Mini Zoo
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Starcraft DE Oct 18 @ 1:52pm 
░░░▌░▄▄▄▐▌▀▀▀░░ HI IM BOB
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░
░░░░░░░▄▄▐▌▄▄░░░ AND I LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!!
Silver 2 Pilkka Oct 11 @ 10:23am 
kato suomalainen modi :D iha jees 4/5
brandon.grissom01 Aug 20 @ 12:42pm 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop
/ \ so he can take over
VSpoke Aug 5 @ 9:41am 
grilli  [author] Aug 5 @ 5:57am 
vspoke ... i have a playerhouse mod with an aquarium, if you like those things ;)
VSpoke Aug 4 @ 5:00pm 
It would be cool if it was also a house you can buy
lady_mar2 Jul 25 @ 9:58pm 
this mod is awesome
The Sexy Giraffe Jul 8 @ 10:23pm 
it would be cool if the was in your house or joined to your house
grilli  [author] Jun 29 @ 10:36am 
please read the posts below ! nothing interesting inside ...
czarnyfolk Jun 23 @ 1:46pm 
how do you get into the locked room?
{V.I.P} Cynder Jun 3 @ 12:43pm 
.... I LOVE THIS MOD!! <3
grilli  [author] May 31 @ 11:42am 
you can only buy them from belethor at the zoo shop !
Zacharie May 30 @ 11:36am 
Where is the shelf with all the animals in a jar by curiosity? Thanks, and awesome zoo and mod!
coldfoxxjoe May 19 @ 7:45am 
this is great! haha always thought there should be more stuff like this, also love how the npc's in the actuall game come and visit, pretty cool! can't wait to see more of this!
stevey4343 May 12 @ 2:44am 
grilli  [author] May 11 @ 8:33pm 
hi, this room was the easiest way to send out the children for a while ! there is nothing interesting inside. only some beds .
stevey4343 May 8 @ 3:43am 
oh lol dint see the description but still it wouldv been cool to go in there
stevey4343 May 8 @ 3:40am 
grill love it but how do u get to that locked door cant find the key anywhere
Brandon Kennedy May 1 @ 2:52pm 
Grilli. I love the arena mod. But can you make it to where Visitors DONT one shot you? I accidently Fus-Ro-Dah them from time to time trying to knock stuff into the pit.
grilli  [author] May 1 @ 7:47am 
it's free for all of you, to kill whatever you want ! it's a game ;)
Brandon Kennedy Apr 30 @ 8:16pm 
Aww but Grilli. It's fun though. I think I'll love the Arena mod. ;)
grilli  [author] Apr 30 @ 4:56pm 
if you want to kill lots of enemies try my arena mod !!!

the zoo is a peaceful area and not made for killing people !!!
Brandon Kennedy Apr 30 @ 3:23pm 
How to get into the places where they sleep.

1. Click on door in Console Commands.
2. Type in Unlock.
3. Go inside.
4. Kill them all!
5. Nice mod have fun, and please make a bigger zoo?
Furher Riechenenstad Feb 25 @ 6:19am 
grilli  [author] Feb 24 @ 8:32pm 
thanks for your posts. the idea with the fish souveniers is interesting.

and long time ago i want to make a outdoor zoo, but there is not enough space. there would be too much stuff to delete from the original game. but if i have the time, i will make an island with a zoo.

i am working on a new mod for all of you, but it is a very big one and there is a lot of work.
Furher Riechenenstad Feb 24 @ 4:50pm 
you must think me naggy but one thing you should also do is add fishbowls to the souviniers
Furher Riechenenstad Feb 24 @ 4:34pm 
also try looking at the aquatic ife overhaul and elswyr island get away for designs on fish you could add to the aquarium
Furher Riechenenstad Feb 24 @ 4:09pm 
i am definitly going to download this it looks awsome but you should keep working on it and make it a full size zoo with some animals you make you self and if you keep working on it make it to where if you pay 6000 gold someone will come and "install" this in your basement and you should make more fish for the aquarium and like supersize a salmon put it in a huge tank and call it a whale
Squid Feb 9 @ 6:54am 
could you try and make your own creature like diffent fish and animals and birds
grilli  [author] Feb 5 @ 10:39am 
hi friends, thanks for all your great posts.
Fusion Cabbage Feb 5 @ 9:46am 
this is just what skyrim needs with all that wildlife roaming around, amazing!
chriscornett1995 Feb 3 @ 9:21am 
absolutly amazing , you outdid yourself on this ^^ a zoo and a aquairum? thats awesome!! ^^
Eviscerator Jan 27 @ 4:27pm 
it isnt an issue with this mod, buti couldnt get the mod to even add teh zoo when using the nexus version, got this one to work, but i found a texture/mesh issue with a wooden pillar with a torch on it next to the well with the dragons on it and the frostbite sider exhibit, other than that, when i first saw this mod on mmxoreview's video months or even possibly a year or more ago, i knew that i wanted this mod as soon as i got skyrim on the pc
Eviscerator Jan 27 @ 4:14pm 
i don tknow if this is coincidence or if it has to do with the occasional crash when i go through an area that has a loading screen, but i crashed to desktop upon entering the zoo
ogstradella Jan 5 @ 12:20pm 
I thought this was the godamn coolest mod Ive ever seen! Im impressed quite easily....
grilli  [author] Oct 1, 2013 @ 2:09pm 
thanks a lot !!!
The Tickle Monster Sep 30, 2013 @ 4:05pm 
I really like this mod, keep up the good work :)
mr_awesome88 Aug 28, 2013 @ 6:54pm 
how da **** is he dancing at the end
dysphorya Aug 28, 2013 @ 3:35pm 
This is adorable! So much detail and very imaginative -- I especially love the souvenirs! If only Skyrim would let children be set as followers -- would be cute to be able to bring my character's daughter along. Rated and favorited! :)
mr_awesome88 Aug 23, 2013 @ 9:57pm 
oh so no key well i can use the UNLOCK COMMAND
Taloneze Aug 18, 2013 @ 6:57am 
I agree,and I haven't thought about that...I love this mod and I love the souvenirs in the zoo....this mod is amazing!
[dCC] Timeflyer Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:30am 
It Really is good, I like having more buildings around whiterun, you know, being the so called 'most important trading city'
grilli  [author] Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:26am 
oh thanks, thats good ...
[dCC] Timeflyer Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:25am 
As an reply to my last comment, they do not collide, they are near each other though, but they work perfectly together, Great mod!
grilli  [author] Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:25am 
ok thanks, please tell me if there are problems ... then i will write this into my description ...
[dCC] Timeflyer Aug 17, 2013 @ 10:21am 
The skyrim community college mod is near there aswell, Yet I do not know if they collide
Mick* Aug 15, 2013 @ 11:33am 
By the way. So many subscribers (1792) and so few (177) vote for the mod? The people here are incredible. Shy away from a click. Anyway, one of the best mods that I've found so far. Many thanks from Germany.
Taloneze Aug 13, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
muggy,noisy,and busy atmosphere...I love it! if I could, I would give this TWO thumbs up :D great souvenirs also...this mod could use tiny improvments but overall awesome.thank you Grilli for making this cool mod!
gearhell 1 Jul 31, 2013 @ 11:43pm 
cool ill check them out
grilli  [author] Jul 31, 2013 @ 8:28pm 
hi, at the moment i have lot of work with 2 new mods where i help with the landscape.
one is thrudvang islands. you can find it here in steam as a beta. the other is a big new landscape coming soon i hope. but if i have the time i think about a small museum or something.