Laser Sequence
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YUKI_67 2013 01 月 1 @ 8:39上午 
There are good ideas ! Well done! I like it ! very good map ! I love small map, very cleaver !

againe if you want to see my fun room :
-> X-River (PART 1) :
-> X-River (PART 2) :
ufuksaygun 2012 12 月 23 @ 5:14上午 
Once you see the solution you can't explain yourself why it lasted so long to solve it. It's clever. Please tryout my chambers and make comments.
Reiman 2012 12 月 3 @ 12:16下午 
Yeah fun, didn't push the button and it was easier! *lol*
Reiman 2012 12 月 3 @ 12:10下午 
Nice, not too trivial but at least fun for a few minutes ^^,
I used the respawn button! *wave* :-)
And maybe it's harder to find a similar easy in my collection but, think you will have most fun in my Exchange. So it's an invitation I will appreciate a comment from you.
Now I try not to use the respawn button, as it shall be possible on reading these comments.
Barbos  [作者] 2012 11 月 26 @ 5:59上午 
2 MrVapourWaterhandle
Respawn button might be need for 2-nd solution. :)
Mr Vapour Waterhandle 2012 11 月 23 @ 3:03下午 
Great, love the minimalism. The respawn button doesn't seem to have much use, and probably everyone knows it when playing.
Wrathful Monk 2012 11 月 21 @ 4:43下午 
Great Puzzle!! No one should need a video to help with this one Once you realise you need the redirectional cude out and one of the portals in It's a Walk in the park
Aardvark64 2012 11 月 21 @ 6:17上午 
Started again. Got it now, was looking for complexity that wasn't there. Doh! Very neat level.
SkyRoots 2012 11 月 20 @ 9:13下午 
Simply elegant.
I like the fact that it can still be solved even without the use of pushing a cube through a grate.
Luki 2012 11 月 15 @ 2:38上午 
ok :D
Barbos  [作者] 2012 11 月 14 @ 8:08下午 
Thak you for the feedback, made some few changes :)
megalonigh1 2012 11 月 14 @ 6:13下午 
Wow, took me waaay too long to figure that out. Good Job!
Luki 2012 11 月 14 @ 1:11下午 
neat chamber, but the white wall with gridding is not needed ;)