Liliths Armor - Standalone Version
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[LuxAeterna] преди 1 час 
Please tell me where I can take the first set in the video? (Tera Val Tirkai)
Mikey преди 4 часа 
Hey, I was messing around with some different mods this morning and I was able to equip the "Generals Cape" to this armor set. I didn't change or alter the mod in anyway what so ever.
I was changing the load order and then the cape became compatible.
Mikey 22 август в 9:34сут. 
Ja' same here. I don't know much about building mods either, but I do love seeing Skyrim's borders expanded though. Especially when the mods are "LORE" friendly.
Noukheim  [автор] 22 август в 9:18сут. 
armor meshes that is. Static weapons and what not are no problem.
Noukheim  [автор] 22 август в 9:17сут. 
The thing is that all the models used in the mod are completely untouched because I lack the technical knowledge required to make custom meshes for skyrim. Good idea though :)
Mikey 22 август в 7:58сут. 
This Armor would look so BAD-A$$ with a Cloak. Perhaps Black, with Red Trim and a Daedric "O" (OBLIVION) symbol on the back of it. Maybe even a couple different variations with/without the symbol. Definitely something to consider.
Wolf of Slytherin 26 юни в 2:54след. 
ok thanks
Noukheim  [автор] 26 юни в 11:27сут. 
it's heavy
Wolf of Slytherin 26 юни в 10:31сут. 
Is it light or heavy armor
mr.missingLEGO 12 юни в 9:31сут. 
oh well their we have, still sick armor though
Noukheim  [автор] 11 юни в 8:58сут. 
nah, that's exactly how it works.
mr.missingLEGO 10 юни в 11:29след. 
Hmm mabye it's a setting of mine but the ghost hood is not black inside the hood but is clear. you see straight the the back of the hood. Like i said a setting or mabye somthin done wrong on my part. any ideas?
destoryer of worlds 10 май в 3:31след. 
can you make a bonemold armor that doesnt need dragonborn
Gothic Reaper 20 април в 3:48след. 
and I have one set of all of lilith's items downloaded (only lilith's thorn for swords)
Gothic Reaper 20 април в 3:47след. 
console or smithing. Can't find light armor, aside from the hoods
Noukheim  [автор] 20 април в 3:33след. 
where? on the console?
Gothic Reaper 19 април в 6:33след. 
Alright, I thought you were against bows or something XD... I'm guessing this is a bug on my part but I only see light armor hoods and not armor, gloves, or boots... can ya help me there?
Noukheim  [автор] 19 април в 4:36след. 
Thanks a lot. There's actually a reason why I haven't made a bow yet. The process of making has some extra steps which i cannot currently overcome. On top of that, I'm rather busy otherwise so it's possible that it will never be released, at least for skyrim.
Gothic Reaper 19 април в 12:59след. 
It seems you have every piece of equipment...except a bow and arrows... You should consider making those, since you have at least six sets of swords. Other than that, I can't think of any suggestions. This is, by far, my favorite set of mods.
Deif 29 март в 2:31след. 
I also got problems with one of your swords, the disembowler, right strong attack while mounted freezes the animation, left attack is ok.
Noukheim  [автор] 29 март в 7:32сут. 
Can't help you then unfortunately. I see no reason why it wouldn't show the armor there. All you can do is reinstall the mod and see if it shows up then
Deif 28 март в 5:25след. 
Yes, it dosn't appear.
Noukheim  [автор] 28 март в 4:57след. 
Did you try scrolling the list with page up / down?
Deif 28 март в 11:32сут. 
Armor id? it just show the gloves, boots and hood
G20 19 февруари в 7:13сут. 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
dark_devilo666 12 февруари в 12:04след. 
yeah, school's more important, maybe one you'll wake and the solution will be very clear in your head
Noukheim  [автор] 12 февруари в 11:27сут. 
lacking plugin support for the newer blender versions and can't be arsed to use 3ds max. I'm fairly busy with school stuff anyway.
dark_devilo666 12 февруари в 10:14сут. 
just for the sick of it, what are your problems? i havent done any mods but more heads are better than one no?
Noukheim  [автор] 11 февруари в 12:12след. 
Bow is out of my league at the moment due to technical problems and I don't have time to make a light armor at least right now. The next armor mod I would make, would be a set with custom models but the same technical problems exist as with bows.
dark_devilo666 10 февруари в 7:40след. 
have you ever thought of making a light armor version (i'm more of a rogue-ish person) and a bow? i love your style and keep up with the work
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 6 февруари в 7:31след. 
Just making sure. Keep up the good work though.
Noukheim  [автор] 4 февруари в 5:39след. 
I don't find that likely. Are you having conflicts?
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 4 февруари в 1:09след. 
Is it possible that your armor mods like this one, would have an affect to body mods; like the female cbbe mod on stem & nexus?
Enthu 31 януари в 4:08след. 
Ooh! Thanks! :P
Noukheim  [автор] 31 януари в 4:01след. 
Enthu 24 януари в 12:04след. 
Alright. Not what I was looking for, it looks rather cool in any case. Thank you, and have a good day/night all!
Noukheim  [автор] 24 януари в 4:58сут. 
it's heavy armor.
Enthu 23 януари в 12:58след. 
I don't see where it says if it's heavy or light. I'm loking for a light version for my stealth character.
Metis 20 януари в 5:31след. 
Very Nice; maybe you will make a ligh armor. Be a great look got my female mage!
Deni 11 януари в 6:46след. 
it a very nice heavy armor set. I just wish it was light armor for my assassin it look so nice
Noukheim  [автор] 23 декември 2013 в 3:28сут. 
It's progressing nicely. The male armor will look a bit different from the original one here and I'm making a new female armor too. I'll release these both in a new file. (there's a pic in my screenshots)
Mega Ultra-Lord Sheen 22 декември 2013 в 11:48сут. 
Looking forward to the male version!
The Dutch Kitty 21 декември 2013 в 9:24сут. 
Does this work with anyother mods coz im not sure if i use your mod with an extra one of yours, will work with help lillith will it show all the ID's or none? (or will it not even load?)
Noukheim  [автор] 2 декември 2013 в 6:25сут. 
that's lilith's slayer
weathered223 1 декември 2013 в 6:27след. 
Only question now. What's the spear in the last pic??? Which mod is that part of :L
Noukheim  [автор] 1 декември 2013 в 7:10сут. 
good to know it worked and thanks :)
weathered223 30 ноември 2013 в 9:32след. 
Oh >_> Didn't know about that. Tried it and it worked :L Thanks mate. Great mods by the way. Love the way a majority of the wespons look and love the armour.
Noukheim  [автор] 30 ноември 2013 в 5:38сут. 
@weathered223 you can navigate the list given with page up/down. If you tried that already or the list is short enough to be seen completely without scrolling, then your skyrim doesn't recognise the plugin or is not loaded.
weathered223 29 ноември 2013 в 9:31след. 
Did the help lilith thing and it showed the weapons :L Can't scroll up to see the armor IDs sadly. anyone know em?
Niklas 11 ноември 2013 в 8:37сут. 
me too