Portal 2
Cube Drifting
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Petutski 2015年3月9日上午4:43 
Fun chamber! I had to restart before I did anything because apparently the flying cube can land in the upper right alcove and not bounce out, leaving the player with no option.
stormsend 2013年12月18日上午1:10 
It was fun. Not too hard to figure out and a surprise ending. Cool.
When you get time try my Stairway... map please. Thanks.
GuruMeditation 2013年11月29日下午12:31 
Fun & original !
kimist108 2013年7月28日下午10:28 
That was fun!
Mitch McWiggins 2013年3月1日下午7:26 
Good one! Thanks.
Reiman 2012年12月10日下午1:58 
Yeah, thank you for the fun - that's a very nice one! #F4F
Bubbles 2012年12月1日下午11:59 
Very very cool!!
koshatyna 2012年11月30日上午3:14 
карта не проходима
mood3rd 2012年11月23日下午4:46 
neat, great stuff.
please play my map:
simple turret problem 3: ( leap of faith )
SYRN BRANDOM 2012年11月19日下午8:37 
Very good
Mr Beans 2012年11月19日下午2:25 
haha very cool map. I wish it could have been longer.... F4F
Torchiest 2012年11月18日上午9:20 
Very cool, but making the final jumps is a pain. I missed it twice and gave up, since I'd basically figured out that hard part.
mhespelt 2012年11月17日下午12:56 
broken in my opinion
the delay that the 1st cube waits for the 3rd button makes caged cube fall
gave me an idea for another test though
RooK 2012年11月17日上午7:40 
I enjoyed it. Very easy to overthink it, then it clicks and is fun.
Chiscringle 2012年11月17日上午6:07 
Too many designers would have made it so you just barely didn't reach the last platform. Good on you for not doing it.
[KOR] n0ting 2012年11月16日下午4:55 
good yourea good!!!
mausilibaer 2012年11月16日下午1:28 
Very nice one, thanks.
daloboy 2012年11月15日下午10:26 
Nicely done! I like that kind of remote operation! But you enjoy more if there was more to explore and/or figure out!
Please try one of mine and comment. Thanks.
Constantine  [作者] 2012年11月14日下午10:40 
@Levitz, the cube dropper is on auto drop, it must have been a glitch if it didn't respawn.
@AgentFire, I have created more challenging maps eg Cave Rat Series, I just didn't think every map has to be complicated :)
@Necrobutcher - thanks for your support!
Necrobutcher 2012年11月14日下午5:42 
nah @Levitz you just suck
Levitz 2012年11月14日下午12:26 
If you drop the cube before flying toward the exit, there is no way to come back. Lame.
bobobermann 2012年11月14日上午3:57 
I like, I like it
AgentFire 2012年11月14日上午3:52 
Yes, it is beautiful, but what's the puzzle? Where is the challenge? You should check out this: Pixel Storm . That is challenging.
Constantine  [作者] 2012年11月14日上午12:32 
Thanks for the comments everyone, I really appreciate it :)
Yil 2012年11月13日下午11:46 
Very cool!
Yavie 2012年11月13日下午8:39 
Very clever chamber!
ShadowWolf2099 2012年11月12日下午4:44 
Vert Nice
Dirty In Space 2012年11月12日下午12:11 
Very cool use of the physics. Had a little trouble judging the the timing for the last button press because of the bad perspective but it's not that big of a deal. Well done!
오빠 2012年11月12日上午7:53 
americanboy 2012年11月12日上午7:01