Portal 2
Laser Sequence
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Spaceminnow 2016. jan. 6., 3:37 
Very good idea. I liked it ! Thank you.
YUKI_67 2013. jan. 1., 8:39 
There are good ideas ! Well done! I like it ! very good map ! I love small map, very cleaver !

againe if you want to see my fun room :
-> X-River (PART 1) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116248832
-> X-River (PART 2) : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116232042
ufuksaygun 2012. dec. 23., 5:14 
Once you see the solution you can't explain yourself why it lasted so long to solve it. It's clever. Please tryout my chambers and make comments.
Reiman 2012. dec. 3., 12:16 
Yeah fun, didn't push the button and it was easier! *lol*
Reiman 2012. dec. 3., 12:10 
Nice, not too trivial but at least fun for a few minutes ^^,
I used the respawn button! *wave* :-)
And maybe it's harder to find a similar easy in my collection but, think you will have most fun in my Exchange . So it's an invitation I will appreciate a comment from you.
Now I try not to use the respawn button, as it shall be possible on reading these comments.
Barbos  [készítő] 2012. nov. 26., 5:59 
2 MrVapourWaterhandle
Respawn button might be need for 2-nd solution. :)
Mr Vapour Waterhandle 2012. nov. 23., 15:03 
Great, love the minimalism. The respawn button doesn't seem to have much use, and probably everyone knows it when playing.
Wrathful Monk™ 2012. nov. 21., 16:43 
Great Puzzle!! No one should need a video to help with this one Once you realise you need the redirectional cude out and one of the portals in It's a Walk in the park
Aardvark00 2012. nov. 21., 6:17 
Started again. Got it now, was looking for complexity that wasn't there. Doh! Very neat level.
SkyRoots 2012. nov. 20., 21:13 
Simply elegant.
I like the fact that it can still be solved even without the use of pushing a cube through a grate.
Dale Cooper 2012. nov. 15., 2:38 
ok :D
Barbos  [készítő] 2012. nov. 14., 20:08 
Thak you for the feedback, made some few changes :)
megalonigh1 2012. nov. 14., 18:13 
Wow, took me waaay too long to figure that out. Good Job!
Dale Cooper 2012. nov. 14., 13:11 
neat chamber, but the white wall with gridding is not needed ;)