Nice
Skyforger 1/jul/2014 às 16:31 
Tun - Giò 26/jun/2014 às 1:16 
Shnitzel 25/jun/2014 às 15:04 
Sounds great
YHSO 24/jun/2014 às 21:25 
Each robot has its own characteristics, and everything is connected. Upgrade your mech according to your play style. good
RedShot_ 24/jun/2014 às 12:41 
KronnosGTV 24/jun/2014 às 0:31 
Nice, Voted!
Skeeming Chi Wua Wua 21/jun/2014 às 12:03 
I used to play games like these when I was a little kid on my old computer. These were always fun.
Caranthir_☨ 20/jun/2014 às 12:34 
DVii Plus Ultra 19/jun/2014 às 18:34 
Parece Ser confusso eu não compraria
Ferex 19/jun/2014 às 6:39 
Nine 15/jun/2014 às 17:11 
muito massa!
GYRO ASSERETO 2/jun/2014 às 21:15 
nice :P
ionutudor2012 25/mai/2014 às 3:59 
¤ ¤ 13/mai/2014 às 9:03 
barto 26/abr/2014 às 11:18 
Kyler 23/abr/2014 às 18:44 
Kind of reminds me of a different take on Geometry Wars
odballdreamer 4/abr/2014 às 22:42 
Looks decent enough. They are plenty of less quality things on Steam, so I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed on as well, seeing as it looks fairly polished.
Rapuskin 29/mar/2014 às 11:41 
Like old times
blackwind777 28/fev/2014 às 22:47 
idk if "cool" is fitting. looks nice, ok, but then... my gameing PC would slap me if i forced it to run this...
there are other platforms than PC for this kind of game.... where i
t might be more successful.
ruby 16/fev/2014 às 7:46 
It's a cool idea, and you should keep working on it, but it's just not enough for steam.
☹lé 8/fev/2014 às 17:03 
trop cool
BoldnessPie 3/fev/2014 às 12:15 
Rly, like a god game=*
Loxon 25/jan/2014 às 3:20 
Seems like it has the potential to be a good quick sit down and play a round, then get back to other things that need to be attended to when you just do not have the time to spend all day playing.
X>S>S>S>S>S>S> 23/jan/2014 às 19:10 
игра Хороша)5
MAKROW 19/jan/2014 às 10:10 
look at good
҉S҉ p҉ i҉ o҉ n҉ 12/jan/2014 às 10:08 
I think so good game and multiplayer...
SlurplyDerpy 11/jan/2014 às 17:02 
Stuff like start misson with half heath or enemies are stronger. Just to clear that up. Thanks!
prexen  [autor(a)] 11/jan/2014 às 11:27 
Agreed with both of you, multiplayer and extra side stuff would be awesome! Thx for the support
David Bought Me This 9/jan/2014 às 18:07 
I agree with SlurpyDerpy, this game looks incredible, i would also really enjoy a multiplayer on this game.
SlurplyDerpy 6/jan/2014 às 21:26 
This game is amazing, and i can imagine it getting very intense later on, what might interest me more if there were optional tasks you could implment into each mission, i didn't see this, sorry if it was already in. Looks great. Good luck.
FrAnX 5/jan/2014 às 8:52 
Looks fun