Portal 2
Hidden passages
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jam.lab1 5 лис 2014 о 17:42 
Very different. Cool and fun.
Pinkpanties 18 вер 2014 о 11:47 
good man dude! the name helps i was like hmmm i need a second cube here.
StraightFlame 24 лип 2014 о 16:09 
Downvoted because it relies on what i like to call the "Required Ratman Den" bad design staple. Portal 2 is a puzzle game based on knowing what you have to work with. It's even in your description for God's sake. The moment you deviate from that structure and require the player to notice something they can't reasonably be expected to notice, you know you have failed as a level designer.
Petutski 16 тра 2014 о 20:10 
NIce logical test!
BUG 5 тра 2014 о 10:06 
Wow! That was good for my brain,thanks.
SvS 24 лют 2014 о 13:12 
sehr schön, einfallsreich, hat spass gemacht. Danke
illdoc 1 лют 2013 о 14:41 
Trans-for-mers, solution in disguise :P
herbusmc 21 гру 2012 о 19:13 
Nice! Thanks! I got the cube inside by standing over the hole in the side wall and carefully nudging it in.
Tarryx 13 гру 2012 о 6:16 
Great map. Small and tricky! Thanx
deryell 25 лис 2012 о 21:21 
royobi 24 лис 2012 о 22:41 
Loved it! I kept asking myself thru it, "Whats missing" and I got it. Really good ride, Thanks -R
Metzger Ben | GER 24 лис 2012 о 1:54 
Lord Shadowkill 22 лис 2012 о 9:13 
Note to self. Pay attention to the name of the map. (and the screenshots)
friendcn 21 лис 2012 о 14:43 
If i had portal 2 on the computer I would play this
★ToNy!★ 20 лис 2012 о 19:17 
Simple and brain-breaker
Wrathful Monk™ 20 лис 2012 о 15:57 
Had me stumped for a good 10 minutes, great puzzle!
.:WoMBaT:. 20 лис 2012 о 10:51 
Liked that one - simple but not easy.
Zeñ 20 лис 2012 о 6:15 
Very good
zaglis 20 лис 2012 о 4:04 
This was excellent, yo
boom, tetris for jonas 20 лис 2012 о 2:17 
:( i cant solve it!!!!
Juggernaut 19 лис 2012 о 18:49 
Simple once you figure out what to do! Other than that, it made me go, "wha...?" a few times.
Yil 19 лис 2012 о 10:30 
Nice 'ah-ha!' moments, fun chamber!
megalonigh1 19 лис 2012 о 10:25 
Good ideas! Enjoyed it.
john1982 19 лис 2012 о 10:07 
Świetna! Umeczyłem się ale warto było, polecam!
angeryreactonly 19 лис 2012 о 3:14 
Very nice, took a little while to understand what to do. Good work :)
Barbos 19 лис 2012 о 1:04 
wattsup 18 лис 2012 о 16:08 
Excellent, some parts require several attempts, but very satisfying
DJ of them all 18 лис 2012 о 13:23 
u say its fun...then ill try it
ajuggernaut 18 лис 2012 о 13:14 
Fun! My first experince with a community chamber. The puzzle was not obvious but logical. Thanks!
Danny 18 лис 2012 о 6:13 
Didn't see the companion cube and brought the regular cube back ito the main part which made it impossible to put the regualr cube back onto the square button. I then had to read the map and restart Apart from that it was alright.
RyanPiezo 18 лис 2012 о 0:21 
First comunity test chamber I've played. It had me thinking, that's for sure. good job
4ClosedDreams 17 лис 2012 о 15:35 
Nicely done.
Astral[PT] 17 лис 2012 о 12:08 
The jump for the button could be easier it's a bit hard to avoid the beam.
BvsDark 17 лис 2012 о 11:14 
I enjoyed this one, Thank you for this great Job, Try Mine and tell me what you think!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=107693765
gob 17 лис 2012 о 6:34 
I liked this chamber. Thanks for sharing it.
HiTech 17 лис 2012 о 6:26 
I really liked this one.
Haleycks 17 лис 2012 о 0:48 
Superbe j'ai adoré !
Carpetbeater 16 лис 2012 о 16:00 
One of the most difficult "small" test chambers I have played
KARNAWAL URODOW 16 лис 2012 о 15:59 
Andi 16 лис 2012 о 14:53 
Very clever. There's a lot going on for such a small chamber. I enjoyed it very much.
Avatar 16 лис 2012 о 14:19 
A real keeper. Thanks for a little fun.
mausilibaer 16 лис 2012 о 13:02 
Very nice one, thanks
paginatus 16 лис 2012 о 8:04 
I liked you map, know i ask you to try mine.
hobbs 16 лис 2012 о 7:18 
major hint :::: get the cube into the first room, then you should know what to do
GodzillaMonster 16 лис 2012 о 6:41 
Very nice indeed. Some interesting elements all compacted into a small space. Thanks for sharing.
PsychoBR 16 лис 2012 о 4:42 
Awesome puzzle. Thumbs up!!
I recorded my gameplay (valve DEM file format): Download [dl.dropbox.com]

Turrets highly explosive. Handle with care
Torchiest 15 лис 2012 о 21:12 
Very nice! Took me a while to realize that some stuff was happening out of sight, but overall pretty well designed.
Bassem 15 лис 2012 о 15:08 
PS nice chamber :)
Bassem 15 лис 2012 о 15:08 
I got stuck for a while because I didn't notice all the things being opened up. I only realised what I was missing on my 2nd try.
Mr Beans 15 лис 2012 о 4:55 
you do get stuck if you take the first cube back from the first room but once you learn you should not do that after a restart its all gravey f4f