Allan's RED SHIRT training area 3.
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I am Your Trainer. 2012. nov. 17. @ du. 2:35 
Fun, convoluted map, but... the exit doesn't open, so I can't complete it.
Mr Fraggle (UK) 2012. nov. 16. @ de. 7:19 
I was left with two companion cubes and a redirection cube and the exit,for some reason would not open. Overall the map is a bit mess but still fun.
Pluisje 2012. nov. 15. @ de. 5:27

Nice, but you can finish the game without the two Companion cubes.
Wraith  [készítő] 2012. nov. 14. @ du. 11:06 
OH boy red shirt's. Torment is is just part of the job. lol