Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

Greenlight poistuu käytöstä. Saat lisätietoja pelien lähettämisestä Steamille tästä blogipostauksesta.
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294 kommenttia
sɹɐʎA xɘlA  [tekijä] 8. joulu, 2013 14.41 
@kin: Yep. Soon.
kin 8. joulu, 2013 0.41 
Styeam keys for IndieGame Stand?
Hoveurt 8. marras, 2013 20.19 
grats pal, waiting on my steam key to bust out some Zigfrak!!
tuxisagamer 2. marras, 2013 20.01 
This game is amazing. Can't wait for my Steam key!
AraGhast 1. marras, 2013 10.15 
Waiting my Steam key Congratz
Ricyn 31. loka, 2013 15.24 
Congratulations on getting Greenlit :)
BlackRainbow 31. loka, 2013 10.17 
Oh... and I really really hope you're going to add steam cloud support!
twid 29. loka, 2013 19.35 
DF 29. loka, 2013 19.18 
Congrats on making it to Steam! I totally helped.
sɹɐʎA xɘlA  [tekijä] 29. loka, 2013 17.19 
Thanks everyone!
Psycho 29. loka, 2013 14.27 
Congratulations on your greenlight!
Troll 29. loka, 2013 13.51 
Congratulations on getting greenlit. I just got the game from the current Groupees 2 days ago and was going to start it soon.
Now I'll wait for it to get on Steam first :p
Bill 29. loka, 2013 13.22 
ʇuǝɔᴉɟᴉuƃnɥʇ 29. loka, 2013 12.14 
Brian_Farnet 29. loka, 2013 11.09 
⎛⎝NoobMasterRace⎠⎞ 29. loka, 2013 10.51 
good !
HIKARU 29. loka, 2013 6.46 
Very nice game! Only need a more comercial name! Serious Zigfrak is not a good name!
Rondoudou du chaos 29. loka, 2013 2.57 
Seems awesome ! I buy.
Joseph 26. loka, 2013 9.00 
bought the game in the new bundle today installing it now
z1ber 26. loka, 2013 7.03 
Voted :)
zkus to jinde scammersky kokote 26. loka, 2013 2.45 
I got this from Gropees and i want this on steam now!
Big Luis 26. loka, 2013 1.31 
just got it from groupees bundle looks fun, now to get lost in this wonderful looking game
secretboggie 25. loka, 2013 15.29 
Spaceships + Explosions + Loot = Win!
Juiner 25. loka, 2013 8.52 
a_[w] 25. loka, 2013 2.13 
just bought groupees bundle and found that i've voted for this game as NO before. Changing this to YES in hope you will make much better graphics for this game and better ships design. good luck
Pelerin 24. loka, 2013 18.47 
This looks awesome, yes from me.
chipotle™ burrito bowl 24. loka, 2013 16.42 
has potential to be an amazing game as long as it keeps getting updated, looks well done.
ʇuǝɔᴉɟᴉuƃnɥʇ 24. loka, 2013 6.32 
Looks awesome!
sɹɐʎA xɘlA  [tekijä] 24. loka, 2013 2.10 
@sayler_: Yep. I've heard that all of the games in the bundle are promising Steam keys as well.
Makoto Niijima 24. loka, 2013 1.46 
Best indies Space RPG games.... At $5 it's steal in desura , you get the same quality with $20 space games..This is in depth review http://www.spacegamejunkie.com/reviews/zigfrak-funny-action-space-romp/
sayler_ 24. loka, 2013 1.34 
In case i purchase it from Groupees "Build a Greenlight 4" will i get a steam key when / if the game gets on steam ?
My Weakness 22. loka, 2013 23.22 
All it is missing is co-op ^^…
Dead 17. loka, 2013 5.12 
Люблю такие игрушки.
♔No^Skill♔ 16. loka, 2013 9.17 
Масштабность войны)
Xena Warrior Woman 30. syys, 2013 16.13 
I admit it, I love this game and I'm so glad I bought it. It just keeps looking better & better!!
Envious 30. syys, 2013 3.30 
Nice looking game.
Ball Tazer 27. syys, 2013 0.30 
Judging by the trailers, the only thing bad is that the explosions are too bright. Other than that, I still want the game.
sɹɐʎA xɘlA  [tekijä] 26. syys, 2013 7.00 
Thanks [CJ]Fallow!
~Not Britney~ 25. syys, 2013 21.58 
Mister Ayars, as a zero success but published author, I have to say man...this is great stuff. It's not all humor, and all the humor isn't slapstick, and it isn't all deadpan or stupid. It's the perfect combination of all of those things, and genuinely funny. Thanks man! Keep up the good work!
sɹɐʎA xɘlA  [tekijä] 25. syys, 2013 19.25 
C0untzer0 24. syys, 2013 3.01 
Just bought it on Indie Game Stand, they'll be giving Steam keys if/when the light shines on them.
~Not Britney~ 17. syys, 2013 11.12 
For anyone wondering, I own this game, and have played a lot of it. The game is amazing, the story is funny and fun. The combat is a bit lacking in it's challenge level, but it's visually satisfying and the writing is absolutely brilliant. I've never been more content to read so much in a game since voice acting became so common in games. I honestly think, with how funny the dialog is, having it in written format rather than spoken serves the game better. It's a fantastic game, and the exploration elements are truely a treat.
Mindplague 15. syys, 2013 13.13 
Already avaialble on Desura
VAC NeneroG 15. syys, 2013 12.24 
Nolimit54 11. syys, 2013 15.09 
dang this game looks amazing good graphics for an inde game and i love space shooters
Hollow_Tears 8. syys, 2013 22.22 
We need more shoot-um-ups and all forms of rpg games.
建御雷 30. elo, 2013 0.45 
We need more games like this .... thumbs up
Ka..... 22. elo, 2013 7.15 
Got this game from gamersgate a while ago, enjoyed it for quite some time. Pretty much decent space action rpg. Lots of stuff to loot, weapons and other interesting ship systems. Its a fun game. It held my attention for over 10 hours for sure, which is nothing to sneer at :)
dcarey 20. elo, 2013 18.59 
Looks unique for sure. Potential.
Capitão Presença 19. elo, 2013 18.50