Scottish Tulips
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we maguuma now 4 juil 2013 à 16h34 
You should definitely import it using the new importer and see how far it gets. It's a lovely model that's a lot better than the Buck Turner All-Stars, in my opinion at least.
Jyve 22 juin 2013 à 13h22 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Valve Add This░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please!░░░░░░█
TrueVDele aka GreenMan 7 juin 2013 à 9h06 
Very good).Valve must add this thing.Thanks author.
#ϟ₩ѦḠḠѺḺÅ$ 20 avr 2013 à 11h08 
Not at all! :)
Dynamite  [créateur] 20 avr 2013 à 10h29 
I have a scout version, just not uploaded yet.. And thank you!
#ϟ₩ѦḠḠѺḺÅ$ 20 avr 2013 à 2h22 
I think it will be way better for scout. But hey! Nice work!
M'lady's White Knight 8 fév 2013 à 8h54 
so awesome
k1ngre 4 jan 2013 à 10h37 
ManGo Fuck Yourself 30 nov 2012 à 14h13 
22 nov 2012 à 4h30 
i know i questioned this at first but i honestly cannot see my life without it
CB: CAPTAIN 20 nov 2012 à 11h35 
Must use with Fro and other classy items.
Dr.Fezz [Fug] 19 nov 2012 à 18h34 
Ohhh some shoes for the demoman thats a first!
Phanatic 19 nov 2012 à 7h58 
Awesome. I'd definitely wear em.
-YWGame-_-HD- 17 nov 2012 à 10h11 
very cool
MagikarpFail 17 nov 2012 à 6h44 
need in game
ℓє Trade offer [⇄] 17 nov 2012 à 6h08 
nice :)
(customer adviser :3)Toasty5050 16 nov 2012 à 23h30 
cool :DD
Trayvon Martin 16 nov 2012 à 16h14 
its basically untied essential accessories :P
Neko 16 nov 2012 à 8h18 
Haha! Demo definitly needs a kool pair of kicks! <X3
Promey Foos 14 nov 2012 à 19h41 
i would prefer to see it for scout, but still good idea
Kings 14 nov 2012 à 15h23 

Staccato 14 nov 2012 à 15h03 
LOL the Ghetto-Man XD
we maguuma now 14 nov 2012 à 13h11 
I'd love for my Demoman to finally get some Air Jordan's, so I really hope that this gets in!
- G H O S T W O R M - 14 nov 2012 à 6h13 
A casual and pretty simple design.
I think it could be even better if this is available for more classes, not just Demoman, I don't know, maybe even the Scout, Engie and Soldier?
It's a really good idea, taking into account that it's REALLY weird to see misc for your feet.
BullFrog [Playing LoL] 14 nov 2012 à 1h10 
Sweet! I love it, but I want this for scout, =)
¤† Kross †¤ 13 nov 2012 à 22h27 
I thought this was just a MISC its better to be just a Misc :3 like the teaufort kickers
Dynamite  [créateur] 13 nov 2012 à 21h44 
Don't sweat it The Letter Five... I've just included a paintable texture, it's not a big deal bro
Shaggy 13 nov 2012 à 20h59 
I know about paint being switched and all that but I thought the feet for the demo were a weapon slot and when has there ever been a paintable weapon?
¤† Kross †¤ 13 nov 2012 à 16h41 
Blurryface 13 nov 2012 à 16h02 
I think it's cool because u hardly never hve miscs for your feet
CHELSEA WONNERED DA LEAGUE 13 nov 2012 à 14h51 
I hate the default demo shoes so I have to either use tooth kickers or be a demoknight, this would be perfect for me :3
حبيب 13 nov 2012 à 3h25 
حبيب 13 nov 2012 à 3h25 
Saxton Hale 13 nov 2012 à 1h53 
Wow! Amazing piece of work!
I made a group to support legendary Workshop items such as this!
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•YT• Утка •YT• 13 nov 2012 à 0h55 
Макасины :D
Dynamite  [créateur] 12 nov 2012 à 23h21 
paint can be toggled on and off like a light switch, you know this right
Shaggy 12 nov 2012 à 21h20 
a paintable weapon? *shivers* great idea but the feet on the demo are a weapon slot :(
I ADORE the idea although.
MansellMania 12 nov 2012 à 10h52 
Lovely, lovely, lovely! 9/10
Synyster_A7X 12 nov 2012 à 8h12 
That is just awesome!
Dª»├|ºگ©h¥ 12 nov 2012 à 0h06 
jazzman rivers 11 nov 2012 à 20h57 
Bill Nye 11 nov 2012 à 19h02 
Groovy! :D
Shrekt 11 nov 2012 à 18h49 
nice job.