Liliths Armor - Standalone Version
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Wolf of Slytherin 6月26日下午2:54 
ok thanks
Noukheim  [作者] 6月26日上午11:27 
it's heavy
Wolf of Slytherin 6月26日上午10:31 
Is it light or heavy armor
mr.missingLEGO 6月12日上午9:31 
oh well their we have, still sick armor though
Noukheim  [作者] 6月11日上午8:58 
nah, that's exactly how it works.
mr.missingLEGO 6月10日下午11:29 
Hmm mabye it's a setting of mine but the ghost hood is not black inside the hood but is clear. you see straight the the back of the hood. Like i said a setting or mabye somthin done wrong on my part. any ideas?
destoryer of worlds 5月10日下午3:31 
can you make a bonemold armor that doesnt need dragonborn
Gothic Reaper 4月20日下午3:48 
and I have one set of all of lilith's items downloaded (only lilith's thorn for swords)
Gothic Reaper 4月20日下午3:47 
console or smithing. Can't find light armor, aside from the hoods
Noukheim  [作者] 4月20日下午3:33 
where? on the console?
Gothic Reaper 4月19日下午6:33 
Alright, I thought you were against bows or something XD... I'm guessing this is a bug on my part but I only see light armor hoods and not armor, gloves, or boots... can ya help me there?
Noukheim  [作者] 4月19日下午4:36 
Thanks a lot. There's actually a reason why I haven't made a bow yet. The process of making has some extra steps which i cannot currently overcome. On top of that, I'm rather busy otherwise so it's possible that it will never be released, at least for skyrim.
Gothic Reaper 4月19日下午12:59 
It seems you have every piece of equipment...except a bow and arrows... You should consider making those, since you have at least six sets of swords. Other than that, I can't think of any suggestions. This is, by far, my favorite set of mods.
Deif 3月29日下午2:31 
I also got problems with one of your swords, the disembowler, right strong attack while mounted freezes the animation, left attack is ok.
Noukheim  [作者] 3月29日上午7:32 
Can't help you then unfortunately. I see no reason why it wouldn't show the armor there. All you can do is reinstall the mod and see if it shows up then
Deif 3月28日下午5:25 
Yes, it dosn't appear.
Noukheim  [作者] 3月28日下午4:57 
Did you try scrolling the list with page up / down?
Deif 3月28日上午11:32 
Armor id? it just show the gloves, boots and hood
G20 2月19日上午7:13 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
dark_devilo666 2月12日下午12:04 
yeah, school's more important, maybe one you'll wake and the solution will be very clear in your head
Noukheim  [作者] 2月12日上午11:27 
lacking plugin support for the newer blender versions and can't be arsed to use 3ds max. I'm fairly busy with school stuff anyway.
dark_devilo666 2月12日上午10:14 
just for the sick of it, what are your problems? i havent done any mods but more heads are better than one no?
Noukheim  [作者] 2月11日下午12:12 
Bow is out of my league at the moment due to technical problems and I don't have time to make a light armor at least right now. The next armor mod I would make, would be a set with custom models but the same technical problems exist as with bows.
dark_devilo666 2月10日下午7:40 
have you ever thought of making a light armor version (i'm more of a rogue-ish person) and a bow? i love your style and keep up with the work
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 2月6日下午7:31 
Just making sure. Keep up the good work though.
Noukheim  [作者] 2月4日下午5:39 
I don't find that likely. Are you having conflicts?
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 2月4日下午1:09 
Is it possible that your armor mods like this one, would have an affect to body mods; like the female cbbe mod on stem & nexus?
Enthu 1月31日下午4:08 
Ooh! Thanks! :P
Noukheim  [作者] 1月31日下午4:01 
Enthu 1月24日下午12:04 
Alright. Not what I was looking for, it looks rather cool in any case. Thank you, and have a good day/night all!
Noukheim  [作者] 1月24日上午4:58 
it's heavy armor.
Enthu 1月23日下午12:58 
I don't see where it says if it's heavy or light. I'm loking for a light version for my stealth character.
Metis 1月20日下午5:31 
Very Nice; maybe you will make a ligh armor. Be a great look got my female mage!
Deni 1月11日下午6:46 
it a very nice heavy armor set. I just wish it was light armor for my assassin it look so nice
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年12月23日上午3:28 
It's progressing nicely. The male armor will look a bit different from the original one here and I'm making a new female armor too. I'll release these both in a new file. (there's a pic in my screenshots)
Mega Ultra-Lord Sheen 2013年12月22日上午11:48 
Looking forward to the male version!
TrueCU 2013年12月21日上午9:24 
Does this work with anyother mods coz im not sure if i use your mod with an extra one of yours, will work with help lillith will it show all the ID's or none? (or will it not even load?)
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年12月2日上午6:25 
that's lilith's slayer
weathered223 2013年12月1日下午6:27 
Only question now. What's the spear in the last pic??? Which mod is that part of :L
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年12月1日上午7:10 
good to know it worked and thanks :)
weathered223 2013年11月30日下午9:32 
Oh >_> Didn't know about that. Tried it and it worked :L Thanks mate. Great mods by the way. Love the way a majority of the wespons look and love the armour.
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年11月30日上午5:38 
@weathered223 you can navigate the list given with page up/down. If you tried that already or the list is short enough to be seen completely without scrolling, then your skyrim doesn't recognise the plugin or is not loaded.
weathered223 2013年11月29日下午9:31 
Did the help lilith thing and it showed the weapons :L Can't scroll up to see the armor IDs sadly. anyone know em?
Niklas 2013年11月11日上午8:37 
me too
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年11月11日上午3:53 
Nah, I haven't made the male version yet. If equipped on males, you end up wearing ebony plate armor but the hood works.
Niklas 2013年11月9日上午10:08 
I think taht it works with males
Epic_Turtle 2013年11月2日下午6:05 
Make one for males please
Noukheim  [作者] 2013年10月21日上午6:02 
@Gillan2020 yeah sure that's fine with me :)
G20 2013年10月20日上午11:28 
Hey, I've just added this and most of your other mods to a couple of collections.. you've gou my thumbs heaven bound, i suppose that goes without saying. anyway, i thought you might like to know and can take it as the compliment its meant as ;)
People often add my mods to collections, no one has ever let me know, It would be nice to know i think..
I hope you approve.
Lunar_mando 2013年10月18日上午3:39 
ok no worries man : ) yeah from what ive gathered its very complex : / nice armor anyway!